Watching The Growth

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November’s been a great month!

I hit #1 again with Glorified. It’s very fulfilling to see the support for this series which I viewed as a big artistic risk.

We closed on a For Steam And Country hardcover edition on kickstarter, which we’ve got all done and formatted, which had two purposes — a market test for book-books on kickstarter, in which we succeeded, and second, to drive traffic to amazon via ebook links on the description, providing free marketing in essence. We also succeeded there.

Youtube following has grown by about 10%.

Bookbub following has grown by about 10%.

Everything is on the right track. And with 20BooksTo50K’s conference last week, I’ve got more strategies to implement and expect the trend to continue into 2020.

It’s fun when everything’s clicking, and we’ve got production going on about the same scale.

All of my comics are getting to the stage where they’re close to ready. Soon the world will see Clockwork Dancer, AI Wars, Dynamite Thor, and The Cosmic Warrior, on top of your regularly scheduled Flying Sparks volumes.

Speaking of Flying Sparks — printer proofs are done. We’re going into production and shipping. Volume 4 is done on the line art now as well, so cooking along.

And on the novel writing front, if you didn’t know, I am writing The Stars Entwined 2 for NaNoWriMo. Make sure to catch up on book 1 here. This is my grand space opera which has a huge universe attached to it. We need more people reading! You’ll really enjoy it if you like my other stuff. 

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2 thoughts on “Watching The Growth

  1. Hello Jon! Just wanted to throw some of my happiness at you! Was writing a review of “The Heretics of St Possenti,” which you SHOULD read, if you haven’t…. by Rolf Nelson; he’s also a Castalia author. I was reading the review on Amz, and ‘answered’ a review suggesting an equally appropriate title for “Heretics” would be: “Starship Templars’ … so I commented on that review:

    “Okay! You wanna read about Starship Templars?!?!? “Justified (The Saga of the Nano Templar Book 1),” “Sanctified (The Saga of the Nano Templar Book 2),” and, I haven’t read it yet but am starting tonight , “Glorified (The Saga of the Nano Templar Book 3).” Jon del Arroz does a magnificent job putting you into the head of your prototypical Starship Templar and his doubts and beliefs and the working out (I assume it’s worked out; let me get through book three!) of the complications of a real life as a warrior monk! So, go read Heretics, and then follow up with del Arroz’s three books! Wonderful ‘trip through space’!!

    I’m a recently admitted Dread Ilk, after some years as just Ilk… so have been buying your books too, to keep you in quills and ink pots! REALLY enjoyed these three: spent the whole flight home last night on the second book! Truly well done! Will write “real” reviews soon… just stealing a bit of time to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed the first two!!

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