When The Opposition Media Makes No Sense

Some of my favorite mornings are when my blog gets a truckload of angry comments. It means that not only have I done something right, but that somewhere out there, fake news has completely twisted what I said to imply what I didn’t say.

Today, it was phony outrage about giving out free books to loyal fans, as you might recall I offered yesterday, along with a lot of the top authors in the science fiction and fantasy field. It’s pretty incredible how generous they are and these authors deserve to be thanked. How on earth does one get outraged about that? Well, this is the internet and people make sure they get outraged about everything. The problem with FAKE NEWS, is if the wrong person goes and says “the sun rose this morning!” they will come back with an article that says “WRONG PERSON WANTS YOU TO GET SUNBURNED”. It’s that level of insanity that you get from the fake news industry, which is why you should never trust the media when it references someone like me, Vox Day or the President of the United States.

Anyway, all I could do is laugh at the ridiculous personal attacks in the comments. I’m not approving that garbage on my blog anymore, because I took enough abuse when I called out Marvel Comics for their awful business practices and blackballing, and a fake news comic site completely lied about what I said. Only positivity here from now on. We’re building something together, dear reader, and we’re moving forward and up together.

But the fake news this morning didn’t just stop at a pretty lame twist of my words, they took the opportunity to use it to snark about the quality of work of some of my favorite authors, who did nothing to warrant that. Of course, I’m certain the person didn’t bother to read their work at all, because like most fake amazon reviews, it lacks any specifics. Wouldn’t it be a shame though, if someone in response checked out the list of authors on my blog post yesterday and voted against fake news with your dollars? Think of the triggering then…


Authors Who Care About Fans And Readers

I am pleased to make an announcement on behalf of several great authors in the Science Fiction and Fantasy community.That announcement is: fans, we care about you, and we want you to have a good time. We support your coming out to express yourself in fandom.

A couple of weeks ago, an invited headlining guest flaked on a convention, OdysseyCon. No notice was given, no accommodations were asked for, simply bailing two weeks before it happened, leaving the fans without an honored guest. The Con responded professionally and nicely, trying to work things out as much as possible, but that wasn’t enough for this person who took to social media, and got a cabal of angry virtue signallers to start swearing, berating and attacking anyone they could.

The people who are left in the dust are fans, innocent folk who just wanted to spend a weekend hanging out, playing games, talking science fiction, listening to some authors speak and having a good time in fellowship. None of these virtue signallers thought or cared about the fans. It’s frankly shameful and unprofessional. The fans are our sustenance, readers are our life. As such, I felt compelled to help the readers of OdysseyCon, and spoke with several award winning and bestselling authors to help their weekend, as their convention no longer has an author guest.

The convention did get some great guests to attend: Michael Butt, an independent horror film maker and Brent Chumley, an artist known for Dungeons & Dragons, Legend of the Five Rings, and actually worked by my side on Doomtown: Reloaded. These are both stellar individuals, who are high energy, full of life, and amazing artists. What’s missing though is the literary component.

Not being local to Wisconsin, the best I could think of to help was to bring the fans more of what they love. This is a thank you to readers for being so faithful and dedicated, and my hope that this will bring the fun and good times that has made fandom so great. I present you, attending members of OdysseyCon, a group of free ebooks especially compiled for you, the fan and reader. Because there are authors that care and want you to have the most enjoyable experience possible!

The OdysseyCon staff will have fliers with this offer and a link to allow you to redeem these free books, but here’s what you can expect. We’re bringing you great books by:

Nick Cole – Winner of the 2016 Dragon Award for his Dystopian fiction!

Jon Del Arroz – Your humble blogger and Alliance Award nominated author of space opera and steampunk!

Mike Duran – Horror/Sci-Fi writer selected by Publishers Weekly as one of the best indie novels!

Declan Finn – Dragon Award Nominee for his epic vampire fiction!

Marina Fontaine – Dragon Award Nominee for her chilling dystopian fiction!

Daniel Humphreys – Best-selling zombie fiction author.

Sarah Hoyt – Author of the extremely popular science fiction epic Darkship Series by Baen Books!

Robert Kroese – Bestselling author, creator of eight successful kickstarter projects, and highly regarded Science Fiction author oft compared to Douglas Adams!

L. Jagi Lamplighter – An astounding YA Fantasy Author whose Rachel series reviewers say is better than Harry Potter!

Richard Paolinelli – Eclectic author of many genres, his most recent Escaping Infinity is making huge buzz in the sci-fi world!

Henry Vogel – Author of a phenomenal space opera series.

Dawn Witzke – Debut YA dystopian-romance author of the intense, fast paced Path of Angels!

John C. Wright – A true Science Fiction Grand Master, nominated for more Hugo Awards in one year than any person alive, and Dragon Award winner!

Also included is the mega-bestselling Forbidden Thoughts anthology, featuring incredible stories by Baen Books authors Sarah Hoyt, Larry Correia,Brad Torgersen and more!

Holy cow. That’s about the most star-studded line up you could possibly find, and there may even be more to come. Check back for updates. All of the authors want to thank you, the reader and convention attendee, for your support over the years. We really couldn’t do it without you and hope that you have a great OdysseyCon this year!


Last Day For Locus Award Nomination!

A lot of you have already been super helpful, but do be sure to write-in Star Realms: Rescue Run by Jon Del Arroz for Best First Novel. You can do so here:


I have a few other recommendations as well if you care to check out:

Best Novelette: “No Vacancy” By Bonnie Randall

Best Short Story: “Purytans” by Brad Torgersen

Best Publisher: Castalia House

Best Anthology:  “God, Robot” by Anthony Marchetta

Sci-Fi/Fantasy and all that there are simply too many great books for me to choose. Go vote! I know this form is a bit heavy on work, but you can make a difference as awesome SF/F readers!

Monday Morning Round Up

I had quite the busy week last week! Set up and sold books at Colossus Con in Pleasanton, a quaint con, but a fun one. Met some cool new people, sold a good amount of Star Realms: Rescue Run and had an all around good time. For the new folk who met me this weekend:

  1. Star Realms: Rescue Run was nominated for the Alliance Award! The next round of voting is coming soon, of which I’ll post a link when it goes live. However, the rules are that you need to have read 2 of the books on the list in order to vote on there. As such, author Kia Heavy is giving away ebooks of her book Domino for Star Realms readers. If you want to vote for the award, leave a comment here and I’ll get you in touch with Kia on how to redeem that.
  2. Getting very close on my forthcoming book, For Steam And Country. I want to make sure you get up to date info on the release of that, as well as giveaways. Click here to sign up for my mailing list.  
  3. More awards are coming up. Please consider nominating Star Realms: Rescue Run for the Dragon Award for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy! Thank you.  http://application.dragoncon.org/dc_fan_awards_nominations.php
  4. Wrote a pretty nice article and recorded the Comic DNA podcast. Look for those later this week!

When Hugo Insane

So much is happening today. I had a planned piece that I’m going to post tomorrow instead, as there’s just been too much sci-fi news to keep up with. Even posting my thoughts on the Hugos has already been scooped by Declan Finn, so I’m going to focus on something that I haven’t seen talked about: the raw numbers.

A big SJW virtue signal meme that I see quite often is “this is a real fan” usually with some half-clothed girl in costume or something like that, as if there are roving hordes of people going around telling them they’re not. That’s the fantasy world the SJWs live in, where everyone is a victim, the tired mentality that has made their fandom scenes unfun, and filled with aging faces. While perhaps high schoolers talk like that, the only other people that do are the SJWs themselves (SJWs Always Project, someone once wrote). This is why their conventions dwindle in numbers with an ever aging base, as they actually shun the youth for enjoying anime, comics, Larry Correia, you know, the stuff that’s not “real science fiction”.  These are the same people that spend whole panels at their conventions mocking extremely successful YA books like Twilight, because they aren’t “real vampires“. There was a huge rabid fanbase ready to come into the fold, and they were told they’re not welcome. So they went away. How ironic.

Of course, in recent years, they’ve been telling anyone who’s a conservative or Christian that they’re not real fans, and not welcome at their conventions, certainly never allowed to speak.  And so the Sad Puppies were born, and had a good run for a few years before once again, just like their projecting meme, the establishment behind the Hugos said “these are not real fans” and changed the rules to make it impossible for anyone but their chosen to get noticed.

The Puppies pulled out. I promised you numbers, and here’s what we have.

Best Novel: 2,078 ballots in 2017 vs. 3,695 ballots in 2016, a 44% drop.

Best Novella:  1,410 ballots in 2017 vs. 2,416 ballots in 2016, a 42% drop.

Best Novelette: 1,097 ballots in 2017 vs. 1,975 ballots in 2016, a 45% drop.

Best Short Story: 1,275 ballots in 2017 vs. 2,451 ballots in 2016, a 52% drop.

I can keep going on with the numbers here, but that kind of pull out of an audience is staggering. If this were a TV show or a comic, it would be instantly cancelled. The execs would be using this as a case study as to what went wrong and why so that they could never do it again. Kinda like is beginning to happen in comics right now (but they’re still in the denial stage of grief).

You’re seeing about a thousand less votes across the board per category. That means a thousand less people with memberships than last year. Wow. Note to “real science fiction fandom”: you told about half your audience you hate them and you want them to go away. They did. This spells big trouble for you in the future.

