Star Realms: Rescue Run 


Flying Sparks: A comic about a hero and villain dating under their secret identities, each unaware of each others’ secret lives.

– “Hannah’s Story”: A short story following the life of fan favorite supporting character, Hannah Combs.

Back Row Presents: Short comics with the theme of THE LAW. Co-Written with Brady Sullivan.

“Decision Points” – IF-X Magazine’s “East”:

“The Marshall Plan” – If-X Magazine’s “South”:


Short Stories:

“The Romance Chip”: – Irony of Survival Anthology:

“Monster Mingle and Kris Kringle”: – Naughty or Nice Anthology

Game Lore:

Doomtown: Reloaded by Alderac Entertainment Group – lore, Rules fiction, web fiction, you’ll have to google search this one cuz there’s so much!

Tiny Frontiers RPG by Gallant Knight Games –

The Captain Is Dead by Alderac Entertainment Group: 


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