It’s Better To Be My Friend #JDAYourFriend

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2017 is probably my best year in my life. I’m doing great professionally, it keeps getting better on that level, it’s also going great financially, I’ve taken steps to ensure my faith in God and His plan are rock-solid more than ever before, the family’s doing great, the economy’s doing great, I’ve read and written more awesome books than I’ve seen in my life, Taylor Swift came out with possibly the best album of all time, my Patreon is doing better than I expected… I could go on for a long time.

We’ve seen over the weekend as well that the people who tried to step in my path and tell me I’m not allowed, the people who hold me down, just seem to keep losing. And they do so in their own arenas where I’m SUPPOSED to be shut out.

Every time I’m attacked hard, I don’t just blast out and fire back. You don’t see a lot of the behind the scenes. But most anyone will tell you (even my enemies who really have no means to attack me) that I’m generally a nice person. I try to like everyone 100%, and my first assumption when someone does something wrong is that they made a mistake in the heat of the moment.

What I do first, every time, is I reach out.

When BayCon’s invites went out at the beginning of the year, and friend after friend told me about their return invites (whether they were a part of the field or not), I reached out and tried to see if there was a way to repair the programming director’s obvious anti-conservative bias before speaking out on it. I let weeks go by, I talked to several people. It didn’t make sense on the very year of my debut with a professional novel in a popular game property, edited by one of the most respectable folk in the business, Jennifer Brozek (hugo nominated, served on SFWA’s board, edited an anthology for Baen), that I’d be so shunned. When I reached out, they sent back their link to their website with a template “some folk just don’t get invited!”. At that point, I knew it was time to speak out on the anti-conservative bias I’d seen at the convention. And I was fairly nice about it, focusing on policy of the con before they went into full attack mode to try to besmirch my character. Result: it sold me a lot more books and put me on the map.

When NYT Bestseller Scalzi went off on twitter rants about me, I did the same. Emailing to see if I could repair. He gave me one of my favorite blurbs to date in response saying I’m “tiresome and insulting” and that my attempt was “disingenuous.” It was nothing of the sort. But… his continued feud with me only served to sell me a lot more books. I see from his blog he’s struggling to write even 500 words a day, where my output is typically 3-4x that.

When Cat Rambo decided to out of the blue attack me on the File 770 website, I was probably most shocked. I’d never interacted with her at all (though I did share an anthology with her! A nice reminder that we were both respected in these same circles before people like Cat decided I was evil by association.). While Scalzi didn’t like me because I’m friends with his nemesis Vox Day, she really didn’t have a reason to call my writing “egregious stupidity.” And as the president of an organization “The Science Fiction Writers Of America” — she shouldn’t be doing that to new authors coming up in the field. It’s literally her job to protect people like me. That’s the whole stated point of the organization. There’s so many awful details of how far she pressed, and because of that, I definitely am not going to let up. But after numerous attempts to reach out in friendship, she really went off the rails on me, and now some of her very troubling opinions have been exposed. Meanwhile, several people are nominating my novella for her organization’s awards, and I’m selling more books.

There’s many more situations like this .Chuck Wendig’s bizarre name calling of me, Spencer Ellsworth’s tirade after trying to defend anti-male discrimination in publishing, Beth Cato’s betrayal after I used my influence to get her nominated for a major prestigious award. All of these instances resulted in no good coming to them, but helped in pushing my career further.

The saddest part is the former “friends” who cut ties at some of the threats or perceived threats from these other writers. They’re trying so hard to impress these folk who honestly have less influence and sway with readers than I do, and it’s very short-sighted. I’ve been extremely patient in not publicly naming many of these people so far, but I’ve seen, and I’ll remember.

Where they all screwed up, is that I’m a competent writer who works hard. I’m a competent businessman who markets hard. I don’t take my ball and go home and I’m not deterred from speaking the truth by some threats or someone’s bully pulpit.

And now I’ve got a platform. It’s one a lot of people read on a daily basis. It’s only going to grow bigger in 2018. I’m a well-respected journalist, I’m a multiple-award nominated author with an avid readership. I’m winning. Readers and audiences like winners. Yet not one of these people has come forward and said “you know what, Jon, I shouldn’t have attacked you, let’s be friends.”

It’ll take awhile, but it’s going to happen, and no matter how big this platform grows, I’ll do the right thing and forgive when they make the effort. It’s the Christian thing to do. I’ve talked to Mike Glyer of File 770 about this, who I communicate with regularly believe it or not. Though he’s definitely still got the tribal streaks to him, we’re more or less friends at this point. It’s because when you talk earnestly, the nonsense can go away. He still hasn’t apologized as the person who’s largely responsible for getting all these people attacking me in the first place under false pretenses with his false article, but it will come. Once that happens, the veil on the rest of this will fall off and these folk will start treating me with respect again, like they did before this year.

When I talk to Mike about it, I talk about it in terms of Scott Adams’ persuasion model, which I firmly subscribe to and utilize quite regularly. It’s part of why I’m able to come up in the field so fast. The model follows that my career will go like this:

  1. JDA is Literally Vox Day!
  2. Jon is a liar. He’s bad. My friends don’t like him. (strict upgrade in perception from literally Vox Day! Though these folk should probably try being nice to Vox too…)
  3. I don’t like Jon’s politics, but you know, I saw one of his short stories it’s actually pretty good. I don’t really want to promote him though.
  4. Actually if you look at it, Jon’s been picked on a lot and came through it and he’s pretty nice. He also doesn’t really talk about policies so I don’t know why I thought I had so much disagreement with him.
  5. Okay, Jon’s a really great writer and makes a really great friend.

