Flying Sparks Digital – Out To Backers!

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I wrapped up a lot of the print process yesterday and got word everything is under way, so I figured it was a good time to drop the digital edition of Flying Sparks to backers. Check your email and spam folders for an email from Jon Del Arroz if you backed and missed it.

I’m so excited to be able to be one of the first in our movement to get everything out to backers so you all can read. I never expected the book would get this much traction, thank you everyone again for your tremendous support!

I think the story turned out a lot of fun and I’m excited to be able to bring you more adventures of Johnny and Chloe in the future. We’ll be getting those all ready for you soon.

For now, Jethro and my next project is The Ember War. Jethro is working very hard on the pencils right now (60% complete) and I’ve got 24 pages of the 120-pager left to script so this will occupy us for the rest of this year on the comic front. I’ve got a couple other projects in the pipeline which are smaller — including a full 24-page story of Dynamite Thor, who is a character from one of the quick backer stories that I sent out as a bonus. People have been telling me they love that character and I try to give the readers what you want!

For now, check out The Ember War. It’s ALMOST to its 20K funding, it just needs your support to get there!

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