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You may have noticed I’ve been blogging a lot shorter lately, not really doing as in-depth of posts and doing a little more promotion. There’s a reason for that. I’ve got severe tendonitis in my wrists and it’s starting to cause other problems — mostly because of how much I write plus play piano plus do other work on my computer. I’m trying to cut down the amount of typing I do as a result. It’s been a really painful couple of weeks and it’s setting me back on a lot of levels.

I’m not sure how best to continue. I’ll maybe adjust the format a little where I’m copying articles and leaving a little snarky commentary, or finding some videos i like…or may be even just making videos and posting the channel link here for a bit. I won’t stop writing entirely, but this is my least-money-making writing activity, so this is what needs to slow down before anything else does.

Hopefully this flare up dies down and I find a way to work a little more easily again. Open to suggestions (of course I stretch and ice and all that already, but it doesn’t seem to help much).

For now, make sure to back my Patreon. My content relies on support of people like you coming and checking things out– and I’ve always been fiction first. My short stories, comics, and books are all going live on there before they hit the public, some of it exclusive. So check it out. 

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2 thoughts on “State Of The Blog

  1. Oh, man. Don’t mess around with tendonitis/carpal tunnel. My mom got that and it was horrible. I’m not a doctor, but my recommendation from personal experience is get the right ergonomics. Do NOT bend your wrists at the keyboard. Hold your wrists straight and let your fingers drape down onto the keyboard. Make sure to take BREAKS! You need to rest and NOT try to tough it out. A dictation program can help. Take care of yourself.

    I really enjoyed Flying Sparks, BTW!

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