Trading In Danger Ch13

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“Age and experience are independent variables.”

Got a little bit behind by missing Friday due to work commitments, but still going through the book!  I love the quote above, as that is supreme life advice against judging a book by its cover. 

We meet more of the people who have been shoved onto Ky’s little vessel in this chapter. Ky proves herself adept at management and her captain’s job despite continued warnings that people might not respect her because of her youth.  A Captain Paison is convinced to volunteer his efforts to ensure that there won’t be any issues with the passengers, and be on the look out for signs of trouble.

Ky goes back to her quarters, sees blood stains on the floor, and we see more of her strength come out here as she deals with it and moves on with her routines. Brave! I don’t know that I’d be able to do that, knowing someone was killed right in my bedroom. A point towards a cool character that we see as extraordinary, powering through things even in a subtle, non-actiony way, that most of us wouldn’t.

There’s a scene of ISC contractors spotting the Glennys, and Ky’s father reacting and fretting once more. The frequency of these scenes are increasing, so I expect we’re going to see some movement there very soon that impacts our heroes.

It’s another actionless chapter though tension really is starting to build through the situation subtly, and through character growth. I’m okay with that as when the action does hit, this backdrop will make the book impossible to put down.

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