Moar Comic Booksssssss!!!

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An unscheduled release. I started tooling around to figure out how to print-on-demand stuff on my own, so I present to you: Flying Sparks #0!

These are early stories of Meta-Girl, one off shorts which are very fun. It includes:

“Meta-Girl: Origin”

“Hannah’s Story”

“Dynamite Thor”

And several character bios of the main characters and our supporting cast.

These are the digital stretch goals for the first three campaigns of Flying Sparks — but it’s the first time these have seen print.

If you haven’t picked up yet, now’s the time. It’s a good little intro vignette into the universe too.

Hope you’ll enjoy! 

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Kanye West – Canceled, Winning, and Changing Lives

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Well then, the numbers for Jesus Is King is in, and it’s a #1 Bestseller. 

It goes to show, that no matter how much the culture tries to cancel you, the one thing you should do is go forward. If you are at odds with the culture, the odds are you are doing great things as the culture is filled with cancer to the point where we need a serious purge.

Same thing happened with my Justified series. I was warned for years not to insert religion into my sci-fi. I took the leap of faith, wrote what I wanted, and it resonated — a #1 bestseller as well.

But moreover, when you are brave enough to put out the messaging that matters, you do more than just make money, you change lives. There’s huge reports that more than 1,000 gave their lives to Christ at a Sunday Service this weekend. This is what Kanye is moving the culture for.

Don’t be apologetic, keep moving forward. They will try to hit you from every side. The left will hit you hard because they hate you and want you dead. The right will get mad because they want you to fail and don’t want the successes so they can keep whining about how no one will change the culture and make excuses about how you’re “not really principled” in some way. There will be bitterness and jealousy. It happens every time.

But there is one way, truth, and light. And He will work through you if you let Him.  Don’t worry about the haters.

Glorified is out this week. It’s already meeting incredible reviews from readers. We go deep into my world’s theology in this one and it turned out amazing. Read today: 



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NaNoWriMo 2019

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I don’t participate in this every year, but I think I’m going to.

Most motivational writing things I don’t love, but I do like things that have tangible goals, very specific sets of what to do every day in order to get things done.

It’s useful, and it’s also useful for anyone wanting to write professionally getting into the habit of having to do 1,667 words per day without stopping for 30 days straight. That’s how you set habits, which is the only way you can produce at a rate which works in the modern amazon era.

Now I”m about 1/2 through the current novel I’m working on, but I think the plan will be to set it aside, as the project is a collaboration anyway. I’ve got another novel outlined and ready to go and can plow through it pretty quickly.

We’ll see. I do have comic scripts needing writing as well, and crowdfund fulfillment to do this month, so this one will be a strange juggling act.

Anyway, if you wish to join me and see progress and the like, my profile is here. I haven’t set anything up today yet, but probably will at some point. 

And don’t forget to grab Glorified, it’s out now. This completes the Nano Templar series and it’s a wild ride. You will definitely want to read it this weekend. 

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Praise The Lord – Glorified Is Here!!!

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After a crazy couple of days of frantic emails, Glorified is live again!

it’s almost like it went to the grave and came back a more perfect being. It couldn’t be more thematic.

As you may be aware, Justification, Sanctification, and Glorification are part of the salvation process we go through as Christians, and this is exactly the arc I presented for my Templar character Drin as he goes through his struggles.

One reader reviewed already on BookBub: “This one I see a new man with his faith in tact. He finely understands what his God has been working forward to with him. Now the harbinger has been born.”

This was the hardest of the series to write as I had to stretch my imagination. Glorified goes into wholly uncharted territory fiction-wise and makes this series a completely genre redefining statement.

If you’ve been waiting for the whole series, now’s the time.

I’m very very very honored and happy to have you all as readers. Usually when a book gets hidden like this, pre-orders go away ,people do NOT come back. It looks like we’ve gotten most of those numbers back overnight from people who ordered before. This is truly a blessing and something to praise God for as I put so much work into this series.

Unfortunately, Amazon has de-coupled Glorified from the regular series — it doesn’t even realize it’s a new release. So despite being the #1 New Release right now, it does not show up on the charts for such (weird!).  The hijinks are really hurting its discoverability so I need the word of mouth to spread as much as possible.

