The Calm Before The Storm

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It’s been an interesting month. Finally, attacks have seemed to calm down. I think this is for a few reasons:

  1. Most of the exciting events of the summer are over including Worldcon/my IndieGoGos/ My rapid release of books
  2. The Election is sapping the energy of the opposition
  3. There’s very little cultural news lately to report upon

But that’s just with me personally. Attacks have stepped up today on Bounding Into Comics, a comic book news company that’s been fairly reporting different events, actually covering books by me and others when places like Bleeding Cool intentionally ignore us, it’s no wonder they’re getting hit by the low-tier industry professionals who are trying to shut down speech.

All in all though, I see the attacks lessening all around. It’s a calm before the storm from what I’ve seen. We’re at that lull now where they have seen the attacks just made our platform bigger, they see we’re not going away any time soon, and they’re not sure what to do about it.

Don’t think that we can rest on our laurels. We still have a lot of work to do in changing culture, ending blacklisting, stopping the hate that comes with being a conservative artist. We have the beginnings of alternatives set up in books and comics, but we need to do more. We need to have regular, sustainable releases. We need to have music, movies, video games to go along with what we’re doing. These will come, it’s going to take time. It’s going to take a lot of work and resources. We have to keep going and keep pushing forward together.

We have the ability, and if we stay strong we will win.

Speaking of staying strong and winning… check out my most recent book, The Fight For Rislandia. Zaira stands strong against all odds. She’s the kind of hero we need.

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3 thoughts on “The Calm Before The Storm

  1. “stopping the hate that comes with being a conservative”

    The serial bomber is the perfect picture of what conservatives have become. He’s a huge Trump fan — attending rallies, wearing a MAGA hat, owning a van covered in pro-Trump stickers, threatening people on twitter. In other words, today’s typical Republican.

    Is it any wonder that people of good will and good sense oppose what conservatives have become?

    • And now we have yet another “conservative” who has viciously murdered at least 11 Jews in their own synagogue, supposedly for the “crime” of being willing to help immigrants.

      Anyone who still has the gall to call themselves conservative should be ashamed at the depths they have allowed their movement to sink to.

  2. As for your “reasons” —

    4. Your sales rankings are so abysmal that nobody is interested in anything you might have to say.

    Your Kindle rankings from Thursday:

    Knight Training — #281,386
    The Fight for Rislandia — #315,523
    Blood of Giants — #246,031
    For Steam and Country — #120,613
    The Stars Entwined — #443,284


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