Obsessing Over Youth Is Destructive

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I’ve noticed something in recent days just with our culture’s obsession with youth. All pop stars have to fit within that 16-22 year old range before they are forced into this destructive lifestyle to try to make them “hip” by overly sexualizing them and it further sends them into destructive paths.

It’s designed so these people peak in their lives at 19 and they can cycle onto the next one. Why? Because at that age, people are malleable, they can be sculpted, their images faked to the nth degree, which is much more difficult to do with a 35 year old.

It’s also designed to get our society fetishizing the youth and for those even younger to look up to these people as idols so they move into these worthless, hedonistic lifestyles.

And we’ve seen where that’s led in recent years.

But there’s nothing inherently better about being a teen or in your early 20s than being older. In fact, when you’re older you’re no longer trying to strive for figuring out what you’re good at, or learning a skill — you should have those by the time you’re in your 30s, and if you don’t you’re going to find you’re in trouble.

And that’s the reason you shouldn’t be striving for those ages past. You need to be striving to better yourself in the present to prepare yourself for the future. Those attitudes you had then more often than not won’t be preparing you, because that youthful time truly is about wasting time.

I found from an early age that I liked hanging out with folk who were older than me, because they typically had more interesting things to say than folk in their teens or early twenties.They were smarter, more experienced, i could learn far more from them than I could my colleagues who, I was only forced into social situations with because of the way our schooling system divides up our people by age, a false construct by our degenerate society which is part of the reason our youth can’t develop anymore.

But still, I wish I’d had more focus and more drive back then so I could be on this path of writing now. I wasted a lot of that time, and that’s not something I wish to get back, but it is something I never wish to do again.

It’s an interesting observation, and it starts with you to be able to push the culture by moving yourself forward and bettering yourself. Your metabolism changes and slows, the body breaks down to some degree — but this can be mitigated through diet and exercise (as I’m working really hard to do now). Getting rid of bad habits and forming new good ones is challenging, but that is the end goal we all should be striving for.

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