What A Day For Publishing

There are two really interesting books out today. one is Moira Greyland’s memoir of the chilling abuse she suffered at the hands of Marion Zimmer Bradley and lovers, which I’ve been talking about all day on social media, including an earlier periscope, which I’ve uploaded to my YouTube channel.

Second, is Sean Patrick Hazlett has a new novella in a shared universe, titled, “The Post-Apocalyptic Tourist’s Guide To The Mojave Desert” . Sean is a Writers Of The Future winner and has appeared in Galaxy’s Edge magazine as well as on vice.com. Hes one of the hottest short fiction writers out there today. He’ll be joining me live on periscope at 4 PM PST. You won’t want to miss it.  Watch it here: https://www.pscp.tv/jondelarroz and it will be up on youtube later.

Introducing The Jon Del Arroz Collection

I’m very pleased to announce my partnership with CryptoFashion to create some awesome swag to go along with my epic books. We’re working on producing a number of different designs, which will be trickling in through the first couple weeks of  the year. I’ll try to point them out as they go live.

The first item we have is a t-shirt with the Crest of Malaky, the symbol of the Grand Risladnian Army in my hit steampunk novel, For Steam And Country.

These turned out awesome, and I’m sure it’ll be a popular item especially as more books come out. On that front, I’m about two scenes from finishing the first draft of Von Monocle 2, which I should wrap up this week.

I’ve also had a number of requests for posters of the book cover, which CryptoFashion also is generously putting into production. I’m excited to see this cover art in a bigger form myself.

As I said, there’ll be more to come. I am actually working with someone right now to create a map of Rislandia — another item many readers have requested. Naturally these would make for a great poster-sized item as well as having for a book insert. I’m hoping it’ll be ready in the next couple months.

For now, enjoy these items!  This is a big step career wise. If you would have asked me a year ago if I thought I’d have a company licensing my work for merchandise, I would have laughed and said I wish! Well, wishes come true with hard work and great products. Thank you everyone for making the book successful enough to catch their eye. I’m still not tired of winning and can’t wait  to win even more in 2018.

How To Lose A Guy In Any One Of 10 Questions

Everyday Feminism published an article on 10 Things Every Intersectional Feminist should ask on a first date… immediately, you know that if any guy was asked any one of these questions, they should high-tail it out of there before they get falsely accused of a crime.

I’ll note all of the questions don’t actually have anything to do with the  feminism, whatever that is, at this point, but signalling generic SJW topics.

But I’ll also note the author starts it out: “as a queer femme…”  Interesting that these women are publishing and taking advice on dating men from someone who doesn’t even know about the topic.

I did a poll and my readers wanted me to answer these questions for them. The questions are painful enough to read on their own, so let’s go through these as a straight, normal alpha male who these feminists would never even have ask them on a date (which is why they’re so bitter):

  1. Do You Believe Black LIves Matter?  Is a terrorist group.
  2. What are your thoughts on gender and sexual orientation? I’m not gonna be a jerk to someone I see on the street, cuz you shouldn’t just treat people badly, but there are healthy ways of living and there are unhealthy ways of living. Society shouldn’t encourage the unhealthy.
  3. How do you work to dismantle sexism and misogyny in your life? By patrolling thots.
  4. What are your thoughts on sex work? It’s degenerate and destroys relationships. Our society needs to stop getting loose about this and purge it.
  5. Are you a supporter of the BDS movement? What’s interesting is these SJW types are very anti-Semitic while they accuse everyone else of being so.
  6. What is your understanding of settler colonialism and indigenous rights? America won. Get over it.
  7. Do you think capitalism is exploitative? If you are a Honduran flower farmer and you pick a flower and I pay you 50 cents to buy it. You are better off than if I hadn’t.
  8. Can Any Human Be Illegal?  They have to go back.
  9. Do you support Muslim Americans and non-Muslim people from Islamic countries? I support their forceable conversion to Christianity.
  10. Does your allyship include disabled folks? I don’t even understand what this means. Does that mean most feminists pick on disabled people? Cuz it seems to imply that.

And there we go. Let my couple of trolls who like to come and leave angry comments enjoy this thread today. lol

For  everyone else, go support my Patreon.  It’s how I can get you great content every day, and produce even more. My first short story, “Darkness”, is up on the site now and readers are loving it!

Magic The Converging: SJWs Seize Personal Property For Pepe Memes

Yesterday the internet was set ablaze when a prominent  youtuber — who actually  makes his living by promoting Magic The Gathering through covering their pre-releases, events and the like, was banned for life for insulting a cosplayer in twitter. Wizards actually combed  through his social media accounts to “prove” he was not  the type of person they want at  their events, which came down to not approving of his admitted Deplorable status and a bunch of pepe memes.

