I’m Blown Away By @VallisAlps

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We interrupt my normal blog to talk about… what i want to talk about cuz this is my damn blog!

I find often that readers tune out when I switch topics to baseball or music, but whatever, this is what I’m into at the moment.

I discovered a band called Vallis Alps. I know nothing about them, and I don’t even remember how I found them (it was a few months ago when I downloaded their stuff), but I’ve been listening to them more and more because their tone, mood, and compositions really reflect what I like to hear out of music — a much deeper, introspective sort of work.

It begin with the woman’s voice, which doesn’t have the normal pop timbre where it’s someone trying too hard to be a jazz singer that kind of mumbles their words. She sounds like a classical musical singer like a Julie Andrews or something, and because of the way she sings, it adds a more intelligent air to what the band’s doing.

The tone choices follow in not pushing general pop patterns. There’s hints of EDM in there, but I actually liken a lot of their feel to the moodier Depeche Mode, or the Smashing Pumpkins’ experimental Adore album, maybe even to some of Aphex Twin’s ambient works through their compositions. I also appreciate the turns in beat changes, because as you expect the songs to continue one way, they often veer another.

And atop it all, lyrically these folk are a cut above a lot of what I’ve listened to lately. The line from the video I’m linking “empty-handed cuz I live in daydreams” definitely hits me right to my core as a writer, as it definitely feels like that as I retreat into my writer shell every day.

It’s amazing stuff, and I really hope to hear them continue. I may try my hand at making music again because I’m so inspired.

Listen to them here:

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