Stephen King Drops a Truth Bomb And Gets Smeared!

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Stephen King, one of the most well-revered authors of our time, a super prolific guy dropped a major secret to writing yesterday on twitter:


This sent the SJW crowd reeling, of course, since they push diversity over anything. They have requirements for exactly what you need to “represent” in your writing much like soviet Russia, and this is what the publishing industry has become over the last ten years.

Naturally, King was attacked and had immense social pressure applied on him immediately. NK Jemisin — who has won awards because she shakes down the writing establishment over her race — came out and made a bizarre statement that “diversity and quality” are the same thing.

Complete with a personal shame to Mr. King.

Jemisin uses her race in order to sell books, and has not had a release where she hasn’t made it about drama because of her skin color.

The difference is, King is able to sell books just based on the contents of said books. And that’s a major difference between quality and a virtue signaled “diversity” of which they really mean no diversity at all, but every book looking exactly the same in their political leanings. The sameness, the lack of energy, the lack of passion of characters, the complete absence of fun plots, is why these books in this generation sell at a far lower rate than those of their predecessors.

Most indies understand this, and because of that, indie fiction has pushed for quality without checking boxes to force their stories all to look the same. Readers have responded. Just this last year it was reported that indie books now take 51% of the market. The establishment publishing is fading because they’re trying to shame authors into writing what they have to instead of what they want. I’ve reported a lot about this with YA books over the last few years — and YA as a genre is getting stale because there’s very little variation, dare I say, “diversity of content.”

It’s because they’re not focused on quality, they’re focused on checking the right boxes.

Unfortunately, so many in establishment publishing attacked Stephen King that he walked back his huge truth bomb for writing. But this tweet is still live, he hasn’t deleted it. Authors everywhere can take heed that deep down, King understands — readers want good books, not some forced social agenda.

Which is why Clockwork Dancer #1 is such a success. You’d think the Diversity crowd would love it with a Hispanic writer, a female artist, a Hispanic colorist… but no mention from them! It’s almost like it’s just about politics and they don’t even follow their own creeds.

But it doesn’t matter, because the book became a #1 Bestseller last night on its merit of a story alone. It’s not about who created it. We just make great comics. Read today. 

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Hold Me Closer, Clockwork Dancer

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Unless you’ve read my Epic #1 Bestselling Steampunk saga, you’ve never experienced Victorian drama on a level in which you’re about to read in Clockwork Dancer, now available on Kindle!

Awesome automatons!

Gallant gadgets!

Amazing airships!

It’s all here in Clockwork Dancer, the first steampunk comic by #1 Bestselling and Award-Winning Steampunk author, Jon Del Arroz.

The British Empire views her as an abomination…

…to be captured or destroyed at all costs!

Alastair has created a monster, at least in the eyes of the Anglican Church and under the laws of Queen Victoria. His clockwork automaton has the spark of life, but little does the outside world know she has a heart of gold.

They must go on the run from Her Majesty’s Secret Service and evade an evil plot by the man who first invented clockwork automatons–who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the Clockwork Dancer for his dastardly plans.

Buy now and start reading your adventure with Alastair and his Clockwork Dancer! Only $2.99 on Kindle! About 60% of the price of a Marvel or DC digital comic!


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Former SFWA Leader Viciously Attacks Recently Deceased Author

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SFWA has been quite the embattled organization. The Science Fiction Writers of America have tarnished the great name of their writers’ guild over the last several years, refusing admission to popular authors over political affiliation, targeting their own members when their awards received nominations their leadership didn’t like, and of course a famous incident where their former president, Cat Rambo, defended a known pedophile for their actions against their victim.

It’s been an absolute travesty, but this is the end result of social justice taking its hold and wringing the neck of sanity until there is none left.

Yesterday, SFWA’s former communications director, Jaym Gates, attacked the venerable Mike Resnick, one of sci-fi’s most awarded and highly-regarded authors with a nasty post on her facebook page, attempting to demean his legacy with unsubstantiated attacks of “sexism” and ‘harassment” much like these types always do for attention, bizarrely rambling about “white men”. The full post is here:

Insane ramblings at best, malicious at worst as Resnick passed away after a long battle with health problems this last week, and his widow just put up a GoFundme to try to cover some of the medical expenses which she’d incurred and inherited over the last year. Tragic.

But everything she speaks to is also complete nonsense. Resnick never did anything other than to say SFWA shouldn’t be playing identity politics with their club — their intention is supposed to be to FURTHER the careers of professional authors and provide a network for each other.

As SFWA’s usefulness has declined in the internet age, they’ve been reaching out and causing controversy in an attempt to stay relevant, but fewer and fewer members of the professional community are active within the club as they’re more prone to spend their resources working for nonsense like this, than to actually help authors.

Gates herself has a long history of harassing male authors. Last year, she targeted another fan-favorite and award winner, John Ringo, false-flagging him for harassment with unsubstantiated claims and actually getting him removed as a guest from a convention because of her loud protests, when it turned out he didn’t do anything of the sort, and when she was pressed for details, she stated the only thing he did was say something that triggered her while he was on a panel.

