Never So Excited To Get A Box (Star Realms!)

I found out a couple weeks ago that Star Realms has produced a new storage box through Legion Supplies. The little boxes that the base game comes in barely stores those cards as it is, and so when you sleeve your cards (pro-tip you should always put game cards in protective sleeves, especially if you’re going to play a game hundreds of times. The cards will wear out otherwise!) it wouldn’t fit in there. Naturally for awhile i had them in a standard card box, but then they outgrew that.

Star Realms came out with a box that fit that base set and its subsequent expansions a couple years ago. And that came with the promo card Merc Cruiser and a bunch of sleeves, which is a great reason to buy it on its own.

However with Colony Wars, the United expansion, cosmic gambits… even that box is overflowing to the point where I can’t fit all the cards in it. .

They finally made a bigger box! This one is 500 count, and should last me at least through next year at which point I hope they’ll come out with a double rowed box. It’s also quite pretty. Further pretty are the 4 awesome dividers depicting space battles. Great art as always. Fun stuff.

It also comes with more sleeves (depicted above), which i can always use and finally, the most important part.

A new card! The Merc Battlecruiser. 6 damage for 6 and draw a card, plus it procs any faction you want on ally abilities. This card is hot! I think it’ll be a must buy whenever it hits the trade row. Very exciting.

Cold Shadows RPG

I love RPGs! I won’t lie, what got me into this whole writing game was playing Star Trek RPGs on message boards in the mid-90s. From time to time, I hop onto one of those games anonymously for a little bit of fun until I get busy writing a book and can spend only so much time typing. I’ve also played a lot of tabletop RPGs over the years, including Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinders, DC Universe RPG, Star Wars Saga, Star Wars Fantasy Flight, Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea, among others.

What I haven’t had in my life is a Soviet vs. American themed cold war spy game, until now! Continue reading

Geekchats with Android: Netrunner Designer Damon Stone

Geekchats returns with its first installment for 2017! Last year we started this wonderful series with NYT Bestselling Author, Todd McCaffrey, as well as Amazon Bestselling Author, Michael J. Sullivan. I am super excited to talk about theme and gaming with Damon Stone. We’ve been on panels in person at a convention talking about just this topic, and it’ll be interesting to revisit and see how the importance of theme has changed since that time, especially with the current prominence of Legacy games. I hope to glean a little information on Netrunner’s forthcoming Terminal Directive expansion with that in mind.

You can watch the feed of Damon Stone and me below, which sill stream live on Wednesday, January 25th 2017 at 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. 


Next week, we will have a social theorist who has written for Foreign Policy, The Federalist, Vice and the Week, James Poulos to talk about the meaning of freedom an discuss his new book, The Art Of Being Free: How Alexis de Tocqueville Can Save Us From Ourselves. Stay tuned for details!

Gaming and the Future According to FFG

Team Covenant this week put up a pretty interesting video from a gaming business perspective. It’s a bit dry if you’re not interested in the topics, but they interviewed Fantasy Flight’s CEO Christian T. Petersen about the Asmodee merger last year, what it means, and Fantasy Flight’s direction going forward. I love Team Covenant’s videos, especially the one where I walk in the background at Gencon 2016 because it has my pretty face on it. I’ll let you find that one yourself if you haven’t seen it. The info from this video seems to be from Nov 2016 as there is some dated material, but it’s still worth the watch as it’s been posted this week.  Continue reading

The Final Countdown

This is it! Star Realms: Rescue Run hits tomorrow. Kindle preorders are still up at and I have word that ordering for the physical book will also be available tomorrow for those waiting for that. So excited! If you haven’t heard much about it yet…. well then you haven’t read this blog. But if you’re new to the blog then here’s some info and links. Reviews and interviews will soon follow:  Continue reading