Americans Feel Silenced Due To PC Culture

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Interesting article by the Cato Institute: 

The Cato 2017 Free Speech and Tolerance Survey, a new national poll of 2,300 U.S. adults, finds that 71% Americans believe that political correctness has silenced important discussions our society needs to have. The consequences are personal—58% of Americans believe the political climate prevents them from sharing their own political beliefs.

Democrats are unique, however, in that a slim majority (53%) do not feel the need to self-censor. Conversely, strong majorities of Republicans (73%) and independents (58%) say they keep some political beliefs to themselves.

The craziest stat is the differential between Republicans and Independents. It’s no wonder the polls always skew vs. actual results. But if you look at the hate I and others take just for saying very reasonable things like “Stand For the National Anthem in baseball”, there’s a reason people are afraid. The more of us that do speak out, however, the less the social pressure is there to harass us.

World Baseball League Commissioner Hideki Ichiro wasn’t afraid to speak out about what he thought needed to change in baseball’s future. Check out Gravity Of The Game and read his heartwarming story! 

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New Federalist Article: Saving Baseball From Toxic SJW Politics

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My article is able. I’m pretty proud to be able to do some sports journalism, which has always been a dream of mine. Hopefully I’ll be able to do more later. I know you guys don’t like to click on it so much but perhaps Federalist readers do 😉

And if you love baseball and want a glimpse into a more optimistic future, check out my novella Gravity Of The Game, available here.

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Sci-Fi’s SJW Terrorism: An Editor’s Inside Look

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At the beginning of September, I did a piece proving beyond reasonable doubt that there is anti-male discrimination going on in the publishing industry, and that it’s widespread. It resulted in the Mean Girls in charge of the science fiction publishing organization known as SFWA coming after me and really attempting to destroy my life both online and through harassing me in real life. They of course did this by claiming I was “harassing” by posting about these problems in the industry and whistleblowing.

It started though, when I noticed Escape Artist Podcasts’ Artemis Rising event — in which they go out for a month and ONLY publish stories by women. There is no male counterpart to this, it is a completely anti-man event, when their magazines already skew heavily toward publishing only women outside of that. The original attacks on me were brought on when they decided to take their twitter account and mock and signal to their followers I was someone to slander, rather than addressing their very real problems.

Full disclosure: I had a very good friend who works for Podcastle, one of their podcasts, named Setsu Uzume. She used to spend time at my house, we critiqued each others stories and we were good friends until she abandoned me because of the attacks on me earlier this year. It is a highly personal matter as it’s impacted more than just some intangible “standing in the industry” for me. She was very well aware of my politics and who I was through this whole time she was my friend, her turning on me came only after it was a public relations thing within a small segment of the sci-fi community.

However, through this, I was able to meet a former editor who worked for Escape Artists named Kat Rocha.  She now works with her husband making amazing independent content (comics and short story anthologies!) at However she took the time to tell me her story of how Escape Artists turned into a toxic, polarized realm of political correctness and extreme politics overriding their basic mission which should have been publishing good stories.

Below is how an industry dies to SJW Terrorism:


I met Alex, an editor at Escape Artists at World Horror Con in Atlanta in 2015. We were talking shop over dinner and he mentioned Pseudopod was in need of slush editors. I had been a fan of the show and wanted to get involved so I told him I was interested.


I was a volunteer with the promise of eventually being paid once there were more funds. Although, I wasn’t there for the money. I’d been a long time fan of the show and was happy to get involved.


I sat in on at least five editorial meetings with the idea of becoming familiar with their methods of stories selection. At first, the editors at Pseudopod were even handed in their approach. Stories passed to Editorial by slush readers were judged on quality of the content and nothing else. This was around the time that Escape Artists ownership changed hands, and I believe what I was witnessing was a hold over to when Murr & co still held the wheel. As time went on the focus changed drastically (and rapidly) under the new regime. Editorial wanted more and more attention exclusively on female authors and female-spotlighted events. As slush readers were directed to prioritize stories by women over men. It wasn’t so much a case of editorial outright saying “Women only” but by the time I left male authors and stories were almost never discussed.


The quality of stories we slush readers were receiving were about what you’d expect–a good mix of good, bad, and everything between. It wasn’t until management launched their “Artemis Rising” that efforts were steered toward make the project happen. Artemis Rising’s mission was to be a month in which Escape Artists was an all-female operation. Stories to be written by women, slush-read by women, selected by women, edited by women, read by women, presented on-air by women, even the shows themselves were produced by women. Essentially, it was to be the She-Women Men Haters Club. As a slush reader I was told to focus on the Artemis Rising slush pile. Regular submissions (meaning stories for the other eleven month of the year) were to be second priority.