She’s attempted to ruin the lives of authors, and it seems the reason she pushes against them is identity — she picks white, male targets in order to try to make a name for herself among identarian terrorists.

This woman obviously has problems interacting in normal society, and that SFWA puts people like this in leadership positions speaks volumes of the organization.

Mike Resnick is owed a direct apology officially from SFWA for the way he’s been treated by their extremist agitators within the club. It would be the right and stand up thing to do to make sure we can celebrate the life of this man who did so much for the community, and worked so hard by being one of the most prolific authors of our time, a true inspiration.

If you liked Resnick’s work, check out Justified: Saga of the NanoTemplar. His style and work ethic were an inspiration to me, and I’m glad I got to meet and shake his hand last year at LibertyCon before he passed.

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Spider-Girl Complete Collection Volume 3 Announced!

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Via Amazon, the 3rd volume of the greatest comics series of all time by Grand Master of Comics Writing Tom DeFalco and astounding artists Pat Olliffe and Ron Frenz will be hitting stands.

According to the site, this collects issues #33-50 of the series, with a release date of August 11th, 2020.

The only collected editions so far of Spider-Girl come in the form of small “Digests” with the last edition, Volume 12, collecting up through issue #72. The series, however, famously hit 100 issues — almost unheard of for a spinoff character — due to its popularity with fans and constant letter-writing campaigns by the Spider-Girl faithful.

Amidst even more letter writing, the series was relaunched as Amazing Spider-Girl and Spectacular Spider-Girl respectively, both of which did not last nearly as long, and concluded with shorts which only appeared online and finally a “The End” issue.

I’m hoping the Marvel complete collections will COMPLETE Spider-Girl and not be canceled midway through. They seem to be coming out annually, and at this rate of amount of issues in a volume, we will need 4-5 more volumes to 100% complete the series (depending on if they put in the crossover MC2 Universe events in), which means the series would be fully collected in 2024 or 2025. So far they have not collected the tie-in miniseries of Darkdevil and The Buzz in these Complete Collections which revealed crucial character elements of recurring characters in the Spider-Girl universe.

I’ll also note that amazon has a $44.95 price tag for this collection, up from the prior two volumes at $39.99.  WIll this be a new normal for Marvel collected prices?

The image on amazon which you can preorder the book here: 

Not sure if this will be the cover art but no logo or title has been placed on here yet.


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Collecting Marvel Epic Collections

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If you watch my YouTube or see me talk on social media, you know I don’t read a lot of modern comics, but spend most of my reading time on the silver age Marvel material.

Thankfully, Marvel has put these out in easy to digest collections of about 25 issues each in the form of the Epic Collections.

The books don’t all come out in order, so there’s no pressure to start from anywhere, but they focus on getting the Stan Lee stuff out and then interesting runs which haven’t been collected elsewhere. So you can get a wide breadth of reading of superhero material from when it was great, before EVENT FEVER took over everything and made a jumbled mess where the books can’t really tell their own stories that have any meaning anymore.

I’ve really enjoyed them so far, to the point where I only have 7 left to purchase to be 100% up to date on the line. Going through and reading has been a joy this last year so I just want to share a bit of the information.

Some of the books ARE out of print, which makes it a little difficult, but Marvel has stated that at least the Book 1s will always be reprinted, allowing folk to come in and check things out.

My highest recommendation so far:

  • Stan Lee era Amazing Spider-Man (Vols 1-4 are out)
  • Moon Knight (Vols 1-3 are out)
  • Stan Lee era Thor (Vols 1-5 complete it)
  • Stan Lee era Fantastic Four (Vols 1-4 are out)
  • Iron Fist (One Volume is out)

Really good stuff and of course there’s a lot to explore and a lot for everyone.

If you like the old school vibe of comic and the way that individual issues told their own story while building something bigger, you’ll enjoy Flying Sparks. I aimed to recapture that feel of the silver age through the 1980s, and readers say I captured it. Start with issue 1 available on Amazon now.

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RIP Mike Resnick

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I’m very sad to have to report that Mike Resnick, one of science fiction and fantasy’s great modern pulp writers, has passed.

He’d been struggling with his health for awhile, and there was a gofundme posted to raise money since he missed most of last year’s writing due to his health complications, but no doubt he is one of the greatest influences on the genre today.

I stumbled across Mike Resnick with his weird west series about a decade ago, which was fantastic. Not only was he a great writer, he was a wonderful editor, bringing back pulp sensibilities to short fiction with his Galaxy’s Edge magazine, which published a lot of friends of mine.

I got to meet him briefly at LibertyCon, and was very honored to be able to shake his hand.

If you go look at his catalogue, he is an inspiration with how hard of a worker her was, and how much he was able to output. I hope his family is well and will pray for them during these times, and also urge everyone else to as well.

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