First of all, I would like to congratulate Castalia House for trolling so hard, so funnily, that Amazon itself seems to be thrown into turmoil as separate employees keep putting their most recent book up and bringing it back down, as if no one can decide whether they should “punish” the publisher. They’re also due a congratulations for being so effective, that they’re making the typical shill news:

“Amazon Pulls Castalia House Book For Ripping Off John Scalzi.”

Well, that’s one way to put it. The reality is, when you’ve followed this situation since day one, that Castalia House put up a parody, mocking Scalzi’s late book to Tor, with a similar concept below the surface, which they, as an indie publisher were able to produce faster, better and get it released actually prior to Scalzi’s book. Tor threw a fit because their top author was getting made fun of, and pressured Amazon into taking it down.

Then they got it back up, because they were ready for that.

Then Amazon took it back down again.

Over a joke. Only an idiot would have mistaken Johan Kalzi and the “More Asimov than Asimov” labeled as “An Interstellar Science Fiction Epic In Space” as the actual work. That’s the point. Of course, Tor and Amazon want to presume their clients, their readers are all actually idiots. This is a hallmark of typical condescension from the establishment bloated companies that try to take down nimble, independent, competent members of the new media.

Old and busted. New hotness. In a nutshell.

And all they can do is run to their friends in the media to complain about it, as their sales decrease because people are sick of their blackballing and shunning their values, and second their shameful tactics of taking to the media like this and lying outright.

This is the same problem we see across the spectrum. It’s an example, a parable, a metaphor for every other piece of FAKE NEWS you see. It takes time to learn to spot this kind of thing, but once you do, you can see it everywhere. And it is everywhere. You saw this happen to me exactly just a couple days ago when I, your humble nimble and competent independent writer, blew the whistle on GIANT MEGACORPORATE DISNEY SUPERHERO DIVISION, and how their media friends responded.

I promised to teach you how to spot it.

If it’s about Donald Trump or Vox Day or Me, and it isn’t linked or sanctioned by us or one of our friends, it’s FAKE NEWS. They are lying about what we said for some agenda. They may even use actual words out of context to do so, but there is a context to it, and you shouldn’t believe it.

SJW Mike Glyer Doubles Down

I don’t know what this guy’s got against me. I’ve never talked to him, met him, or had any interaction with him. I added him recently after he posted a fake news article about me, when he didn’t even bother to contact me for my comments on some libelous allegations that Baycon made to try to save face.

Soon after his fake news article posted, I reached out and tried to befriend Mike in hopes that perhaps he cares more about science fiction and truth than long-term libelous politics. I gave him a facebook friend request, asked him if he would like to meet for tennis and then drinks, as I was intending to make a brief sojourn to southern California in the near future. He did not respond to that, for whatever reason. As usual, I am friendly, open, trying my best, but SJWs are filled with such vitriol and hate, that they can’t handle a truly nice person trying to reach across divides, even if for the sake of fun science fiction. The only way they will accept you is if you are completely silent and let them degrade everything you stand for. This is why it’s war, and not reconcilable. Nothing matters to them except the identitarian hate. Mike — you should be praising me in the name of diversity!

Today, a new post was brought to my attention. I gave Mike’s very fake news blog the highest traffic for the month of February. He owes readership directly to me and my pretty face which he plastered all over the web to try to besmirch my good name. Like his original post, he couldn’t help but make a negative smug comment about me in touting his site’s traffic scores due to me.

Mike — what’s your beef? There is a huge problem with politics and hatred of anyone who doesn’t toe the SJW line across the semi-pro cesspools that are many local conventions. Did you not read my blog on Vox Popoli about the absolutely nutty level of programming that Baycon’s had in the past? Did you not read the screen shots of their programming director, Susie Rodriguez, admitting that this was 100% political, or in her words “speech based on ideology”? Did you not see their perennial guests– in which they invite for their own awards program dedicated, ironically, to good deeds– who called me names, tried to punish me outside the convention and dropped crazy swear words at me, which Baycon refused to disavow?

I even have the con chair who has admitted the political elements of it in messenger to me. He attempted to reach out to resolve this when the bad press hit them, because it’s big egg on their face, but refused to go as far as publicly apologize for the lies directed at me on File 770 and the behavior by their very unprofessional guests who made this personal. The truth came out even then. We can chat about that for your retraction piece, Mike, whenever you like.

But that’s not why I’m here or even why I posted to begin with. I posted because I care about Baycon. It’s my home convention. I want it to thrive. It needs to change, and instead of looking at their own problems, they came after me through MIke Glyer.

It’s a policy point on my end, not personal (though with how they’ve treated me, that’s changed, which is why I told their con chair Christopher Castro I required an apology from them). I want things to change in conventions and fandom so that we can all have fun together. I even tried to have fun with Mike as per above, even after all of the hate he had directed my way.

Mike, in your dishonest and sloppy reporting, did you ever stop to consider how this makes it very difficult for me to ever attend local conventions in the future? You’ve stirred people up to a point where it would be physically dangerous to do so. Maybe report on the death threats that a long time BayCon guest delivered to me on election night instead of this. I mean, there’s nothing political there going on at all, is there? It’s disgraceful and wrong to post things like you have without doing at least a little diligence.

This isn’t just a Baycon problem. It’s across the scene and that’s why I made a very important global call for change in my original post on this matter. Look at another convention, FogCon, and their programming: . This is another group that advertises science fiction, but are instead devoted to hyper-negative political whining. Their panels, much smaller than Baycon are about 20-30% political and unfun. Mike, do you think anyone like me would ever get an invite to this convention either? Probably just a “rotating guests” situation, huh?

“How Did You Survive The Election”

“Living Between”  (description below, the irony of anti-US culture for a convention that celebrates US culture isn’t lost on me)

Western culture — or at least USian culture — is pretty decent at coming up with labels and categories. Up/down, Black/white, Queer/straight, Urban/wild — we can probably come up with binaries indefinitely. But neither science nor psyche support binaries as accurate, or even necessarily useful, models. Where do we find models or communities that support non-binary options? Where have those of us who are particularly non-binary found models or communities of support? Where and how are our lives reflected in the world around us? How can we strengthen those places?

“When It’s Friends who are Hurting You” (Description Below) 

If you expect someone to be hateful, you can usually handle them one way or another; but how do we cope when it’s the people we care about who are hurting us? Language about micro-aggressions and unacknowledged privilege is available, but how do you have these conversations with the people you’re closest to?

Yikes. This is an epidemic. It’s not fun, and it’s killing our genre as people don’t want to have to deal with this when they’re trying to have fun. Now this group hasn’t done anything negative to me as Baycon has, but the same rooted problem of an intense political agenda that ensures that anyone who disagrees is not welcome. This is exactly why the Hugos had problems over the last years and needed someone brave to stand up, as that award became about political virtue signalling instead of fun science fiction as well.

This all needs to stop. Mike Glyer — be an agent of change instead of an agent of false reporting. And you’re welcome for all the traffic. Message me for my paypal account if you want to compensate me for it.