As We Win More Bigly, Our Enemies Get More Desperate

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What a couple of weeks its been! First, I want to thank my readership for their tremendous support and faith in Gravity Of The Game. I’ve only received great feedback on how wonderful of a story it is, and most of that is coming from non-baseball fans! Like always, I put a heavy focus on character and I believe that is the key to storytelling that resonates, regardless of the topic.

There’s a couple reviews from professional book reviewers already:

With this kind of consensus, I’m inclined to believe this might be my best work yet. Definitely something to look at for your Hugo ballots in the novella category.

On the other front, the personal attacks have stepped up in a major way. You can see it based on the frequency of the persistent haters who like to comment here, and the level of bitterness coupled with those attacks. I’ve mentioned a few of them here, and some of you who are a bit more connected have seen how the Sci-Fi establishment elite has stepped up the blackballing game to a level that’s unbelievable.

Nevertheless, he persisted.

It hasn’t just been me either. Maybe it’s the time of year. Maybe it’s the preference cascade that the elites are seeing in a shift of the readership’s eyes to indie authors. We’ve seen the launch of Vox Day’s Alt-Hero, one of the most tremendously successful crowdfunds of all time, followed by more outrage, mockery and shrieking than I’ve ever seen. Because someone’s making a comic book. Despite his never making a comic before, the fans and the readers are all over this project. They are starved for content that isn’t combed through and sanitized by sensitivity readers. The few preview pages listed on the project already carry much more emotion and fun than the entire Marvel Comics line.

And then there was Brian Niemeier yesterday, who apparently really gets under NYT Bestseller and former SFWA President John Scalzi’s skin by questioning why Scalzi would make a rant about how he can’t be productive in 2017. Why can’t he be productive, well, Donald Trump! Everything is Trump’s fault after all, including the Colorado Rockies loss last evening in the NL Wildcard Game. How? We’ll think of something later. What’s important is we show outrage about it first!  Scalzi had a rare moment of losing it so much from the response to his blog that he actually linked Brian’s blog. Brian has been incredibly productive with a lot of amazing editing projects and pumping out volumes upon volumes of books on his own.

We’re all working at pulp speed, cranking out book after book, each one becoming more successful as the readership wants their fun, and doesn’t want it censored by a small group of elites with mental disorders. They’ve taken the fun out of fiction for decades, and we’re putting it back in. It’s working, and we’re not only winning, but winning bigly. That’s what’s got them so scared.

There’s some big announcements coming VERY soon, so hold onto your hats, dear readers. The ride is about to take off at speeds you’ve never seen before.


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