Are You Reading Astounding Frontiers?

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I’ve mentioned a lot on the blog how short fiction markets don’t really get much traction. This is true, but that doesn’t mean there’s not deserving ones out there.

Something that might have slipped under the radar for a lot of people is Superversive Press’s Astounding Frontiers. This is the brain child of my publisher, Jason Rennie, who put together a team to work on putting out classic-style scifi and fantasy far away from any of the identity politics going on in culture. And they’ve done a tremendous job so far.

The most amazing part (or astounding part I should say) is they’ve been able to produce the mag on a monthly schedule. This is almost unheard of speed for publishing with a small press, and their quality hasn’t suffered as a result — each issue has frankly only gotten better.

They’re worth your support, and it features a bunch of incredible up and coming authors. The only way we”re going to revitalize these dying and dead markets is if we support the good content out there like this, storyhack and Cirsova magazine. Check out Astounding Frontiers latest issue here:

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