Our Enemies Can’t Laugh

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Have you ever noticed that the SJWs social media feeds are filled with vague posting about anxiety, depressing, rage, and just general disdain for the world as it is?

To them, the entire world is a dark, dreary place. There’s no hope, there’s no point. Yet they’ll lash out anyway.  It’s part of their philosophy of nihilism, and it comes across in their works. We’ve talked a lot here about how science fiction has moved to be incredibly dark — in the name of being “realistic” — which has caused the genre to lose its sense of wonder over the years.

But part of why they hate someone like me so much is because I love life. Laughter feels good. Laughter takes the pressure off.

One of the best examples is our dear friend the SFWA President Cat Rambo, who, in her infinite wisdom representing the club, lashed out at me several times over the summer. Everything to her was serious, angry, dark. When she said something nasty about me, and I requested “hey, stop it, it’s a bad look” — she couldn’t reconcile my hitting back in a funny way because to her, I am such an abject enemy as just a normal male with a wife and kids, trying to work and get ahead, my identity is everything she hates and loathes.

It was deadly serious to her. So when I replied to her very serious and heavy anger where she actually was trying to actually harm my career by posting in response  a poster of Mean Girls with a very poorly cropped face of hers from MS Paint on it,  she went off the rails. The humor, the flippancy, the punk rock nature of it is what really set her off. She is the president. No one does this! It comes from taking yourself too seriously.

And I don’t take myself seriously at all. I write books about airships and giant blob monsters. There’s nothing serious about that. I’m just a guy loving life and having fun with concepts, and it drives them absolutely crazy.

I’ve got a fan/friend (all my fans are friends! that’s how we roll around here) who very constantly ribs me, sometimes taking things a bit too far, but you know what? It’s in humor. And it’s amazing. Sometimes you just need to laugh and remember you’re not the king of the world (or God-Emperor of humanity like Donald J. Trump who very much is your president, for any File 770 folk reading this). And it’s actually useful to have someone doing that because it takes the seriousness out of it.

If you lose your laughter. You lose your soul. And that’s what’s happened with the SJW contingent. They spent so much time being angry and hateful in the name of their gods of Diversity and Inclusivity, that they lost themselves in it, and actually in the process became less diverse and inclusive than pretty much anyone else in society. If you don’t laugh, you become what you hate.

Laughter is effective. I talk a lot about “the one rule of the internet is be funny”.  It’s true. A lot of following and the like has to do with being funny, amusing people. As artists, that’s what we’re here to do– is entertain. And laughter can be a very useful component in that.

So on this day, I encourage you: remember to laugh. Both with your friends and at yourself. It makes the world a better place.

If you enjoy my philosophy, you’ll probably enjoy my book, The Stars Entwined. It’s got a lot of coming together as humans themes to it, standing up to bullies, laughter and love. A little of everything. Read it here.

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9 thoughts on “Our Enemies Can’t Laugh

  1. That you can still laugh, when all this has happened to you, is pretty inspiring. Of course, you really have to laugh, because it’s absolutely ridiculous. The level of vindictiveness on their part is incomprehensible to me, and yet it clearly exists.

    It’s happening everywhere. I wound up quitting my corporate technical job a month earlier than I intended because of similar nonsense. And yeah, I laugh a lot about it, and everyone else laughs when they hear the story, because this stuff is just insane.

  2. One minor question.

    Is Donald Trump the God-Emperor of all the Beijing-Bots at File770 also?

    Asking for a friend.

  3. SJWs constantly talk about their mental disorders because they’ve seen other people get support for their mental disorders.

    While there are many people with mental disorders who need love and support, these SJWs exaggerate their symptoms…until they drive themselves (literally) nuts. In the meantime, they provide a lot of laughs with just how SRS BZNS everything is.

  4. “I’ve got a fan/friend (all my fans are friends! that’s how we roll around here) who very constantly ribs me, sometimes taking things a bit too far…”

    Why did I just feel a chill?

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