It’s #WorldBooksDay!

I found out because of the hashtag on twitter. This is a wonderful thing!

If you’d like to help out your friendly neighborhood author me, I would be much appreciative if you, my trusty reader friends, would share up Star Realms: Rescue Run with the hashtag #WorldBooksDay in order to help further get the word out about this super fun space adventure set in the world of the hit deckbuilding game.  is the link. Go forth on social media and share!

If you’ve already got the book or done that, I can always use more reviews on the amazon link above. We are at 42 and I’d love to get to 50. Even if you’ve only read a chapter, go ahead and tell the world what you thought of it.

If you’ve already done that then goodreads is a great spot where you can easily just click to give it a rating, or paste in a full review if you feel inclined: 

And if you’ve already done that, there’s the Dragon Awards 2017 nominations which are open for business. Put in Star Realms: Rescue Run by Jon Del Arroz in the Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy category please!

Whew! And if you already have done even that, you are truly my best friend in the whole world. I love you more than you know. There’s still one more thing you can do which would be to register for my mailing list. I only use it for giveaways and to announce new books. It’s the best and easiest way to keep up with those so they’re right at your fingertips: 

Thank you friends and enjoy your #WorldBooksDay


Super sick today, laying in bed with a fever, but I did hit 500 followers over on the social network. I love it over there, and want to help promote them. In honor of that, I am doing a book giveaway of a signed Star Realms: Rescue Run to mark this follower milestone.

I’m also going to be doing a beta test of their GabTV very soon for the Jon Del Arroz Sci-Fi Power Hour! It should be a lot of fun and we can talk geek culture together.

For now, get on Gab: . Find me @otomo and my post about Star Realms for details on how to win.

Now if you’re not on there already, it takes some time to get activated. I have 5 invitations to the site I can give out. If you really want in on the giveaway leave a comment and I’ll make sure you get one of those invites.


Love Is A Drink That Goes Straight To My Head

It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. I took the occasion to tell some of my favorite authors how much I’d love to co-write with them on Twitter, but the day also spurs thoughts as to what romance is within the context of Science Fiction, and whether it has a place being central to the story. The late-great, and my personal favorite, Anne McCaffrey once responded to criticism of romance in her work with “everything I write is romance,” which is an interesting perspective to think about in the context of SF. Continue reading

Are You Tired of Winning?

I’m still not tired. Working hard on editing my Steampunk book right now, but I’m gonna take a break to show you this image:

Yes, that is my book, and yes, it is currently selling better on Amazon in Space Opera than BayCon’s Guest of Honor, who has a TV show that just came back to air promoting his book.

We’re #7! I won’t count any chickens for reaching #1, but if ya’all keep sharing, it could happen, which would blow my mind and send a great message. Also will give your friends some awesome space opera fun. 

The response has been overwhelming. So much love, so much friendship. I look forward to learning more about each and every one of you and hope to be your friend for a long time to come! Across my platforms I have hundreds of messages so bear with me if I’m a bit slow to approve/respond.

Don’t forget to leave reviews and don’t forget to vote for DragonCon for Best Military Science Fiction Or Fantasy!! Back to work!

And as a preview, I have a mildly telepathic ferret in the work in progress. I’ll amuse myself if no one else 🙂

Science Fiction Should Be Fun!

A few quotes from around the web this last day or so made me think about why I love Science Fiction and what makes it interesting. As a kid, what made me gravitate toward Sci-Fi was the unknown, staring up into the stars and wondering what’s out there so far away. This led me to follow shows like Star Trek, where we would see different alien cultures, have to figure out how to interact with them, and yes, often times end up having to shoot our space-lasers.

With superheroes, it was imagining a human potential that’s far more than what we have currently, the ability to do absolutely crazy things that we would barely be able to conceive of. I remember Mark Waid’s run on The Flash, and how he took the concept of moving quickly and twisted it so that he’s vibrating so fast, it perceivably slows others down around him. He could read whole books and learn concepts like architecture in less than a day. He could vibrate so fast, he could go through walls.  Those are both really entertaining to imagine, and out of this world conceptually at the same time. Continue reading

Trading in Danger Ch11

“What I have to propose now affects us both.”

I continue with my read through and analysis of Elizabeth Moon’s Trading In Danger.

This chapter is quite the roller coaster. High emotion, high conflict, and a big twist to the plot. I can’t speak for certain, but a little bit past the halfway point, this is where you’d expect to see a turn of events in the novel. I doubt we’ve reached peak conflict yet, which will probably hit us around the 80-90% point, but this leaves a reader begging for more.   Continue reading

Overanalyzing The New Star Wars Movie Title

At least it’s a fun topic for an internet that’s been anything but fun lately, eh?

I’ve seen a couple of major threads going around in people’s posts this morning regarding the new Star Wars movie title unveiled today. One, that it brings back the member berries of The Last Starfighter, which I have to believe is an intentional planting into our consciousnesses by the Disney propaganda machine. Second, the “what do they mean by that?” regarding the last Jedi. Is it Luke? Is it Rey (who is bae)? Is it plural or singular? It also brings back the member berry of the particular line by Yoda, “The last of the Jedi, will you be.”  Continue reading

Elizabeth Moon’s Trading In Danger – The Catch Up Post!

Happy Saturday everyone! over the last couple weeks I’ve been doing a casual study/read of Elizabeth Moon’s awesome space opera novel, Trading In Danger. This is the first book in the Vatta’s War series. Ms. Moon is a master in this genre, and  this series is worth the study for writers and Space Opera fans alike. Most importantly, she has a new book in the series coming out in April which I’m very excited about, and  is what’s prompting this read.

I’ve been breaking it down chapter by chapter, and reading one chapter a day, so it’s very easy to catch up and read along with me if you’d like!

Below are links to all of the posts so far for easy access:










Trading In Danger Ch8

“There are two warships insystem, mercenaries.”

Last chapter, the ansibles were blown, cutting off communication. Ky has decided to take precautionary action to undock from the station and run, in case someone is coming to shoot up the station and destroy it. That decision proves effective, as we learn there are warships in the system, which is told to the crew in an in-ship communication that begins with the sentence up at the top. These Mercenaries have rules, and tell civilian ships exactly what to do, so Ky follows to the letter, broadcasting her whereabouts and who they are, hoping that they will be honorable and not raid her helpless trading vessel.  Continue reading

Trading in Danger Ch6

Chapter 6 opens with Vatta heading to the embassy at Sabine Prime. We learn that the situation between the planets in the situation is much more unstable than we thought. The embassy has Slotter Key residents who require passage to get off planet, as they’d been abandoned before. Ky agrees to take them aboard, which solidifies her as someone who’s both compassionate and loyal to her home planet, giving the reader yet more reason to like and empathize with the character. That there are citizens panicking to try to get off planet quickly tells us how bad the situation is as well, of which is repeated over and over in the chapter.   Continue reading