It’s the same lesson over and over, and it’s why I don’t hate anyone who picks up my books. You are my dearest friends, don’t give a crap what your politics are.  But the big lesson is the hubris that big publishing, big entertainment, big comics, big academics, and the FAKE NEWS misses: they think that in their field, the consumer audience is proportionate to the representation of people that they’ve hired. The problem is, they’ve hired a good ol’ boys country club that excludes anyone who thinks differently for nearly 50 years, so they have no idea what reality looks like anymore. Every time I get told “there’s not conservative or Christian artists…” I’ve started to push back. It’s a dirty lie. They haven’t looked. They haven’t hired us. The audience sees that and is pissed off. They’re taking their ball and going elsewhere now, reading people like me, Larry Correia, Sarah Hoyt, Brad Torgersen, Vox Day, Brain Neimeier, Declan Finn, John C. Wright, Peter Grant, Nick Cole, Robert Kroese, the list goes on and on. It’s not that there aren’t any of us, it’s that you’ve gouged out your eyes to not see us. Now you’ve cut out your heart, SJW fandom. Good luck keeping your body together.


First of all, I would like to congratulate Castalia House for trolling so hard, so funnily, that Amazon itself seems to be thrown into turmoil as separate employees keep putting their most recent book up and bringing it back down, as if no one can decide whether they should “punish” the publisher. They’re also due a congratulations for being so effective, that they’re making the typical shill news:


“Amazon Pulls Castalia House Book For Ripping Off John Scalzi.”

Well, that’s one way to put it. The reality is, when you’ve followed this situation since day one, that Castalia House put up a parody, mocking Scalzi’s late book to Tor, with a similar concept below the surface, which they, as an indie publisher were able to produce faster, better and get it released actually prior to Scalzi’s book. Tor threw a fit because their top author was getting made fun of, and pressured Amazon into taking it down.

Then they got it back up, because they were ready for that.

Then Amazon took it back down again.

Over a joke. Only an idiot would have mistaken Johan Kalzi and the “More Asimov than Asimov” labeled as “An Interstellar Science Fiction Epic In Space” as the actual work. That’s the point. Of course, Tor and Amazon want to presume their clients, their readers are all actually idiots. This is a hallmark of typical condescension from the establishment bloated companies that try to take down nimble, independent, competent members of the new media.

Old and busted. New hotness. In a nutshell.

And all they can do is run to their friends in the media to complain about it, as their sales decrease because people are sick of their blackballing and shunning their values, and second their shameful tactics of taking to the media like this and lying outright.

This is the same problem we see across the spectrum. It’s an example, a parable, a metaphor for every other piece of FAKE NEWS you see. It takes time to learn to spot this kind of thing, but once you do, you can see it everywhere. And it is everywhere. You saw this happen to me exactly just a couple days ago when I, your humble nimble and competent independent writer, blew the whistle on GIANT MEGACORPORATE DISNEY SUPERHERO DIVISION, and how their media friends responded.

I promised to teach you how to spot it.

If it’s about Donald Trump or Vox Day or Me, and it isn’t linked or sanctioned by us or one of our friends, it’s FAKE NEWS. They are lying about what we said for some agenda. They may even use actual words out of context to do so, but there is a context to it, and you shouldn’t believe it.

Bleeding Cool’s Attack Backfires Among Own Readers

It’s pretty easy to defend the truth, as I found when having to deal with a smaller news site attacking me a couple months ago. Look at all these positive comments:

Guy hit the nail right on the head… he spoke about them accurately and how everything is going with them

My love of diversity in storytelling says, yes, Marvel (and DC) should hire conservative creators as much as they hire democratic ones.

He’s not wrong and he can’t be any worse than the person writing America. Marvel does seriously need to clean house of the Slotts and Waids.

I say that Bleeding Cool should hire John Del Arroz

Tough love is always most appreciated in hindsight. Arroz said EVERYTHING Marvel absolutely needs to be hearing right now! God bless Arroz

Amen. Enough of the Social Justice League at Marvel.

He’s 100% correct about Marvel and it’s writers and why it’s in the shit can with sales.

I’d love to see John Del Arroz hired just because so many “great” comic book writers at Marvel are just overrated hacks.

#PulpRevolution. What is that? That sounds totally up my alley

would fit right in with some of Marvel’s talents.

Holy smokes.. I would buy 2 copies of every John Del Arroz comic if he were hired. After reading that rant he made, I felt compelled to stand up and salute! Marvel needs a guy like this

Man, how can ANYONE read this, and not want the guy to write to marvel?

And for the record, since they were quite concerned about how my post somehow in not mentioning the great comics writer, Chuck Dixon, was somehow a slight on him: I would totally approve of more books by Mr. Dixon. All the books by Mr. Dixon wouldn’t be a bad choice. I’ve also messaged him personally to let him know I offer up as penance my complete collection of his Nightwing run, in that I obviously was not a true fan enough. I hope he accepts!