In terms of story quality the “Artemis Rising” slush pile were amateur at best, with a rare gem once in a while. Really, the biggest problem with the project was the sheer lack of quality material to justify a female-only month. For that reason, a lot of stories I felt were not fit for publication got through. Worse, were stories that may have been well written, but had little to nothing to do with Horror, Sci-Fi, or Fantasy. Rather than accept the reality that not enough skilled female writers were interested in Artemis Rising, management started allocating more and more time and resources to the project at the expense of the rest of the year’s shows. In truth, Artemis Rising became a year-long event just to make a single month of programming happen.


While slush reading for Artemis Rising I got the distinct impression much of what I received was submitted strictly because a female wrote it—regardless of how amateur or flat out bad the work was. In fact, most of the titles that were selected for the event were pulled from the regular submission box and NOT from the Artemis Rising box because of the lack of quality.


This is strictly my opinion, but when Alasdair Stuart’s girlfriend got involved is when things went sour. That’s when the “girls club” formed and Escape Artists took on a very different tone in contrast to the fiction-first production it had once been. It was also around that time episodes started to include “trigger warnings” at the beginnings of show.


As I mentioned before, there was a strange obsession with all things Artemis Rising. After awhile it was as though nothing else mattered. To me, this was not just unacceptable, but utterly disgusting. I hate gender politics. I hate it with the fury of a berserk Valkyrie swinging a war hammer plowing through a horde of single-breasted amazons. (Okay, that’s how my husband described my hate for feminist bigotry, but I thought it worth sharing.) For examples of ideological extremism happening at Escape Artists, really the entire Artemis Rising project itself was one giant exercise in bigotry, “positive” discrimination, and anti-male propagandizing.


There was a special forum for editors and slush readers to talk about and share submissions that were uniquely bad, or crazy, or unintentionally funny. The original intent was good natured. It was there just for us to chat and share laughs. But as the new regime settled into its role running Escape Artist the forum lost its charm. The “laughs” started to have an underlying meanness to them, the chat felt more like bathroom gossip and trash talk. Then editors started emailing full manuscripts to the rest of us, encouraging we to read a submission, then join in on massive gab fests where everyone was expected to rip into the submission’s author. This was not “letting off steam”. It was cruel, petty, and deeply unprofessional. And yes, most of the stories the girls got together to rip on were written by men.


Zealotry. The attitude seemed to be, “We’re going to prove women are great writers by rigging the game and shutting out everyone else.” As if that proves anything but the opposite. I saw nothing to indicate Artemis Rising was a marketing gimmick, and if it was, it was a monumental failure with listeners. It was alienating longtime fans, losing listener donations, and Artemis Rising always had the lowest download count by far. 


Yes. I was quite open about my disdain for Artemis Rising with the editors I answered to (who were both male). I made it very clear I didn’t agree with the event and everything it stood for. I said multiple times Escape Artists should return to focusing on finding and publishing GOOD stories, regardless of the gender, race, or sexuality of the author.

When editorial assigned me to slush read exclusively for Artemis Rising, I refused.


I turned in my resignation within an hour of receiving an email from editorial about now-former editor, Sunil Patel, who was accused of…well, something. The words Editorial used were “accusations of unprofessional behavior”. To my knowledge no actually offense was ever named. Yet Editorial was inviting all of us to talk to them about Patel, secure in the knowledge that each and every comment would be taken at “face value,” no proof required. Quoting the email: “Everyone will be assumed to be telling their truth, no questions asked. Yes, that may lead to conflicting reports of specific events. We accept that.”

Here is a copy of my emailed reply:

Dear Escape Artists:

I am greatly disappointed and disturbed by the current leadership’s handling of what is a deeply serious accusation. It’s one thing for an individual to do something so irresponsible as to drag allegations of sexual harassment through the court of public opinion. It’s another for a publishing entity and those who represent it to do the same. To say this behavior is unprofessional is an understatement.

Sexual harassment is a very serious charge. One that should never be taken lightly. It destroys the lives of all involved—regardless of the validity of the charge. So far everything I’ve seen from the parties involved and the EA leadership have given me no reason to believe this will amount to anything beyond another career destroying he-said / she-said smear campaign that has been dominating spec-lits ever shrinking corner of internet. More “Listen and Believe” rumors and back biting. More kangaroo courts with no real search for the truth. For the last 24hrs I’ve been bombarded with pitchfork mobs telling me I need to hate Sunil, yet nobody has yet to actually explain what he is accused of. I had hoped the Escape Artists were above this.

