The Corporate Is Not The End-All

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I was so refreshed to see a tweet by writer Rick Remender last night which showed a sea change in the way things are being run at these big corporate entertainment companies.

Remender is a popular writer of the series Deadly Class, and of course, had quite a long stint at Marvel which were celebrated just as much if not more than his own work. He made this tweet last night which has me elated:

It may not sound like much, but most of the comic industry’s aspirations are to work for the Big 2, to do fan fiction of someone else’s property to continue that corporate brand. That’s where the fame is, that’s where the short-term glory is, but what invariably happens in our industry is these companies churn through people to get to cheaper talent — making it about their brand first and not the writers and artists who do anything for them.

Remender has it right — creating your own is so much more fulfilling. It leaves your own mark. You don’t have to play within the established guidelines of someone else as a work for hire to be forgotten.  The industry forgot this when it became a Stan Lee IP machine trying to flood stands and squeeze others out.

More writers and artists need to get this attitude. We can usher in a great generation of new stories and not be copying someone else’s property in an endless cycle of “Illusion of change” where characters can never truly develop or stay dead. They’re just movie IP holders now, after all.

That’s why I beat the drums for indie comics and I’m so glad Remender is on this train too.

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What The Hell Is Marvel Comics THINKING?

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Yesterday, someone brought to my attention their new unveiling of the New Warriors, covered by Bounding Into Comics, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It looked like the company’s had a turnaround in the last couple of years from their constant pushing of complete nonsense on customers, but then they show this:

The heroes nobody wanted…. the heroes nobody asked for…

One would almost think they were intentionally making jokes of their own characters at their own expense. With writer Daniel Kibblesmith coming from Late Night talk TV, it would seem to lend itself that way.

But with a title like The New Warriors, a reader wouldn’t expect something making fun of superheroes and comics and woke mentality, the title evokes serious battles, action. it’s not the right place for it.

The concept is the “old” new warriors are mentoring new New Warriors. I assume Kibblesmith wants to highlight generational differences between Gen X and Zoomers? But is there an audience for it? It sounds and looks like a trainwreck.

We’ll find out soon whether this is SJWs embracing words like “snowflake” and saying screw you to us, or whether they’re making a joke at their own expenses. Either way, not going to be a lasting New Warriors title that anyone wanted.

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The Power Of Meme Magic – #TrumpCheck and #YangGang Edition

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Months ago, we all got together in our socially distant place called 4chan, and decided we were going to both ironically and unironically support Andrew Yang for president, in hopes of getting a thousand freaking bucks.

It was a meme which had some great legs — and it looked like it died when Yang was polling at less than 2% nationally.

But what we did in a roundabout way is meme into reality, the collective will, of getting our thousand bucks from a Trump stimulus package.

We didn’t see it happening like this, but the simulation CAN bend to our memes. It’s happened so many times now when it’s been said it’s impossible — how can anyone deny meme magic at this point?

2 days left to support my meme-filled book Dynamite Thor which is going to be SO fun and awesome, great quarantine reading — it will be out digitally nearly immediately so back now!

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Culture In The Time Of Corona

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I was thinking about our world lockdown over the next several weeks here, and also that something we’ll need is more books, comics, fun things to read and occupy ourselves so we’re not perpetually sitting here panicking at the news.

It means culture’s more important than ever. We need uplifting, real heroes, ones who are going to put themselves at risk on behalf of others, are going to follow strong moral codes, be real leaders, fathers, men of action.

What we aren’t going to need is a billion pandemic clones with panic and outrage about viruses — which is really tempting to do as a writer right now, since it’s topical and on all of our minds.

Science Fiction has a real test right now, to restore the sense of wonder, to create a hopeful future, to be bold visionaries as it hasn’t been in decades.

This is where I hope to go, and where I hope you’ll join along with me. As writers and readers and as a culture. Let’s push for what’s important and move people.

There’s only 2 days left on my Dynamite Thor campaign. This is it for what’s going to be one fun superhero ride. It’s got everything folk asked for when they demanded comics culture change 2 years ago. Check it out here.

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Only 4 Days Left On Dynamite Thor!!!!

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Hurry up and get to backing, friends. Don’t miss what’s going to be some of the funnest superhero work you’ve read. You can count on my compelling storytelling, character development, heroism, humor and more with this great book.

We’ve had overwhelming odds against us this whole way through, blacklisted from almost every media outlet, major youtubers. This has been a challenging one to promote.

But we’ve still managed to have a success and fund. You’ll get an awesome book. And you’ll want more to read during Corona-chan lockdowns so get in right now!

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Is There More To Corona-Chan Than A Virus?

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Look at the last month or so:

Bill Gates has stepped down from Microsoft.

CEO of disney stepped down

CEO of Tinder, Hinge, OKcupid, Match all stepped down

CEO of Hulu stepped down

CEO of MedMen stepped down

CEO of L brands like Victoria Secret bath and body works stepped down

CEO of Salesforce’s stepped down

CEO of Harley Davidson stepped down

CEO of IBM stepped down

CEO of T Mobile stepping down

CEO of LinkedIn stepping down

CEO of Mastercard is stepping down

The storm is here, friends. The guard is changing. Stay vigilant.

Also back indie comics like Dynamite Thor, only 5 days left:

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