Justified begins the actual series here. This is where to start if you haven’t already. (the glorified link lower on the page does not currently work).

Sanctified, book 2, if you need to catch up.

Glorified Is here.  

Also for those who wanted signed hardcovers of my Steampunk series, there’s about 5 hours left as of this posting to back. Going to get these out in time for Christmas so grab now!

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Glorified Is Still Being Held Up By Amazon – But We Have Momentum!

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There’s so much going on right now on the back channels that I can’t tell you about right now but I want to blast out. I don’t want to mess up the end goal which is getting the ebook back up so you can read it.

Long story short is we are bogged down in bureaucracy and there’s a lot of contradictory things being told to us. Once everything’s settled or I get the go ahead from the publisher I’ll say more.

For now, stay tuned. Glorified is a beautiful work which is all about shedding our earthly ambitions, even our bodies, that we may be made pure in the Lord God. It’s going to be worth the wait — or probably even better, getting a physical copy.  

Otherwise, get on my Patreon! Subscribers get all my work early, and so much exclusive content is on the way. I’ve not yet begun to work!

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Amazon CANCELS Two Christian Books – No Explanation!

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What a week. I wake up this morning to find out that my e-book of Glorified was cancelled by Amazon — with all pre-orders cancelled along with it.

As this was my biggest series to date those returns hurt pretty badly.

But it gets worse. It didn’t just happen to Glorified, they also hit Declan Finn’s upcoming release, Deus Vult — both books with heavy traditionalist Christian themes. I can’t believe this is a coincidence to have happened at the same time.

This has happened in our circles before. Just a couple of weeks ago Yakov Merkin had his Amazon ad censored. We know this has happened to Vox Day and Castalia House with several books.

What’s happening?

My publisher is getting a runaround right now. He’s lighting up the customer service phones and emails trying to get anything done. One employee told him if this gets resolved the pre-orderers will get a “link” to purchase new ones emailed to them — which we’ll see if that happens and if it gets the same amount we had before. We’ll see. There’s no clear answer right now nor commitment to any remedy.

Someone showed me this, where Amazon can make up its “Terms of Service” on demand. Did they just decide rules apply to me and Declan that don’t apply elsewhere?

But with two books from two different authors hit, both on the radar of the the cultural thought police, and both with very clear message-based books, it looks like some employee tried to take censorship into their own hands to make sure our truth doesn’t get distributed.

Fortunately, the first two books are up still in the series. But to be safe, it’s probably best to get through the Silver Empire direct store and not Amazon for now. Through Silver Empire, we can guarantee distribution. I’m glad we have this as a backup. Here’s the links:

Book 1: Justified

Book 2: Sanctified

Book 3: Glorifited. (The one Removed From Amazon – you can get it now ahead of release date)

Declan Finn’s Censored book, Deus Vult.

And my cover for my censored book. Did this really trigger them that much?

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Announcing Weekend Worship

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If you haven’t seen, I’ve been quite moved by the Spirit all weekend and motivated like I’ve never been before as I see the culture shifting right before my eyes.

And so I want to start something new, since the whole theme of Christianity is rebirth and creation, this is what we’re called to do.

My plan is to have a weekend worship group, that meets the 2nd Sunday of every month, starting November10th at 7 PM. We’ll be spending about an hour hanging out, communing, and praising the Lord through song.

Bring your instruments, your shakers, your tambourines, you voices and lift up praises to the Most High King.

The plan is to do about 30-45 minutes of music just pure worship, people can hang out, we can pray for folk who need it, you can stay and fellowship or go home after, whatever is convenient for you.

It’ll be at my home, which I’m going to open up to anyone who wants to come. All are welcome and I hope you’ll join us. I’m in the east San Francisco bay area for those who aren’t aware. Ping me via email at jdaguestposts at gmail . if you’re interested and local.

Those who aren’t might think: how does this apply to me then?

I’ll leave you with a challenge — start your own group. Let’s do this across the world and have our worship going in tandem to praise God and start changing the world. Open your homes to the local community, show the Glory of Christ through song and love.

