Marvel Comics’s #GamerGate

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I’ve been on the cutting edge of criticizing Marvel’s bad business practices in how they use social justice controversy to try to make short term sales, and had my words taken out of context by fake comic news Bleeding Cool before when I tried to get them to address the issue that they seemingly have practices in place where they won’t hire anyone but SJWs or diversity hires.

What happened now, is that the mainstream comic fake news media has decided to shill for Marvel Comics for political points, creating a controversy to galvanize an SJW internet mob, just like we’ve seen before with #GamerGate.

A couple of days ago several employees of Marvel posted a selfie, which was pretty innocuous by itself, a picture of all women who work for the company as per below:

The tweet received a couple of derogatory comments from accounts that literally say they’re troll accounts, followed by several different and separate comments criticizing comments about how Marvel’s hiring policies are in fact, politically driven, how they make a poor product (related to an editorial profile), and how the company signals SJW politics constantly with this being another example of such political posturing. All stuff that’s been festering for years because of Marvel’s proven bad business practices. Other than the first couple comments I mentioned, which from my research were one-off remarks (I certainly don’t condone such remarks, but I’ve personally been target of a lot worse), it appears to be about what one would expect negativity wise from a high profile geek culture gatekeeper’s profile

What a difference having the mainstream media behind you rather than opposed to you. Where, when I pointed out Marvel’s problems, I had Bleeding Cool point its readers to harass me (which you can go back through some of my blog comments and find people who came from there calling me names, swearing at me, threatening me, lying about me over and over if you want to see it, and those are just the ones I didn’t delete) over criticizing Marvel. They were directly responsible for making that happen, and did so intentionally from what I saw. They did not come and apologize to me, an individual independent writer, for the way they framed the mocking post that defended the mega-corporate Disney subsidiary.

On the flip side, with Heather Antos being a Marvel employee, just based on a couple of tweets, Bleeding Cool wrote an article about how horrible it was, and helped, along with other media outlets, to galvanize a lot of people to support her, and create some movement around the #MakeMineMilkshake. The similarities to the fake narrative of #GamerGate are almost so parallel, it’s amazing that it’s happening again (watch when this gets circulated the comments that roll in in hate of me to see the double standard). Even though she’d only received a few mean comments. There was nothing there that was anywhere near the way the media painted it, and yet the narrative drove the story to epic proportions to a point where even DC Comics main account posted a picture of “solidarity”, really for PC political purposes and nothing else. These companies can’t help but virtue signal, which goes back to why they keep losing their audience.

I’m no stranger to being harassed. I know what it’s like. I’ve had actual death threats based on my perceived political stances, I’ve been removed from speaking positions because of it as we all know. It sucks, but I manage to do my thing anyway, and certainly no one made a hashtag movement to defend me from it (I’m still waiting for that! I’m a minority author, media, come on!) I’ve moved on from it, understanding that’s what happens sometimes when you post things people don’t agree with, and that in ways, I’m a a public persona. I’ve definitely found it odd that as an independent author with my very small size of a following that the media would want to create harassment in an attempt to silence my voice. For an editor of Marvel, you’d expect that there’d be some level of public criticism, especially when the company’s been on a downward spiral for a long time — because of the political garbage that Marvel’s put out.

The original photo was pretty innocuous, but it appears through this corporate media effort that despite the “return to the classic” that they’ve been attempting to market to readers, the culture of Marvel is perhaps even more deeply steeped in SJW politics than before, and they’re bringing DC along with it.

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29 thoughts on “Marvel Comics’s #GamerGate

      • What a brilliant comeback, Nickie! Next time save the exertion of your cro-magnon fingers and just cut and paste what I’ve written.

        • Joshua, sugar, what the hell did you expect after your oh-so-erudite “argument.” (No, that is not a question.) I mean, really. You emitted a gratuitous vulgarity, and a gratuitous vulgarity was emitted toward you in return. If you wish to have actual cogent conversations with people, I suggest that you don’t open with “fuck you,” because people will take that with all the seriousness it deserves, and respond in kind.

          • They aren’t any more clever. First impressions, hon. If you want to have a conversation instead of being dismissed out of hand as an angry, bitter asshole, maybe not start with “fuck you” and “broflakes” and and “jerking off” right out of the box.

            I mean, come on. You go into Attack Dog Mode in your first comment and then are shocked when people do the same back to you going forward?

