Thursday Youtube: RPGs and Writing With Jeffro Johnson!

Jeffro Johnson literally wrote the book on RPGs and writing, a critical analysis that changed my life and my perspective on fiction in SF. The book is Appendix N, named after the famed appendix in the original Dungeons & Dragons, showing the influences of its creators in Sci-FI and Fantasy. It’s beautiful, and the genre is so much more fun and richer than I ever knew before reading this. There’s so much history.

He’s also the purveyor of the multi-hugo-nominated Castalia House blog, which is part of my daily reads, and I’ve guest contributed a couple of times.

Youtube is here. Join us at 9 PM PST on Thursday for what should be an epic adventure of a discussion:


And don’t forget, my new novella, Gravity Of The Game, is out this week. Look for it on Amazon!

Geekchats: Bypassing The Gatekeepers With Richard Fox

A lot of authors have been asking me “What can I do?” when they saw the staggering stats regarding anti-male bias within the publishing industry. The good news is, it’s just the industry, readers don’t have such political motivations with the stories they read, they’re just looking for fun.

On Thursday, Sept 14th, Youtube GeekChats returns with about the most exciting guest in the industry right now: Richard Fox, 18-time self-published author and the winner for the  most prestigious award in Sci-Fi: the Dragon Award for Best Military Science Fiction for his excellent work, Iron Dragoons. We’ll talk Bypassing The Gatekeepers and how you can find your way to independent success.

Tune in Thursday at Noon PST at the link below:

Geekchats: All Things Steampunk with Beth Cato!

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 11th at 12 PM PST, I have a very special guest on for Geekchats, author Beth Cato, famous for her Clockwork Dagger and Blood of Earth series, some of the best steampunk and alt-history around. We’re going to chat all things steampunk from tropes to alt-history to final fantasy and back again. Full disclaimer: I have never received any cookies or other baked goods from Ms. Cato.

Watch below:


Beth Cato:

And note that her novel, Breath of Earth is my recommendation for the Dragon Award for Best Alternate History. Vote Beth here!

Jon Del Arroz:

And my Star Realms: Rescue Run is making great traction toward best military science fiction or fantasy for the dragons as well. Only a couple weeks left to nominate!

Bre Faucheux Interviews Jon Del Arroz – Wednesday May 31st!

I’m super excited to be talking with Bre. She’s got a really cool series of Fantasy novellas called Violet Blake, and she’s one of my favorite youtubers. I’m slightly offended that I didn’t get to be on “Champagne Thursday,” as I’m sure I’d about 3x as fun an interview with champagne, but what can you do. Maybe next time 😉

Here’s the link for tomorrow:


#SpaceOperaWeek Geekchats Special: Space Opera and Woldbuilding with Sarah Hoyt

It’s #SpaceOperaWeek and I’m excited to have one of my favorite authors working in the field right now, Sarah Hoyt, on tomorrow to talk about her Darkship series, her inspirations, what space opera means to her and some of the helpful tricks she used to come up with such a rich and imaginative world like Eden. It’ll air live May 19th at 12:00 PM PST:

GeekChats: Running A Successful Kickstarter with Author Robert Kroese

Robert Kroese has run eight successful kickstarters for his books — something very few authors can say they’ve done. It’s hard enough to get kickstarters funded, especially in the novel writing field. Robert and I will talk the strategies and secrets he uses, along with his current Saga of the Iron Dragon project, and probably a little bit about his most recent release Aye, Robot as I’m a big fan of that series. We’ll be having the chat Tuesday, April 4th at 12:00 PM PST. Tune in below:

Geekchats: The Man Who Makes Amazon Bestsellers Redux

Last week, I mentioned I would have Jason Rennie, editor and publisher of Superversive Press, the website, SciPhi Journal and the infamous Forbidden Thoughts anthology that propelled several authors into bestseller status on Amazon. He is the creative genius of the future, one who I’m reliable told that Dragon Award Winning Author Brian Neimeier has referred to as a “Nexus” for all things sci-fi.

I ended up having strep throat, which curbbed my speaking ability for a bit. So we’re going live this week instead: Friday, Feb. 24th 2016, 11:30 PM PST.

I’m going to pick his brain and find out what in his mind makes for greatness.

Watch here:


Super sick today, laying in bed with a fever, but I did hit 500 followers over on the social network. I love it over there, and want to help promote them. In honor of that, I am doing a book giveaway of a signed Star Realms: Rescue Run to mark this follower milestone.

I’m also going to be doing a beta test of their GabTV very soon for the Jon Del Arroz Sci-Fi Power Hour! It should be a lot of fun and we can talk geek culture together.

For now, get on Gab: . Find me @otomo and my post about Star Realms for details on how to win.

Now if you’re not on there already, it takes some time to get activated. I have 5 invitations to the site I can give out. If you really want in on the giveaway leave a comment and I’ll make sure you get one of those invites.


Living Freely!

I’m happy to announce our next Geekchats, which i teased at the end of last week with one of my favorite game designers (and people!) Mr. Damon Stone. This week we will discuss Living Freely, and what freedom means with author and columist James Poulos. James wrote the acclaimed book, The Art of Being Free: How Alexis de Tocqueville Can Save Us From Ourselves. I’ve read about half of it now and it is one great read filled with both deep philosophy and pop culture. You can check it out here:

The chat will be on youtube as always, and can be watched below: