Jon Del Arroz began his writing career in high school, providing book reviews and the occasional article for a local news magazine, The Valley Citizen. He is the writer of the weekly web comic, Flying Sparks, which has been hailed by Comic Book Resources as “the kind of stuff that made me fall in love with early Marvel comics: an equal balance of super-powered action and personal/relationship drama.” The comic has garnered national attention and has given me the opportunity to speak on expert panels at many conventions, including San Diego Comic-Con. He has had short stories published with Zharmae Publishing and If-X magazine and serves as associate editor of Albedo One Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine.  He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two sons.

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  1. Nice interview on Megahaulin’ ! Will there be copies of Rescue Run available for sale at WWG Fair, or is best bet just to order on Amazon?

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