This is a disturbing precedent for a game conglomerate to be stalking an individual’s social media feed at the very least, but it  goes beyond that in the corporate overreach.  They actually stole  and destroyed  tens of thousands of dollars of his personal property  as well.

There is a version of the game, Magic Online, where people spend money like they would on actual cards – buy packs, buy singles, etc in order to play,  There’s a robust market for these online cards and  the seizure of his account because they don’t like his politics is the latest in an ever frightening big-corporate attempts to hurt the lives individuals who can do nothing about it.

The  youtuber and player is a  bit shell shocked, but he has a statement  here:

For now, the only reasonable thing you can do is spread  the word and no longer purchase or play Magic The  Gathering. Until these companies stop with their social justice jihads, they cannot get our money.

Be sure to support content creators who don’t hate you. Check out my popular Steampunk book, which you’ll probably enjoy if you enjoy the lore of MTG.


Jon Del Arroz Patreon Launch!

Hey everyone! Things have been moving and growing so fast in the writing world. It’s been incredible how 2017 has gone for me both in terms of science fiction and in journalism. There’s so much lined up for 2018 already that I anticipate we’re going to see about a 4-5x increase in output and readership over the course of next year.

So thank you so much for being the first, the people on the ground floor who checked out my very first books and believed in me as this goes on. I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know, and it’s my goal to bring you as much awesome content as possible.

I’ve talked about comics a lot, and several of you know a bit about my past in producing the popular webcomic, Flying Sparks, before delving into gaming fiction and then my novels. Working on Alt-Hero has really got me itching to do more, and so my goal is, in addition to all the great books I’m going to come out with next year, to build up a reserve of funds for professional quality comic art. My dream is to eventually bring you a monthly comic book just like you’d get from Marvel or DC, but of stories I want to tell. Comic writing both allows me to get stories out faster as I come out with them, and to do so in a medium I love, so I’m very exciting.

I already have two books in development with indie authors who are helping with this process, but as they’re collaborators– not getting paid up front — it’s going to be a very slow process as they dedicate what time they can (I love them, they’re fantastic.) I have some design concepts from one of them here:

Very exciting stuff!

Together though, we can push this into a high-quality quick-production outfit that reshapes indie comics. I expect 2018 will be our ramp up year, as monthly we can build up what we need to get the production started on several comics in 2019, and in 2020, we’ll be able to achieve it just with monthly subscription rates. But I need your help.

As such, I’ve spent about a month developing the best additional content ideas I could possibly come up with for you. My rewards system offers a lot, including new short fiction which I’ll be writing for you (some of these might turn into serials!). This will quickly turn into comics + fiction, and Superversive Press has been INCREDIBLY kind in allowing me to use my books through them to help facilitate some additional rewards for you. At the upper tiers, you’ll even be getting early looks at my novels I’ll be releasing in 2018. And these books are going to blow away the ones I released this year, I guarantee it.

So check it out. I’ll be releasing the first short story in a couple of days: https://www.patreon.com/jondelarroz and would love to have you aboard!

Every Proud Helicopterist Must Read this Article

Dangerous.com has a beautiful write up of helicopterism, and its importance to modern day American culture.

Helicopterism, both as a funny meme, and as a grave warning to Marxists, is the recognition that the Communists want you dead. And if they ever come to power, if they ever touch off that revolution they keep blathering on about, it’s going to be us or them. The joke will stop being funny, and will become deadly serious. We will lob them out of helicopters and laugh about it. Watching SJWs, who thought they were tough and were on the “right side of history” flail in the wind, flapping their arms like birds, will be grim…but hilarious?

We’ve started to see shades of this in protests across the country. Many of you may remember Based Stickman, and the joyous occasion when the stick he was named for impacted a thoroughly dense Commie skull. Antifa brought violence, yes. But Based Stickman and his compatriots brought pain in return. It will be the same when the SJWs start resorting to murder, as Communists inevitably do. Then the glorious sound of incoming helicopters will echo in the distance.

Uncle Pinochet would be quite proud, I think.

After Sampling Alterna Comics – They Might Be The Company We’re Looking For

Alterna Comics ran a 25% off sale over black Friday weekend, so I opted to check them out a lot more than I had in comics shops prior (I’d picked up a couple of issues). I picked up their entire catalogue of books from June – October for about $25, pretty incredible given the giant stack of books I received.