As of today I am leaving Escape Artist.

Kat Rocha


Alex and I are still friends on Facebook. I haven’t spoken to him in a while, but this doesn’t seem to have affected our friendship. On the other hand, before the Patel incident my husband and I had been on very friendly terms with Alasdair Stuart. He was supposed to review a book from 01Publishing, but never followed through. Since that time all communication with him has ceased. As for the rest of the staff, I’ve severed all ties myself. I want nothing to do with this “brave new progressive” Escape Artists collective.

This is the new normal for science fiction and fantasy publishing. Every major house has this same attitude, this same hate and disdain for males. Even this morning, SFWA president Cat Rambo was tweeting bizarre, extreme articles about “toxic masculinity”. Kat is very brave for telling what happened and how the SJW politics are so thick to them that literally nothing else– not friendships, not good works, not readership — matters to them.

This is why alternatives in the industry are so necessary and why this structure of power needs to be called out, despite all of the personal attacks they might throw your way just for telling the truth. Please support Kat and

If you’re looking for some real diversity beyond a shallow look at sex or skin color, try the popular Steampunk novel by Jon Del Arroz, the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction, with a strong female lead! No politics in For Steam And Country, available on Amazon.

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Alt-Hero: Most Successful Comic Crowdfund Ever

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You may have seen a lot of my postings already but if  you follow the blog and not my social media, I  just wanted to give a big thank you to all my readers for supporting this effort! It’s a big message to the cultural elites regardless of the fact that they went DEAD SILENT on it — it goes to show how truly afraid they are of our rise.

Like the title says, no comic book has ever been this successful in a crowd fund, and for good reason. Compelling characters, great writers, some even better artists now coming on board. I’m very excited for how this turns out. We couldn’t have done it without all of your loyal support though. This is really your message you are sending, and we on the team know that and will take care to ensure it does you honor as readers.

On my end — I have 2 books and an RPG campaign supplement to write for you all, and I’m very excited to do so. It’s going to be awhile before these come out, just because the comics need to get done first, and I need those as reference, but we will execute and we will deliver a great product for you in all forms of Alt-Hero. Part of the reason we’re successful is we work harder than anyone else in the business, and this project will be no different.

I have a lot more coming very soon, so stay tuned. I’ll announce as applicable. Right now I can announce that we’ve contracted an audiobook reader for For Steam And Country. She will begin recording on November 6th. She’s amazingly professional and sounds awesome!

Thank you again everyone for the support. Still not tired of winning!

And if  you haven’t checked out For Steam And Country yet, do read what many are calling the hottest Steampunk of 2017 available on Amazon here.

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Alt-Hero: Paperbacks Now Availble!

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Two days left in the campaign for the final push. It’s been such a tremendous success and I’m honored to be a part of this amazing project, also featuring one of my writing heroes, Chuck Dixon.

We’ve added the paperbacks as an option now so at the very least go out and grab the ebooks for Alt-Hero written by me, and if you want a hard copy, you can get those now too! Further down, there’s an RPG in which I’ll be writing the first adventure campaign. I love RPGs so this’ll be so much fun for me!

Thanks again for all the incredible support and I really look forward to delivering far better superhero content to you than Marvel will ever produce again.

Alt★Hero Volumes I, II, and III


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Bad Look For #MLB’s Flag-Disrespecting Kneeler

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Oakland sports media was flooded the last couple days on how Bruce Maxwell was unfairly treated when he went home to Alabama, a restaurant (single waiter even in his version) refused to serve him because of the way he disrespected the country. Bruce of course framed it as “the waiter said he was a Trump supporter!”

Bruce’s actions even in that statement are shown to be all about partisan politics to show his hate for America and and not about any real “raising awareness” as we already knew. But it turns out that whole incident was fabricated. The Daily Caller did some real journalism, and looked into it:  

“He is outright lying. This is really upsetting as he was given full service, I didn’t even know who Bruce Maxwell was,” Matt Henry, a 42-year-old waiter at Keegan’s Public House, told Fox News. “This all started because I carded his friend who wanted to order a beer.”

According to Henry, an Alabama native, Maxwell was dining with local Democratic councilman Devyn Keith and another friend who produced an expired ID, and the server refused to serve him a drink — which upset the friend, who followed him into the kitchen.

