Awesome New Swag!

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As you guys may be aware, I’m developing a very cool fashion line to supplement my work in conjunction with CryptoFashion. We have an exciting development today:

First, there’s been a lot of ask for the hat I wear on a lot of my broadcasts, which says, “Make Science Fiction Fun Again. That’s my goal around these parts to make Sci-Fi fun again, and if you’re on board with that, now you can wear the red hat too and be proud. Available here:

We also have beautiful shirts that feature the art from my new banner. Fight the good fight!  Show your dedication to being a warrior for Christ: 

Very excited for these new items. I suspect they’ll be hot additions. Now we’ve got a pretty full store of cool swag. First we have a For Steam And Country book cover poster, which a lot of people asked for: 

We have a shirt with the official logo of the Grand Rislandian Army from the book. Gorgeous colors:

And finally the most popular item thus far, the OFFICIAL Happy Frogs T-shirt. This is for the Happy Frogs, the most powerful club  in science fiction who just launched their recent Ribbit Awards, the 2nd most prestigious awards in science fiction already.

Amazing to be able to get all of this done in such a short time. We keep going onward and upward and I’m still not tired of winning!

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