That’s all for now! I’m practicing my gospel piano and singing this morning:

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Jesus Is King Review – First Impressions #NewKanye

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I’ve listened through the new Kanye West album once, and of course fast content is king of media as much as Jesus is King of this reality, so I’ll post up real quick my thoughts:

this is absolutely brilliant.

People are flabbergasted online already as they couldn’t believe Kanye would make a real gospel album, but he did it. And it’s got deep thoughts, all over the map, not just your mom’s cheesy Christian music. It’s also filled with the great production you’d expect from a Kanye West Album.

Filled with great dark keyboards and his amazing chior, it’s really something beautiful and different like I’ve never heard before.

It opens up with a pure gospel choir over fancy piano in “Every Hour” before getting into deep thoughts with “Selah”.

“Follow God” feels the most like a traditional Kanye track with the most rapping he does on the album, and Lyrics that are very much in tune with the title.

“Closed On Sunday” is literally a song about Chik Fil A. Epic Kanye trolling mixed with some more praise verse.

“On God “and “Everything We Need” are solid Gospel songs. The second is a bit odd as it’s a bit out of Kanye’s vocal range and he struggles on it a bit, odd he went with this key but it mostly works. The song carries when his voice won’t.

“Hands On” features some vocoded vocals and is not my favorite track.

“Use The Gospel” features the rappers Clipse with KENNY G. And honestly, it’s the best song. I love it.

“Jesus is Lord” is a coda that’s only about 30 seconds.

Overall, it’s brilliant. I don’t know if I like it more than KIDS SEE GHOSTS last year, but it’s so fresh and different I’m happy to see the artistic development.

If you appreciate the blog, or my content, support my Patreon. It helps me deliver more and I’ll be providing a lot of exclusives soon!


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Reporters Are There To Cause Drama, Not Report The News

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There’s a new “controversy” going on, this time surrounding the Houston Astros. It’s another lesson in the media these days — that all of these “journalists” or “reporters” or whatever you want to call them are actually blood-sucking parasites trying to get under the skin of successful people and tear them down.

The backstory is one of the Houston Astros’ relief pitchers has an accusation of domestic abuse. I’m not looking into the story and that’s irrelevant to the situation here.

The story is that three “reporters” — all women — went in and wore charity bracelets to “raise awareness” and flaunted them, asking questions about domestic abuse and trying to harass the staff and this pitcher during a time where they’re all stressed, trying their hardest for victory, in an effort to distract them and tear them down.

An Astros executive of course is annoyed with them, because his team has a job to do and these “reporters” trying to force a story where there isn’t one, and make themselves a part of the news by creating drama, are detracting from their jobs.

Now apparently everyone’s “outraged” because after Osuna gave up a 2-run homer, but the Astros won anyway, and these reporters tried to shake Osuna’s confidence more in a time that he needed his team to rally around him for the next round, the executive allegedly said within earshot: “Thank God we got Osuna! I’m so fucking glad we got Osuna!”

That’s it.

He wasn’t bragging reporters, it was in the clubhouse after they WON THE PENANT, and all were celebrating. And the reporters wanted to take away form that situation and force some fake news.

The fake news is he went on “a profanity laden rant” to create a picture that he hounded these reporters, harassed them, etc. When he was trying to get them to go away and ignore them while they were harassing his player, is the truth of the matter.

All of the media picked it up, the commissioner of baseball says he’s “disappointed” — which is a pointless corporate speak platitude meaning no action will be taken because this is pointless, but the media did everything they could to try to get this executive fired and the pitcher along with him.

That was their intention the whole time, it’s clear, and it’s disgusting.

This is what they do. They bait. They brand the topic. They lie. Every time.

The good news is, this executive knows better than to apologize. He has written off the whole story and called it for the nonsense it is.

It’s the only way to handle these media types. They are evil. If I were the Astros, I would revoke their press passes and never let them in the clubhouse again. Why would they want that going on when they have a world series to play?

The fake news tried to destroy me on several occasions in science fiction and comics. I give them birds like I’m Oprah handing out cars. That’s the only way to handle them. Support people who aren’t going to back down to fake news intimidation. Read my new book The Iron Wedding today. 

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