Where The Heck Is Jon?

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Hello there loyal readers. I am quite sorry that this is the first time in… well, since you probably started reading that I haven’t had at least a blog a day up during weekdays, and that I’ve left you hanging for two straight days.  That’s not very nice of me!

I mentioned my LibertyCon schedule a couple of days ago — and I decided to fly out to Tennessee a couple days early and be a tourist. Last night I went to the Grand Ole Opry, the wonderful radio show that’s been going on for 80+ years. Saw some great acts, including and not limited to The Charlie Daniels Band. They were phenomenal, and Charlie is one heck of a performer.

He played this song last night, and it was legit:


I also really enjoyed one of the opening acts, Lindi Ortega, for a totally different mood:


Today I’m off to Graceland, and I’m going to see a bluegrass show at the ORIGINAL building for the Grand Ole Opry, at a nice little theatre built a hundred and fifty years ago.  Then LibertyCon tomorrow.

So that’s where I went. I’m having fun. But I’m writing a lot too 🙂 . See you soon!

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