Star Realms: Rescue Run For The Dragon Awards!

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Well, what an honor it’s been. Today had a reader call my work some of the best science fiction out there, and Author Russell Newquist came out with his Dragon Award ballot recommendations:

2017 Dragon Awards Final Vote Recommendations

Sure enough, he recommends Star Realms: Rescue Run for the Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy category. Please my readers — and my haters — sign up to vote here. If you follow the blog, this is a great way to help me out and get me some additional exposure. Much appreciated!

Ballots get mailed twice a week, it’s not instantaneous so please look for your email from Dragon Con when you receive the ballot.

Other great authors have done the same:

2017 Dragon Award Nominations

The 2017 Dragon Award Ballot Is In!

Between SocJus and PulpRev at the Dragon Awards

Thank you so much for the tremendous reception this book has received!






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3 thoughts on “Star Realms: Rescue Run For The Dragon Awards!

  1. The best! This book had a really interesting plot and great characters. It took about 4 chapters to get into because there was quite a few characters and several different settings. But then once I was into it, I just loved the characters. The author really made me care about them and what was going on with them. This book was refreshing in that there wasn’t a love triangle and the characters don’t keep on-going secrets from each other. Here two characters who start out separated by class and vast distance are brought together by fate and kept together through loyalty, honesty and good decision-making. I loved it!

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