  1. “…and had my words taken out of context by fake comic news Bleeding Cool…”

    LOL. They quoted you exactly for 381 words out of your original 821 words. Do you expect them to reproduce your entire post? They did link to it. And what they cut was just gibberish about your wife not wanting to read about 13 year old girl Iron Man and had no impact on the larger point.

  2. Awww….look at the poor, ineffectual, effeminate, triggered liberals. These cowards love to squash free speech. I can only assume they are the type that parade around in their homemade Ninja costumes and vagina suits and yell “resist!”

    • Take off your Bizarro glasses, Timmy. It’s broflakes like Jon who are triggered by women making comics. The real issue here is the harassment that Heather Antos received for posting a picture of her and her colleagues. But somehow fake martyr Jon Del Arroz finds a way to make it about him, whining about Bleeding Cool quoting him nearly verbatim.

      • I believe the issue here is the usage of currency known as being a victim. As a non leftist I have forever seen and noticed the hypocrisy when these issues are brought up.

        If you are a leftist well this Victim dollar is worth $1.75.

        If you are anyone else on the political spectrum, it’s worth .50 cents.

        During elections, I would never dare put any non leftist signs on my lawn as it would guarantee vandalism and destruction to the sign, my car and home. But the news only reports issues with election sign etc when It hurts the side they support.

        Anti-women comments on twitter, terrible and unfortunate again speak to any non leftist women to see the abuse they get.

        But as mentioned above, there victim currency is only .50 cents.

        To mangle a quote from orwells animal farm, some animals are more equal to others.

  3. Also, you broflakes are all wrong about comics. Sales numbers don’t lie. Take a look at Bookscan data and you’ll see that the bestselling graphic novels in regular book stores are primarily aimed at tween girls–Smile, Amulet, Ghosts, etc, which feature female protagonists and diverse characters. The only “mainstream” comics on Bookscan’s top 30 list are The Killing Joke and The Walking Dead. Marvel and DC would kill o have the sales numbers of Smile, and they are right in trying to tap into this massive market of comics for girls featuring diversity. Anywho, go ahead and cry and bellyache because there’s a black, female Iron Man. You’re pathetic.

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  5. John Joshua Ward…you wouldn’t know good comics if jack Kirby crawled out of his grave and shoved his brushes and zipatone up your ass…which you would likely enjoy. Social justice cucks have fucked up the industry

    • Except for the people who’ve bought over 3.5 million copies of Raina Telgemeier’s graphic novels. Best selling comic book creator. Period.

  6. Oh, little Timmy… Your broflake tears fill me with joy. You’re so butthurt that there aren’t enough Liefeld comics for you to jerk off to these days. All those muscles in all the wrong places must really turn you on, huh? I mean, you’re really focused on gay sex… Repressed much?

    I guess my taste in comics is indeed lame. I mean, I only mentioned Smile, the best-selling graphic novel (and Eisner winner) of 2016… And Raina has sold over 3.5 million books, but, yeah, what do I and her readers know…? Oh, I guess we know that comics aren’t just for the likes of you anymore–closet cases that live in their mom’s basement and fantasize about muscle-bound dudes beating each other up.

  7. (watch when this gets circulated the comments that roll in in hate of me to see the double standard)

    I don’t think that’s a sentence. I’d say typo but I’m not sure what your intend sentence was so no idea what went wrong there.

      • Hey, Jon! Did you and your sick puppy pals stuff the Dragon Award ballots as hard as you stuff your fat face?

        Hey, look at me! I’m being funny and having fun! Wheeee!

        • Joshua; Jon is ridiculous, a hypocrite, a liar and a tone deaf troll, but you debase yourself by obsessively posting on his site. You are right about in in every way but one, he’s not worth the effort.

        • Fat shaming! Terrible. I disavow. So far you’ve been racist, fat shaming on my site… anything else you want to let the world know about you?

          • You’re right, LGrin! I’m stepping away!

            Jon, I offered you a sort of olive branch in a different post. Look, maybe things got a little too harsh, and if I truly hurt your feelings, I apologize. But, like you said, you can milk this stuff to sell more books!

          • You’ve been pretty awful man. I haven’t returned that favor I’ll note. If you wanna be cool, I’ll be cool too. Happy to be friends. Not even sure what you’re here fighting me for, I don’t know who you are!

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