A Landslide Victory!

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The other day, I asked my dear readers to help me choose the title of forthcoming book, which will be a YA Steampunk novel about a young farm girl who inherits and airship and hijinx ensue! Action. Adventure. Romance. Thrills!

Here’s the results of the polls:

50% For Steam And Country (Apparently my readers like Bond references..)

33% The Blood of Giants (I think I may use this for book 2…as I have an idea)

17% Zaira’s Airship (Glad this one didn’t win because can you imagine people trying to amazon search and spell Zaira? Bad marketing!)

0% The Adventures of Baron von Monocle (Apparently my readers don’t like Terry Gilliam references…)

There you have it, and I will honor democracy’s result. Time to make steampunk great again!

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Also, if you like this, you’ll probably like my current book too!

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