NaNoWriMo 2019

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I don’t participate in this every year, but I think I’m going to.

Most motivational writing things I don’t love, but I do like things that have tangible goals, very specific sets of what to do every day in order to get things done.

It’s useful, and it’s also useful for anyone wanting to write professionally getting into the habit of having to do 1,667 words per day without stopping for 30 days straight. That’s how you set habits, which is the only way you can produce at a rate which works in the modern amazon era.

Now I”m about 1/2 through the current novel I’m working on, but I think the plan will be to set it aside, as the project is a collaboration anyway. I’ve got another novel outlined and ready to go and can plow through it pretty quickly.

We’ll see. I do have comic scripts needing writing as well, and crowdfund fulfillment to do this month, so this one will be a strange juggling act.

Anyway, if you wish to join me and see progress and the like, my profile is here. I haven’t set anything up today yet, but probably will at some point. 

And don’t forget to grab Glorified, it’s out now. This completes the Nano Templar series and it’s a wild ride. You will definitely want to read it this weekend. 

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