Never So Excited To Get A Box (Star Realms!)

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I found out a couple weeks ago that Star Realms has produced a new storage box through Legion Supplies. The little boxes that the base game comes in barely stores those cards as it is, and so when you sleeve your cards (pro-tip you should always put game cards in protective sleeves, especially if you’re going to play a game hundreds of times. The cards will wear out otherwise!) it wouldn’t fit in there. Naturally for awhile i had them in a standard card box, but then they outgrew that.

Star Realms came out with a box that fit that base set and its subsequent expansions a couple years ago. And that came with the promo card Merc Cruiser and a bunch of sleeves, which is a great reason to buy it on its own.

However with Colony Wars, the United expansion, cosmic gambits… even that box is overflowing to the point where I can’t fit all the cards in it. .

They finally made a bigger box! This one is 500 count, and should last me at least through next year at which point I hope they’ll come out with a double rowed box. It’s also quite pretty. Further pretty are the 4 awesome dividers depicting space battles. Great art as always. Fun stuff.

It also comes with more sleeves (depicted above), which i can always use and finally, the most important part.

A new card! The Merc Battlecruiser. 6 damage for 6 and draw a card, plus it procs any faction you want on ally abilities. This card is hot! I think it’ll be a must buy whenever it hits the trade row. Very exciting.

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