I Really Want To Catch Up On South Park

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Unlike the coward NBA, Trey and Matt from South Park don’t seem to be playing the game with China. Their content got banned and they left a snarky response to China’s censorship:

It reminds me why South Park really is, oddly, the only pure thing left on television and the only show worth watching.

These guys don’t give two fucks what anyone thinks of them, and they’ll say what they want. It’s odd that these guys who dropped acid and put on dresses to the MTV awards 20 years ago are our cultural revolutionary heroes today, but here we are.

I guess I know the one show I’ll be watching this season.

If you want some fiction that doesn’t cuck out because someone threatens them, read Justified, Saga of the Nano Templar. This is the real deal you’ve been waiting for in sci-fi. Two books in the series out and the third dropping November 1! Read now.

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One thought on “I Really Want To Catch Up On South Park

  1. They deserve credit for this. But they did knuckle under and spike their Mohammed/islam parodies years ago.

    If they thought some Triads were after them or their families, I’d bet this episode and post would never have happened.

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