Leave Taylor Swift Alone

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Marie Claire digs into Taylor Swift for her extreme–  not saying anything about politics? Is this seriously what we’ve come to?

The modern witch hunts by the extreme SJWs are so crazy that now they go after you if you simply don’t jump on the outrage train and shriek with everyone else. Or maybe a musician just wants to sell albums to everyone in America and not just one political side, you know, like most artists used to.

Best comment I’ve seen on it so far:

But this is why we need pop culture that goes beyond silent on it, but actually speaks out to let others know there is another side. The entertainment industry is so monolithic, this is why they’ve gone this far. When they learn that most people don’t think like them, we may be able to get back to normalcy. For now, go read MAGA 2020 and Beyond! 

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3 thoughts on “Leave Taylor Swift Alone

  1. “Stars don’t need to be political! At least, they didn’t used to. EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT NOW THAT TRUMP IS PRESIDENT! REEEEEEEE!”

    I have actually seen articles saying variations on the above.

    I dunno. It just seems weird to fault her for not saying anything. But for historical contrast, The Beatles got a lot of grief from the radicals of their day for not speaking about politics in their music . . . or really anywhere. John Lennon responded by writing “Revolution,” which basically said “You all suck.” At least, that’s my interpretation of it.

    Whatever. Bring on the trolls.

  2. On the other hand, stars, at least American ones, are still subject to the first amendment.

    I see this episode with Taylor as the left showing their ass in the same way the right does when they says “just write good stories, don’t be political!!!”

  3. Not a fan of Swift’s music but maybe I should support her the way I supported the Dixie Chicks when they broke ranks with the country music consensus and opposed the neocons’ stupid Iraq War.

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