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Light on time today and trying to get all my work in and still get the stream going. I’ll implore you to watch and subscribe to the Lunch Stream. Today I’ll talk with John Trent from Bounding Into Comics about their facebook page ban:


and on Wednesday, we have special guest AJ Cortes, men’s fitness guru and life coach, a guy with a huge reach, over 19,000 subscribers to his newsletter.

A subscribe is just a click, costs nothing, and we’re edging in on the 1,000 mark which will allow me to monetize the channel. Very important! Hit the button today!


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Why is Milo A Pokemon Villain?

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I could chalk it up to coincidence, but Milo Yiannopoulos got his original ban from twitter, and huge propelling to the mainstream by beefing with Hollywood. We all remember Leslie Jones and the awful Ghostbusters remake, and how his criticism of the movie sent Twitter (and her) off the rails?

Well, Hollywood’s gotten their revenge by making Milo into a Pokemon villain in Detective Pikachu:

Pokemon Villain:


Not only is the resemblance uncanny in appearance, but the character has much the same mannerisms, has the British accent and everything.

A nice little bit of social engineering coming the same week that Facebook banned him. Another coincidence, I’m sure.

It’s definitely not coincidence that folk are loving The Adventures of Baron Von Monocle. The books keep selling and For Steam and Country just got its 125th review from readers! For a book to have this many reviews and to be so highly rated is very rare, and the series only gets better from here. Check them out and catch up today! 

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The Balance Of Cheesy Preaching And Keeping It Real

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Had a great discussion with Morgan Busse on the lunch stream yesterday about writing as a Christian writer.

So many of us move into this space where it seems like we’re supposed to write super cheesy stuff in order to get our Christian message across. But the message of Christ is anything but cheesy. Have you read the Bible? It’s got action, it’s got sex, it’s got darkness, it’s got light, but it also has the message oof hope of deliverance from our sins if we just give ourselves to God.

And that’s the type of thing we have to capture with effective fiction as Christians. The truth and the light while presenting our work in a realistic manner.

But we shouldn’t fall into the world’s trap of telling us to be “apolitical” or “not religious.” That’s Satan talking to us so we can’t get our message out while the enemy pushes his message all of the time, in every medium, through our wicked entertainment industry.

It comes down to perfecting and mastering the craft and not being lazy about it.

If you want to see how good fiction is done which can have some elements of truth yet maintain their fun, read Make Science Fiction Fun Again, my short fiction collection with a vast array of different stories. Many of those show you exactly how it’s supposed to be done with striking the balance.


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Guard Training Now Out On Audio!

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The moment’s finally here! The sequel to my first #1 Bestseller on Amazon is available on audio.

You can get the book for an Audible credit and continue your Rislandian adventure.

Spies and traitors everywhere!

Apprentice Knight James Gentry is used to a life of travel and adventure, but now he’s been assigned to stand guard for Princess Reina. Tensions mount with King Malaky, as James can’t keep his eyes—or hands—off the beautiful princess. To make matters worse, the Wyranth have discovered the location of the king’s retreat, and they’re coming to assassinate Rislandia’s royal family.

James must keep his heart in check as Princess Reina’s passions steam up for him in return. Negotiations for crucial aid to the kingdom could depend on Reina’s hand in marriage to another man. With his heart and the kingdom at stake, can James perform his duty for his country?

Read the follow up to the summer’s #1 Amazon Bestseller, “Knight Training”, and enjoy another tense steampunk tale of romance, betrayal, and knighthood.

Book 3, Spy Training, will be out soon.

Get it today and catch up!  


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Bounding Into Comics – DEPLATFORMED

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Facebook isn’t just going for the high profile names, but a small entertainment news site that posts articles running contrary to mainstream narratives, one that makes a big push in promoting independent comics and films, has been removed from its 325,000+ following facebook page. They’re censoring even entertainment news.

The page was just deleted. They have no information given, no reason provided.

Facebook is going too far. It’s time to get off the platform and give it up. It’s not helpful, and the site is actively trying to destroy all of us in advance of the 2020 election.

I’ll be interviewing John Trent from Bounding Into Comics on Friday on the Lunch Stream, subscribe here:

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Have An LGBT Sandwich

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A business made the mistake of trying to pander to the SJW nutjobs by making a Lettuce, Guac, Bacon, Tomato, sandwich and naming it such for a pride parade. Not only that, but the business is even donating money to their cause (which I’m not even sure what the cause is anymore, as these parades are nothing more than an excuse for people to drink and do drugs and take to the streets in such states).

Naturally, SJWs lost their minds rather than accepting the gesture, because these are not sane people seeing someone trying to help them, but they’re OUTRAGED, OUTRAGED I TELL YOU, that such letters be reduced to a dehumanizing sandwich!

” ‘I felt so enraged I left. Basically equating us to a sandwich? Can’t imagine them doing this with other marginalised groups.’ “

No, this isn’t parody, this is a real story.

It just goes to show how crazy the SJWs have gone all around. They’ll be enraged about anything you do or anything you don’t do. Your identity is all that matters to them.

I guess sandwiches are offensive now.

This nuttiness infesting Science Fiction is why we need to Make Science Fiction Fun Again. I’ve come out with a collection of short stories that will offend ALL your SJW acquaintances. Because it’s fun. And we’re not allowed to have fun. Read it here.

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