This morning I read through a few of them so I could accurately report my findings on the company.  They’ve been intriguing me as they push a lot of cool creator owned content that looks a little different than your average fare — and then the best part, is their books are $1.50. They’ve done this by just printing on newsprint and not on the fancy paper that most comic companies use these days.

Here’s the first hot take: the reading experience of a comic is not any different being on newsprint. 

The colors bleed a little more and aren’t quite as crisp, but for the most part that doesn’t really impact the book. It didn’t deter my enjoyment at all. Now I don’t think a hyper-realistic style that some of the modern books use would work in this, but for real comic art, it doesn’t pose a problem in the least.

I read through at least the first issue of all of their titles that came out from June – Oct last evening, and I found most of them to be throughly enjoyable. The books are all over the map in terms of content, and what’s advertised has pretty much been what the books are. So if you’re into some more uplifting fun stuff, family friendly, science fiction, horror, post-apocalyptic serious stuff — it’s all there. You can easily pick and choose to your tastes or go through everything like I did because it’s so inexpensive. The covers are pretty accurate in telling you about what style or age range it’s going to be in.

Regardless, here’s my quick takes on what i read:

Adam Wreck – Super fun science fiction. A boy crashes a space ship (hence wreck). Cute characterization, good fun, interesting color schemes, though it is kinda odd  to look at and it  makes the art look a little undetailed. It still works well as a story with a lot of fun elements  from space pirates to giant tentacle creatures. I  read  the whole story, and it was good,  though probably  could have been condensed to 2 issues (there’s a prequel story halfway through issue 3 to round out the content). Enjoyable. B

Amazing Age – This is a story about a kid who drew comic heroes, and eventually re-found his work in high school after everyone had kinda grown out of it. He and two friends are sucked into the comic book, where the world is about to go into an epic battle of good vs. evil. It’s really cute all the way through, and is apparently based off of creations made by the writer when he was a kid. 3 issues are currently out and this really put the fun back in superheroes. A

The Chair – By far the darkest book of the Alterna line. this is really heavy dark horror. Which is very much not my thing, so it makes it a bit hard to judge for me on  that front. The tone of the dialogue and the story are definitely on track. However I have to say — the  layouts and the art make it a bit hard to read. Sometimes the lettering really eats up the page, and the art is sparse on detail and leaves a lot of black background a lot of the time. Tough book. C-

Croak – Strange things in the woods kind of horror. Art was pretty nice, and good for the genre. It  opens up in the first issue into something pretty darn interesting,  but it takes awhile to get there. There wasn’t enough of a hook at the beginning of the issue, though there is  by the end. I  wish over the course of  the series there was a little more of the characterization to make us care about the characters, and some more explanation for events. B-

Lilith Dark –  Pretend time Lilith plays at being hero and has great adventures in her mind She goes down a rabbit hole alice in wonderland style and some really cute hijinx ensue. I’d read this before and it’s what drew Alterna to my attention. A+

Mother Russia – I looked at the cover and conceptually based on what I’d thought, I wasn’t super interested. Seeing black and white inside also scared me, but actually, this might be my favorite Alterna comic. A girl survived a zombie apocalypse in WW2 Russia and teams up with a couple other survivors (including a dog and a baby) to try to survive. My only complaint is I wish there wasn’t swearing in it, as I think it doesn’t add much to the story, including the feel, as the dialogue is supposedly translated from Russian. The dialogue comes off sounding very 2017 at those points which is unfortunate. Still the plot and art and characters are wonderful, I love it.  A

Mr. Crypt – This is off the wall comedy, sorta reminding me of a Frankenstein or Casper the Ghost concept. Crypt’s on the run, cuz no one wants a skeleton around, but when he puts on a top hat and mustache, no one can tell who he really is! He makes friends with a rat. It’s a bit disjointed on the writing end, more like a series of shorts than something super cohesive in the first  issue, and i wish there were a tad more story to it. Silly and fun though, so I cut it some slack. B-

Scrimshaw – This book gets a lot of promos on the web and in their advertisements. It’s a future where the world went through an apocalypse and came out the other side, and some strange stuff is happening. I’ve only read the first issue, but it didn’t give me quite enough meat as to what’s going on in the geo-political sense for me to hook into it. The art is a bit confusing and overdrawn, which makes it a tad hard to read. Interesting world, and I’ll keep reading but not my favorite so far.  C

