Restoring The Golden Age Of Comics

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If folk have been following my social media feed, I’ve started a new project in conjunction with what will be my next Kickstarter Comic.

The comic is Dynamite Thor, which is a character by Wright Lincoln, who first appeared in Weird Comics #6 in 1940. The character lasted five issues, and afterward, not only Dynamite Thor but Wright Lincoln completely disappeared from comics.

Weird Comics was trailblazing superheroes because of the success of characters like Superman, Green Hornet, and The Shadow, creating truly unique characters (some of which were stolen by Marvel later, but that’s another story…) at a time when people couldn’t get enough of pulp superheroes.

Dynamite Thor is one of those characters — so weird and zany that it was probably a little too difficult to relate to for the audiences, but super fun at the same time. His power is he’s immune to explosives, which he uses liberally to defeat villains.

The comics have never been reprinted, and the scans and old issues are getting faded and lost to time.

So my team and I are taking on a project to restore these old comics, make them great again, allowing readers to see these golden age stories in their full bright-colored glory. We’ll be releasing it in tandem with my new Dynamite Thor graphic novel, a modern, reimagined version of the character. It’ll be awesome.

Here’s some of the work we just started to make sure this project is feasible. I think the new pages are going to turn out really awesome:


Partial restoration:

Full restored page:

It’s a ton of work but it’s going to be really awesome. You can see the steps we need to take to get the colors done here in the process. We have 39 pages to do for a complete Dynamite Thor.

It’ll be fun in the new year, that’s for sure. I hope you’ll check out Dynamite Thor and Dynamite Thor Classic when it’s ready!

For now, grab Flying Sparks. It’s my original superhero creation with real herosim and great characters. You can start on Amazon today: 

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