Kanye West – Canceled, Winning, and Changing Lives

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Well then, the numbers for Jesus Is King is in, and it’s a #1 Bestseller. 

It goes to show, that no matter how much the culture tries to cancel you, the one thing you should do is go forward. If you are at odds with the culture, the odds are you are doing great things as the culture is filled with cancer to the point where we need a serious purge.

Same thing happened with my Justified series. I was warned for years not to insert religion into my sci-fi. I took the leap of faith, wrote what I wanted, and it resonated — a #1 bestseller as well.

But moreover, when you are brave enough to put out the messaging that matters, you do more than just make money, you change lives. There’s huge reports that more than 1,000 gave their lives to Christ at a Sunday Service this weekend. This is what Kanye is moving the culture for.

Don’t be apologetic, keep moving forward. They will try to hit you from every side. The left will hit you hard because they hate you and want you dead. The right will get mad because they want you to fail and don’t want the successes so they can keep whining about how no one will change the culture and make excuses about how you’re “not really principled” in some way. There will be bitterness and jealousy. It happens every time.

But there is one way, truth, and light. And He will work through you if you let Him.  Don’t worry about the haters.

Glorified is out this week. It’s already meeting incredible reviews from readers. We go deep into my world’s theology in this one and it turned out amazing. Read today: 



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