Tresspasser  – Another one I wasn’t so sure I was going to be interested  in based  on  the cover. Nice art, again  maybe  one of the nicer of Alterna’s  but it looked to have a kinda darker tone to it  (and I like lighter tones). The tresspasser, spoilers, is an alien who shows up. It’s pretty decompressed but dang I’m interested in this story. It’s kinda creepy horror but  not shock-dark. Pacing is a bit decompressed and slow is the only qualm with it. Great characters. A-

Wicked Righteous – Interesting Post apocalypse where a bunch of adults seem to have died from a virus. The first issue was interesting and I like the characters introduced, but I still don’t quite get the world, it needed a little more definition to those world building elements for understanding. Could be fixed in future issues but it needed more of a grounding for the first here regardless. Art is one of the better for Alterna’s work. We’ll see how this proceeds. B


As you can tell, the whole line has interesting points to it, and as I said the tone and style were all over the map so it’s a bit harder to judge based on what an Alterna book should look like, so I focused on storytelling elements. I’ll probably continue to pick up their whole line going forward cuz it’s like $6 a month to get 4 books or so, which is ridiculous, and I like what they’re doing.

If you like my thoughts on storytelling, you’ll probably enjoy my book, For Steam And Country. Check it out here.

The Last Crusade: On Compassion and Life

I read an article over at The Federalist today by writer Mary Vought. She brought a very personal argument on letting children have the right to live, as the New Yorker brought forth an article  by  a woman who wished she aborted her child.

Additionally, as a pro-life Christian, you can imagine the frustration I felt when reading a mother lamenting the missed opportunity to abort her sick child. As one would imagine, I had an overwhelming desire to write a response that would refute every single one of her points, making a fool of her arguments and calling into question her credibility as mother and provider for her son.

But, as I read her story a second and a third time, I began to relate to her on the one item we could probably agree on—the fact that having a child with a severe illness is scary. For her, this fear seems to have manifested into anger. She writes about mothers (like me) who choose to give birth to a CF child, “The women who willingly made choices that were never presented to me and chose a child’s suffering: Sometimes I hate them. I also hate the women who were supposed to care for me. I hate the faceless people at the lab.”

The way our culture has been set up, we worship death. Our materialism has gone so far that there are women out there who would rather kill their children than love and support them through good times or bad. This needs to change, and it starts with Christians speaking out on life. God is life as surely as any of His other qualities. Being made in His image, even corrupted by this world is something we should treasure.

As a Christian, my faith teaches me instead that every disabled child bears the same marks of his or her Creator in whose image they are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” meaning with an intent and the Creator’s seal of satisfaction. And every disability has a purpose.

In the Bible, Jesus’ disciples ask him who bears the responsibility for the blindness of a man they pass by. Jesus responds, “It is was not that this man sinned or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.” That man’s blindness had a purpose, and it was to reveal the glory of God.

My daughter’s CF has a purpose—that the works of a sovereign God may be displayed someway and somehow. Time will tell. I suspect that conviction will prompt the same emotions in Gann that her conviction did in me. But is there a higher view of disability? Perhaps amidst all the pain and the sorrow, never to be minimized, that comes with enduring a disability, there can also be the hope and comfort that when the God of the universe created my daughter he pronounced his handiwork good and purposeful.

Mary says it better than I do. Difficult situations and conditions have an additional purpose — it gives us reminders to engage in prayer. Prayer is the most powerful tool in our lives and especially in our death-worshipping society, we need more of it. Paul told us to pray without ceasing, to live our entire lives as a prayer to the Lord God, and the best thing we can do for our children, even through their infirmities, do the same. God loves the sick and the weak, the way Jesus lived his live shows that. Let us do the same.

Cirsova 2018 Kickstarter Is Live

If you’ve been around a bit, you’ve probably seen me gush about Cirsova Magazine. I probably shouldn’t say it’s my favorite short fiction magazine, as StoryHack and Astounding Frontiers actually bought stories from me… but let’s just say it’s one of my top three :).

Regardless, when a new Cirsova issue comes out, I read it immediately all the way through. They’ve got some of the best action/adventure stories out there and each issue has gotten better than the last.

My review of Issue 5: http://delarroz.com/?p=851

My review of Issue 6: http://delarroz.com/?p=1367

My interview with editor P. Alexander from early last year: http://delarroz.com/?p=389

“m particularly excited about Issue #7 because they have a story from Dominika Lein, who you also might have seen me gushing about these last several months.

I’ve already backed this, of course, and I highly recommend you do as well. I know I promote a lot of content I see, but this is how we reshape culture by stopping buying our habitual products and supporting something great. Check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1161542777/cirsova-2018-spring-summer-subscription