We’re starting to see point 3 in the field now pretty regularly. People are reading, and they’re talking. And it’s all positive. Look at all of my reviews for For Steam And Country and Gravity of the Game. Not one verified purchase went in and said anything remotely negative in that high number of reviews for a rookie author. while Gravity has a couple fake reviews (which came when Ben Lindbergh’s fans attacked me over my sports journalism at the Federalist), they can’t say anything bad about the quality of my product.  I estimate it’ll take to the end of 2019 to get to point 5, though point 4 will happen sometime after Worldcon 2018.

I know these folk read this. And they’re rolling their eyes, seething right now. But stop that. Man up and you know what — don’t just email blast, call me. I’ll talk to you in earnest and that usually solves everything. I have one of the best promotional platforms on the internet already, and you’ll want to get on the bandwagon before I’m overwhelmed with folk who want to promotion (who I’m happy to help — but I’m already inundated with requests to read and push manuscripts! I’m trying my best to get through when I have time, for those who have requested). I’ll remember my real friends and the people who were man enough to apologize for the wrongs done to me for merely being a voice saying “don’t blackball people!”. I’ll also remember those who weren’t.

I’m a nice guy and very friendly. Don’t be shy! #JDAYourFriend.

If you haven’t checked out For Steam And Country, this is the book driving my success. Everyone loves it, and it’d make a great last minute Christmas gift! 

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24 thoughts on “It’s Better To Be My Friend #JDAYourFriend

  1. “under false pretenses with his false article, but it will come.

    Curious which article this was? Mike generally just posts a quote from the article and a link. So it’s hard to believe he’s posted anything about you that’s false.

    It’s been funny to watch the MGC folks rant and rave about “false articles” and “lying Mike” when they are simply being quoted and linked to…

    • The original time he mentioned me he wrote an article calling me a liar which is what got them all jumping on me when I’d had no problems with any of these people before.

    • You know it’s disingenuous and false when he asked BayCon for a statement (as this was posted nowhere else) and then did not ask me what happened and didn’t even go to my blog to see the follow up post where their programming director said she removed me because of behavior over politics. A news website should do that instead of torching a new science fiction author and getting a crowd to hate him.

      • I’m guessing he reached out to them and not you because he had zero information from them after seeing a lengthy accusation/explanation from you…

        Also, why would you expect him to go to your blog a day or two after he published his post? If he did (and he probably did) he would have seen that Susie never said you were removed for any reason. Maybe she was talking about you specifically, maybe not. Impossible to say. The screen shot doesn’t provide the context.

        • He did and does. I regularly correspond with him since this point. Susie said she was giving me a break for a year and I’d be invited for 2018 (right on the release of my popular book), which makes no sense, and was also contradictory to her other statement. Sorry dude. I know you really want to just say I’m wrong over and over (it’s tiresome) but if the line was Statement A and she said Statement B which is something else entirely A =/= B. Which means at least one of their statements is false.

  2. You *used* to be a nice guy. Then you embraced hatred and ‘rhetoric’/lying and misdirection and alt-anything to pretend that things are going your way. You’re trying to fake it until you make it instead of putting in the work needed. I hate seeing this.

    • Nope, I’m still nice. You were the one who went off on me and started just criticizing everything I do nonstop. I leave you alone. That’s called being nice.

  3. Just wait long enough and people will not only apologize to you, but come crying to you to promote them. Don’t hold your breath, Chuckles.

    You’re the one who trolled people. You’re the one who wrote a poorly researched hatchet job and called it journalism. You’re also the only one bloviating about how great you are. You don’t get to cry sour grapes after all that because no one kisses your ass or invites you to their conventions. You’re the one who should sack up and apologize.

    • I’m not crying, I’m very happy. You must not pay much attention. But then you’re the guy that wrote that weird blog post about me calling me all sorts of names even though I’ve never heard of you. What’s your deal man? lol

      • I was merely reacting to what you’ve written and expressing my views on what you wrote. You make it pretty clear in your blog posts what kind of person you are.

          • So you’re just going to call names to a person you don’t know on the internet because politics. Got it. Seems to be working soooooo well for everyone who does that to me, doesn’t it?

    • I don’t crave people attacking me. I call it out when they do, then the people who do it get mad as if I did something. That’s the cycle. It’s easy to stop.

  4. Jon, I tell you what, if you can honestly tell me that your conversations with Mike Glyer are about how you’ve tried to be a manipulative troll, failed, and you are sorry, and how you’d like to be forgiven and stop trying to be a manipulative troll, then sure, I’ll be your friend. You’ll need to pinkie swear…

    • I’ve done nothing of the sort. But I’ve talked to Mike just about life, science fiction, fun. We have a fine relationship. It’s not personal. I wish he’d make his articles a little more honest about me, but I get he’s playing to his audience and don’t begrudge. Now that the audience doesn’t understand that it’s ok and we have a good relationship and they flip out and call me nasty stuff is a different problem. There’s some real deranged folk there.

      • His “articles” literally quote and link to the post/comment/harassment/stalking of yours in question. They cannot be any more or less honest you doofus.

        • “His “articles” literally quote the stalking of yours in question you doofus.”

          There, I just Glyered your quote for you.

          Glyer’s definition of ‘literally’ has been shown on numerous occasions to be wrong, as has his defense of them. See Larry Correia’s summer post about Glyer and File 770

          • Hi Sean, an example would be nice. I read his blog and usually follow the links back and have never noticed any deceptive quoting.

            Happy to be proven wrong!

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