“He asked me, don’t you know who Bruce Maxwell is, and told me I was making everyone feel uncomfortable. Nobody was even paying attention to them,” Henry claimed. “I didn’t know anything about him or the kneeling. All I know is a friend of mine 15 years ago lost his job for serving someone a drink who happened to be underage, so if anyone looks under 30, I’m going to card them.”

The waiter said that the councilman then complained to the restaurant’s manager about Maxwell being uncomfortable, and the manager simply swapped me to another table, and that it was “no big deal.”

SJWs always lie.

If you want some truth about baseball, and about honest men doing real things to reshape a world — or worlds, read my heartwarming sci-fi baseball novella, Gravity of the Game, available here.  


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New Federalist Article

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Yesterday a new article in the Federalist dropped on problems in the publishing industry.  It runs so deep, and I didn’t even get into the deep personal harassment one takes if they’re going counter-Narrative or even if their identity is “wrong”. It’s a madhouse out there, but everyone here knows how far it goes.

Check it out, share, wake up people buying books:

And if you want to ensure YA books are without political agenda, the best thing you  could do is support For Steam And Country, available here.

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Eating Our Own

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Over the last three days I’ve gotten no less than 40 messages from random people warning me about Candace Owens, AKA Red Pill Black. I was told she’s a fraud, a phony, a doxxing social justice warrior in disguise. This all came from internet rumors.

Of course, I spent quality time with Candace this last weekend. Not just watching a few youtube videos or reading a few articles, or seeing a few social media posts, but several hours chatting with her in person. You learn a lot more about a person and who they are that way than anything you can read on the internet, so forgive me if I ignore those warnings outright.

Frankly, I would likely ignore  them outright anyway.

I’ve faced similar warnings from more “moderate” friends about Bre Fauchex, someone I’ve also talked with at good length (though not in person). I get told how extreme and terrible she is. Again, by people who really haven’t spoken with her at all from what I can tell.

In publishing, I had the same warnings about Declan Finn, a horror author who is a very passionate soul and a very loyal and dedicated person as well. I was told many times don’t associate with him! It’ll hurt your career!

What it comes down to is the same old tune, just a different color.

It’s eating our own. We tend to do this. Our side is comprised of individualistic people who have their own ideas for right in the world, and we’re very passionate bout truth and justice. What stands to happen is when someone reaches a certain level of fame — we scrutinize them and look for reasons to bring them down. We’re also used to doing this because our entire cause is watching famous SJWs be terrible people and pointing out “how can you idolize them?”

Of course the answer is to idolize no man, but that doesn’t mean we should tear down the budding platforms of people we’re mostly aligned with either. In fact, we need to learn to stop doing that entirely.

I’m really not interested in a “word on the street about your friend is…” game. I’ve heard it a thousand times about a thousand people. I’ve seen a lot of people in sci-fi publishing do it to ME both on the left and right. And I don’t play that game. When someone takes the time to be my friend and actively support me, I’m going to actively support them. My loyalty runs deep at that point. Especially when I’ve spent considerable time with someone.

I’m not going to even remotely consider messages, internet articles or the like.

In this particular instance, I can trace all of these concerns back to a single article run on Candace recently. Salon dot com is your source for these rumors. Think about that one for a second. Moreover, these rumors circulated around the internet just as Canadace was going on InfoWars. Timing wise, that is so suspect and scary, and an obvious tactic to get us in-fighting from the SJW elites that we really should be redoubling our efforts to DEFEND each other.

Look, we’re at war. It’s scary out there. We have real objectives and real terrible people to take down from their positions of power while we create our own platforms to replace them. I’m not perfect, nor is anyone else in this game. If you don’t like someone on our side for whatever reason, best course is just not to talk about them. You don’t have to promote them, no one said to do that. But let’s not get caught up in the finger pointing, gossip and innuendo that marks the SJW way of doing things. I’m not interested in purity tests. I’m not interested in looking into how “bad” my friends really are. I want my friends to win, and I want you to win.

The only way we’re going to do that is to lift each other up.

Speaking of lifting up. I’ve got a great book about a girl who inherits an airship. It’s got a ton of reviews and is perhaps the most exciting new steampunk series of 2017. Check out For Steam And Country here.  

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World Series Predictions And Other Baseball Matters

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Earlier this morning I received a call from the Oakland A’s front office, folk a little higher up in the org than your standard fare. They called and said they were happy to hear me out and they were hoping that I might reconsider my season tickets for next year. I told them I had to hold firm until their players #StandForTheAnthem. I learned over the course of the call that the management knows they’re in a bit of a bind on this, and that they’re hoping it works itself out. I take this to mean that the MLB will take action and make rules in the off-season. Either way, we’re winning. What’s happening to the NFL is scaring these organizations in other leagues, and soon we’ll get politics off the field. Keep pushing and hold strong, and moreover keep calling and emailing the teams! They hear their customers, they’re not like congress.

