We’re Funded, Now Let’s Secure The Goals!

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Yesterday was a huge day.

The campaign picked up big steam and we reached our target of $6,000, which means the art costs for Flying Sparks are covered!

That’s great news.

The even better news is there’s much more to come to add value to this campaign. I’ll go over the next few stretch goals because they are pretty awesome.

$7500 – The Chapter Covers – This adds nice covers to every book. I have no doubt we’ll get there at this point, and so I’ve previewed them for folk.

The first is by Holly Laing, my favorite webcomic artist who has done Terra for 10 years:

For the next two, we have Jethro Morales, our interior artist’s great art. This one has The Hooded Rogue, a villain featured in volume 2:

And finally we have an homage cover to Spider-Man. As you can tell, things are about to get really tense for Johnny and Chloe:

After the chapter covers the value town really increases.


I’m working together with a lot of indie projects to bring a ton of #1 comics to you. It means you’re going to get a lot of comics. This includes: INDIE DIGITAL SUPERSTARS PACK! All backers will receive digital copies of Alt-Hero #1, Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #1, Something Real #1, Juanpool #1, Punchline #1, Jon Del Arroz’s exclusive unreleased Dynamite Thor #1, The Ember War #1 and  short 8-page Flying Sparks prequel comic, “Hannah’s Story.” More than 150 pages of FREE comics! 


At $12,000, Gary Shipman, our cover artist did a nice sketch of Meta-Girl. We will color it and add it to the back cover. Beautiful art I won’t spoil until we get closer to it.

$15,000 is probably the most exciting of all the close ones — I wrote a short comic of an origin story for Meta-Girl. We will have our team with artist Jethro Morales draw this comic and all backers will get a look into Meta-Girl’s origin.

I can’t wait to get to these and hopefully beyond. We need your support to get there though.

Volume 2 is really great stuff, make sure to back it today! 


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