Overanalyzing The New Star Wars Movie Title

At least it’s a fun topic for an internet that’s been anything but fun lately, eh?

I’ve seen a couple of major threads going around in people’s posts this morning regarding the new Star Wars movie title unveiled today. One, that it brings back the member berries of The Last Starfighter, which I have to believe is an intentional planting into our consciousnesses by the Disney propaganda machine. Second, the “what do they mean by that?” regarding the last Jedi. Is it Luke? Is it Rey (who is bae)? Is it plural or singular? It also brings back the member berry of the particular line by Yoda, “The last of the Jedi, will you be.”  Continue reading

Elizabeth Moon’s Trading In Danger – The Catch Up Post!

Happy Saturday everyone! over the last couple weeks I’ve been doing a casual study/read of Elizabeth Moon’s awesome space opera novel, Trading In Danger. This is the first book in the Vatta’s War series. Ms. Moon is a master in this genre, and  this series is worth the study for writers and Space Opera fans alike. Most importantly, she has a new book in the series coming out in April which I’m very excited about, and  is what’s prompting this read.

I’ve been breaking it down chapter by chapter, and reading one chapter a day, so it’s very easy to catch up and read along with me if you’d like!

Below are links to all of the posts so far for easy access:

Ch1 http://delarroz.com/?p=312

Ch2 http://delarroz.com/?p=315

Ch3 http://delarroz.com/?p=319

Ch4 http://delarroz.com/?p=322

Ch5 http://delarroz.com/?p=331

Ch6 http://delarroz.com/?p=351

Ch7 http://delarroz.com/?p=353

Ch8  http://delarroz.com/?p=356

Ch9 http://delarroz.com/?p=363

Trading In Danger Ch8

“There are two warships insystem, mercenaries.”

Last chapter, the ansibles were blown, cutting off communication. Ky has decided to take precautionary action to undock from the station and run, in case someone is coming to shoot up the station and destroy it. That decision proves effective, as we learn there are warships in the system, which is told to the crew in an in-ship communication that begins with the sentence up at the top. These Mercenaries have rules, and tell civilian ships exactly what to do, so Ky follows to the letter, broadcasting her whereabouts and who they are, hoping that they will be honorable and not raid her helpless trading vessel.  Continue reading

Trading in Danger Ch6

Chapter 6 opens with Vatta heading to the embassy at Sabine Prime. We learn that the situation between the planets in the situation is much more unstable than we thought. The embassy has Slotter Key residents who require passage to get off planet, as they’d been abandoned before. Ky agrees to take them aboard, which solidifies her as someone who’s both compassionate and loyal to her home planet, giving the reader yet more reason to like and empathize with the character. That there are citizens panicking to try to get off planet quickly tells us how bad the situation is as well, of which is repeated over and over in the chapter.   Continue reading

Trading in Danger Ch5

Something was going to have to give somewhere.

Here we get into the meat of the story. I’ve been talking about transitioning from exposition to complication for the last couple chapters, and here we have it! The first thing Ky does here, is confront her crew about her plotting to not follow the letter of the mission – to go scrap the ship – but to find other ways to make ends meet, based on her plan to get Ag equipment for the local system. You can feel the awkward tension that Ky has when she approaches her crew, not knowing them well enough to make a determination on how they’ll react. It’s a marvelous piece of work in emotion, and then the payoff where the crew laughs and admits they had a betting pool on how long it would take her to do it was fabulous. Very human, very engaging. Continue reading

Trading in Danger – Ch4

“A matter of trade and profit.”

This marks the 4th chapter of exposition. We were introduced to Ky’s military life in Ch1 . Introduced to family life in ch2. Introduced to shipbound life in ch3, and then in an interesting turn of events, Ky goes through customs at the planet Beltina. Ky spends some time with a customs officer there and learns of a grievance that the planet has with a rival shipping entity, and at this point, Ky sniffs a profit, seeing if she might be able to make more of this mission than simply scrapping her ship. Continue reading

Trading In Danger Ch3

Ten days later, when Glennys wallowed uneasily into endim translation, Ky watched the strain gauges and wondered how the ship had passed its last inspection.

Chapter 3 starts a lot slower than the first two did. The first two we had heavy emotional moments and disorientation for the character. I hoped that we’d immediately take off into a space adventure that was set up in the last chapter, which we do to some degree later, but the chapter still opens with another scene of Ky worrying about her Aunt Gracie. Continue reading

Trading In Danger Ch2

“Disgrace doesn’t last forever.”

In this chapter we meet a friendly face, Ky’s former flight instructor Gaspard. He lets her co-pilot despite her uncle’s wishes, establishing Ky as a competent pilot as well as someone who is pretty patient and follows orders well. We’re into regret in Ky’s head at this point, further drawing us into the emotion of the character that helps us to relate to her further. It’s a great tactic in Ms. Moon’s writing that displays her mastery of character and evoking emotion in the reader. Continue reading

Thoughts on Rogue One (Trying Not To Spoiler)

I’ve had a few hours to think about Rogue One. I went in skeptical, because Force Awakens was such a Hollywood soft reboot it was insulting to our collective intelligences, as well made as it was, and I was expecting this movie to be a member berries-filled ride as obnoxious as that. Starting as a prequel where we know exactly where the plot goes (spoiler: someone steals the death star plans and they find a weakness in its construction!), it’s very easy to have low expectations on the film, with the assumption that it would be filled with the same member berries that made Force Awakens so disappointing after time to process it.

Continue reading