On My Way To The Most Important Writing Conference Out There

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Today I’m off to the 20BooksTo50K conference in Las Vegas.

If you followed last year, you’ll know this is the most important writing conference in all of the industry. It’s the ONLY one geared toward helping an author learn to be successful for themselves rather than to try to leech of the teet of the dying traditional publishing industry.

No “hot dating meeting with agents” or “manuscript feedback” or “what’s it take to get published” BS here, just pure business helping you to get your book out to where it matters—readers who pay you money.

Last year I learned so much from this conference and it set me aflame to be doing what I’m doing now. 3 successful crowdfunds so far this year, 4 novels, and more coming as I’m changing my business model to become a content machine. It’s working, every year getting better than the last.

The techniques they teach to focus on business-first are what’s important to writers. Anyone can “learn to write”, all it takes is you doing it over and over, but most folk fall down when they don’t look to the business ventures necessary to sustain a career.

That’s it. I’ll be broadcasting a lot from my YouTube channel, hopefully interviewing some cool people and talking about great industry tips I find along the way. Make sure to subscribe to the channel to see what I’m up to. 


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