Are You Tired of Winning?

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I’m still not tired. Working hard on editing my Steampunk book right now, but I’m gonna take a break to show you this image:

Yes, that is my book, and yes, it is currently selling better on Amazon in Space Opera than BayCon’s Guest of Honor, who has a TV show that just came back to air promoting his book.

We’re #7! I won’t count any chickens for reaching #1, but if ya’all keep sharing, it could happen, which would blow my mind and send a great message. Also will give your friends some awesome space opera fun. 

The response has been overwhelming. So much love, so much friendship. I look forward to learning more about each and every one of you and hope to be your friend for a long time to come! Across my platforms I have hundreds of messages so bear with me if I’m a bit slow to approve/respond.

Don’t forget to leave reviews and don’t forget to vote for DragonCon for Best Military Science Fiction Or Fantasy!! Back to work!

And as a preview, I have a mildly telepathic ferret in the work in progress. I’ll amuse myself if no one else 🙂

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