FAQ For #ComicsGate Concern Troll Spergs

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Q: OMG how dare you call Mike/Ethan/(your favorite comicsgate creator) racist?! Are you an SJW?

A: Why didn’t you harass them and ask them that when they tried to paint me as racist for 4 straight months? If they want to play that game, I’ll play it better. Please go concern troll them, not me.

Q: Why won’t you just stop creating drama?

A: These guys have spent 4 months torching my image to attempt to hurt my business. A few days of posting negatively about them when they talk smack about me is not me “creating” drama.

Q: Isn’t it enough? Let’s just have peace.

A: These guys need to apologize. Again, it’s been 4 months of them torching me with their fans. They are demanding a ceasefire now because I’m being effective in peeling off business from them. As soon as I get the apology — and it’s sincere meaning they ACT on the apology not just give lip service and continue doing the same thing, I’m happy to forgive and forget. I’m a pretty easy guy to get along with.

Q: Reeeeee Ethnostate. 

A: You’re an anti-semite because Israel is an ethnostate and I support Israel. Edwin Boyette agrees with me and has stated stuff, have you lost your mind on him? Why not?

Q: Dude you know that Comicsgate isn’t just Ethan/Mike/whoever! Don’t you know you’re talking about ME when you say this? 

A: No I’m not. Twitter is a medium of 200 characters or so. I can’t do an explanatory thing defining every word I use every time I post or I’d never post anything. You know what I’m talking about if you’re honest, it’s Ethan and his crew who usurped comicsgate for a few bucks and torched the movement to try to retain control.

Q: Why are you so mean to X person? 

A: Because they directly attacked me first. Most of the time their attacks are passive aggressive so they can feign innocence and say it’s not that bad, but I never hit first. I’m very consistent. Instead of wondering why every time I say something, you should know at this point “oh, jon is saying Y about X, X must have done something to attack Jon.”

Q: Why do you associate with X person? They’re a terrible person. I hate you!

A: Stop faking outrage that someone on the internet talks to someone else on the internet that you don’t like. Get a life.

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