Astounding Frontiers #6

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Astounding Frontiers #6 dropped today from Superversive Press! It’s their adventure pulp magazine and got a story by me set in my same world as For Steam And Country — different kingdom though so it’s got a little different of a perspective compared to what’s going on in Rislandia. It’s very fun and lighthearted adventure with a lot of puns. check it out here:
It’s standalone, but if you for some reason haven’t gotten around to the extremely popular For Steam And Country yet, do so!
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4 thoughts on “Astounding Frontiers #6

  1. After telling us not to waste our time writing short stories, Jon Del Arroz proves once again that it is an addiction after all. 🙂 I look forward to reading your story! I’m sure it’ll be awesome. MOAR STEAMPUNK!

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