Fake Christian Leaders Leads To Fake Christian Followers

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One of the biggest worship leaders out there, one of the biggest most popular names in “Christianity” says he’s losing his faith because pain and death exist?

The answer to these sort of things you learn and figure out when you’re a new Christian. Which means this world leader is extremely immature in the faith at best, or never learned what the faith was at worst — which I’m going to venture to guess is the latter based on this mushy “MAKE IT FEEL GOOD!” form of Churchianity out there which has nothing to do with God, but everything to do with hedonistic emotions in another form from secular entertainment.

Choose your leaders more wisely. Make sure they are on solid ground, otherwise the entire cliff you’re standing on will crumble away.

It’s sad to see this in the church after viewing so much of this very same thing in comics and politics.

My only loss in faith is in the American public as I see that there are far too many people too rich, fat, and stupid to really want to pursue truth. Trying to appeal to THAT means these leaders are following the prince of this world, and not the King above.

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One thought on “Fake Christian Leaders Leads To Fake Christian Followers

  1. I’d recommend to you a clarification in terms: “soft, unchallenged, immature followers, lead to even softer, easily crushed followers.”
    The post I read is typical of those with high emotions and little thinking. He’s also a worship leader…not exactly the kind following the works of apologists. Dr. Brown is slightly more solid. And perhaps Marty will actually fall away…or maybe he simply needs a hospital for sinners (read: a faithful church community) to nurse him back to health, instead of the country club that so many churches can be.
    Otherwise, spot on.

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