But I also made a video talking about the world series game 1 tonight, and what I think’ll happen over this game and the course of the series. It’s now on youtube here:

Don’t forget to subscribe!

I’m also checking out, a new social media site that’s a facebook killer for free speech. We’ll see how it goes. My profile’s here if you want to connect:

As you can see, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to baseball. Which means my future prediction of the game can only be that good. Check out my hit novella, Gravity Of The Game, here:  

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Everyone’s Aware Of The SJW Problems, Now Do Something About It

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Robert Tracinski wrote a nice article this morning on what it would look like to have a Culture War win. Visionary writing like this is necessary because we have to be able to envision the goal’s results if we’re going to figure out how to get there. However, I also think it’s premature.

It’s only in the last year or two that people have woken up and realize we need to do something, anything, when it comes to culture. And there’s not that many of us. We are making amazing traction considering most of us are just out here creating our visions in comics, books, films, education, and music with little to no backing, literally just men who know we’re doing good work, much of the time God’s work, and won’t let the overwhelming aspects of the cultural establishment’s grip on our throats hold us down.

But despite our successes in our opening battles of our rebellion against the evil oligopoly empires that control almost all of the culture out there, we’re still on the relatively obscure side. Most people who have tuned out of reading or viewing still haven’t found an alternative. They’ve become so used to not even bothering that our voices never come across their ears.

And part of it is because our media never mentions anything in regard to culture.  They never bother to promote the games, books or films by content creators on our side. As much as you see the mainstream media complain about the “liberal bias” or “political correctness” in media, they never lift a finger on the opposite end. In fact, media using those two terms are usually signs of a group that’s unwilling to do any of the legwork to get the counterculture movement we have sparking and turn it into a real fire. Those are signs of media who are steeped in “respectable” news and commentary, in which they still don’t value independent platforms. They still give Disney or HBO higher value as gatekeeping institutions than the alternatives that are popping up all over.

The complaints have been in the news for decades. Fox News will jump all over any Marvel controversy. Breitbart loves to mention when old properties get ruined like Ghostbusters in 2016. But when BYUtv released Extinct, a family friendly science fiction program with good values, did either of them say a word?

You never see it. Not once. And this is why you never see a counterculture production get much traction. It’s not like the Washington Post is going to help out. So why won’t our friendly media?

The only outlets that ever are willing to do anything about the problem in earnest are the independent ones like Men Of The West. Of course, this is why they’re gaining and why the traditional media, even friendly ones who are supposed to be on our side, are losing.

If you’re just promoting the mainstream SJW brands through complaint after complaint, you’re part of the problem. We have awareness. Everyone knows the SJWs control the news media, the publishing industry, Hollywood, and even the NFL. Nothing is safe from their touch, influence, or destruction of the values of Western Civilization. The conservative media that keeps beating this drum over and over is about as useless as the NFL players kneeling. Do you think anyone in America isn’t aware of their kneeling? But there’s no solutions posed.

We have solutions. Yes there’s startups. Yes they’re newer on the scene and don’t have the budgets or backings like the establishment funded projects do, but this is why they need your support more than ever. If you really want to change culture, as a person, as the media, we’re going to have to do this in a grassroots fashion and that means supporting things that are out there.

Are you picking up Chuck Dixon’s Bane Conquest comic? If not, why not? If you’re complaining about comics’ spewed garbage and you’re not grabbing the book by a guy who’s all about fun action, you’re not helping.

What about Alt-Hero? Have you backed that? Talk about the forefront of the culture war. It’s even now got an RPG as a separate reward – of which I’ll be penning the first adventure module in addition to my two novels I’ve committed to writing.

And Extinct, as I mentioned before. It’s not hard to watch. It’s streaming free. Watch it. Tell your friends.

It’s not that hard to do, but we all need to start making this push. If you have contacts in the media, let them know about these things going on and tell them you want to hear more about it. Email them in their general mailboxes with tips. It’s all fine and good to be talking about winning the culture war, but we need to start fighting in earnest first.

Alt-Hero is where it’s at. Only 5 days to go on the campaign. Two books co-written by me with Vox Day. Chuck Dixon penned comics. An RPG system and adventure. A lot to back, and a lot of action already at 1,400+ backers and $140,000 raised already. You wnt to be a real cultural Rebel? Check it out:


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