The Final Countdown

This is it! Star Realms: Rescue Run hits tomorrow. Kindle preorders are still up at and I have word that ordering for the physical book will also be available tomorrow for those waiting for that. So excited! If you haven’t heard much about it yet…. well then you haven’t read this blog. But if you’re new to the blog then here’s some info and links. Reviews and interviews will soon follow:  Continue reading

Doomtown: Revisited

Someone asked me about all of the work I did for Doomtown: Reloaded, the card game from Alderac Entertainment that just met its demise for new production. This game has the coolest mechanics, worth checking out on the clearance racks of stores for sure.

I wrote a LOT of words over the last couple of years, including naming some cards, which was pretty fun. Below I’ve pasted a link for every story I did for the game for easy access, and there’s a special bonus for people who scroll down and read to the end, something all Doomtown flavor aficionados will probably want to see.  A gift for trusty readers in anticipation of my forthcoming novelization of Star Realms, coming soon!  Continue reading

Space… the Tiny Frontier


Military Science Fiction or Space Opera has had a long tradition in the gaming world. There are a LOT of crossover fans of both of these things. I remember as a youth I’d play privateer and escape velocity (still the best computer game of all time, I don’t need your stinking graphics or cut scenes! –grumblegrumbleoldmangetoffmylawn-) getting my own ship, trading from port to port, fighting off or becoming a pirate and then building to blow up whole systems. It was awesome.  I spent hours up far too late playing games like that and others like it, imagining myself as a ship captain or pilot through those experiences.

Naturally my reading habits stretched to those strange new worlds as well. I took in anything I could find that had a starship on its cover, as much as I was eagerly finding games that did the same thing.  Continue reading

On Space Opera


Space Opera has been a sub-genre that’s excited me since I discovered the subgenre of Science Fiction at about 12 years of age, when I first discovered Babylon 5 on television. Truth be told, I knew of it much earlier through Star Wars, but I didn’t recognize that as space opera until much later. All I knew at the time was that I loved the sense of wonder and exploration of alien cultures mixing with our own, watching as vast interstellar wars captured my imagination.

What is Space Opera and what differentiates it from other science fiction? Continue reading

Some Trips To Gomorra and a Semi-Announcement

Wow! A lot has gone on these last couple months. Been plugging away at the Doomtown: Reloaded stories, which you’ve seen if you follow my facebook feed at all. If not, here’s a bunch of them for you to catch up on with some brief commentary which you may find interesting if you’re a Doomtown fan, or a fan of my writing in general:

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