Perennial Baycon Guest Gets Nasty

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Despite Baycon’s misleading form letter about their long time guests, there many who are a part of the con year after year, none who could remotely be on the right side of the aisle, and most of whom don’t really have any product out on the market that’s relevant in the current year. But, they’ll keep doubling down.

My original post on the matter was quite tactful: a policy point, with a response calling for a reflection and change in policy. Even when I went to Vox Popoli, I didn’t name by names, didn’t make things personal, didn’t get ugly with it.

Baycon changed that.

And now their perennial guests are spouting off and making sure they “punish” me outside of the convention for daring to speak out:

I fortunately have many friends in the group (which is how I got the screen shot), which is a nice place for memes and some online fun. I’ve contributed, been fun, never had a problem. Of course I hadn’t posted there much the last week as i’ve been busy.

Mr. Mix here recently has jumped on the anti-Trump train, posts dropping swear words at Betsy Devos and the like. So we know where this comes from. It’s all about hatred of Trump supporters. A true champion of Baycon in that.

What’s interesting is that this very much demonstrates the laws of SJWs in action. One, SJWs Always Lie: I have not see Mr. Mix IRL outside of Baycon last year, at which time we had fun and it was cordial. 2. SJWs always double down: it’s not enough that I’m out at Baycon, he has to make sure I’m out here too. 3. SJWs always project: framing as bad people, yup, he did exactly that. Further his comments on free speech: he definitely wants to censor me from the group, he’s said as much.

It’s pretty amazing. Who swears about and hates people like that because of their concern about science fiction being overly political? This is nasty stuff, and it’s very much due to Baycon’s leadership’s reactions riling up their guests with the personal responses rather, yet again, than reflecting on their very real political problems.

My question is: will they disavow?

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9 thoughts on “Perennial Baycon Guest Gets Nasty

  1. Thanks for harassing me, a disabled veteran.
    Really shows good character Jon. I just wanted you out of the group and to leave me alone.

      • Well he did exactly what I said he would in that post.

        I just didn’t want his drama. I literally told him “Jon I have brain damage from the army. I don’t want all this drama. Please stop bringing it to my doorstep.”

        Then he does this.

        I’m over it. If Jon can justify harassing disabled veterans who spend their days working with special needs kids then I was absolutely correct in shoving him away.

        • Here’s the problem with your logic: this is what John McCain incidentally did to Trump. You attacked first. You dropped f-bombs on me and called me names. Second, you’re on MY blog harassing ME. Take responsibility from that and stop hiding behind your identity as if that’s an excuse. I never did anything of the like to you, even now, and I won’t. “I’m such a good person who has it really hard” doesn’t give you carte blanche to say or do awful things. Sorry not sorry.

          • That was long after I had tried to be reasonable with you.

            Honestly you’re lucky I’m dropping it here because if I publish all those private messages between you and I and show all the puppies what a liar you are and how you made that stuff up about BayCon blackballing you.

            Also when you attack a veteran, what do you think other veterans are going to do when the time comes to purchase your product?

            Best of luck.

  2. *you’d be fucked. I’m pretty sure the Puppies don’t want a liar in their midst removing their credibility. Then what Jon?

    You made up that blackballing from BayCon and was called out for it. You threw a temper tantrum here because I kicked you out of a private group and you went after a disabled combat veteran.

    How very American of you.

  3. Steve,

    This is what Blackhawk used to call “The Tweedle Dee-Teweedle Dum phenomenon”. I know after I shut down my booth at Baycon at the end and went home (its also one of the reasons I stopped staying at ‘Con) and he would leave,he would come over to my house later that night (or sometimes the next night) and complain about this. Let me explain it to you as he explained it to me:

    “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum would get into some disagreement. Flare would get involved and send them on their merry way apart from each other (if it hadnt escalated). Tweedle Dee would be upset about it and say something to their friends. Tweedle Dum would get upset find them and continue the argument or escalate it. Flare would have to get involved again.Tweedle Dum would get upset and blame Tweedle Dee for talking about it to their friends as if that excused it”

    He hated this aspect of con drama. Partly because it happened so often and partly because it was so idiotic. And it is. To think that people are not going to talk about things that upset them is idiotic. To go over to them and play the victim because they did so is more than idiotic. It frankly reeks of going past “Full Retard” like the person was in a high speed chase and ending all the way up at “Potato” (another phrase he used to use).

    As to the politics of Left vs Right. Saw that as a con goer in the early 90’s at Baycon. As a vendor I saw it from the mid 1990’s all the way up to 2013. Saw the con drama it caused. Saw people go to other cons where people do not really make their politics a focal point of the conversation. Saw Baycon go from 3500 paid attendance (excluding guest badges,staff and vendors) to about 1200 at best.Saw Bacon have to share Con space with a Missionary organization because they lost their hotel. Saw Baycon unable to fill attendance when one of the GOH’s was someone who worked on Game of Thrones when it was the biggest hit on television. Saw Baycon start being referred to as GeriatricCon due to the lack of attendance of people in their 20’s and early 30’s.

    Part of that is programming,part of that is attitude,part of that is Tweedle Dee -Tweedle Dum con drama and part of that is the fact that anyone who points it all out gets lashed out at.

    Stop being Tweedle Dum Steve.

    Love and Kisses,

    Windwalker of Windwalker Blades

  4. Jon, I read your posts and there’s one thing you didn’t explain. What made you think that BayCon didn’t invite you this year because you’re a Trump supporter? Did you just assume that? Or was there some action->reaction that led you to believe that?

    • Yes, angry rant about nazi trump supporters resulting in a heated discussion with the programming director back in November. That is the sole reason for the disinvite despite their public sanitizing of it. Was confirmed in her facebook post the other day that you can read at the bottom of this post: I’ve also had private discussions with others involved that I can’t name for the sake of maintaining friendships and not getting them torched. It took me 2-3 weeks of investigating, talking, praying and thinking about what i was going to do before posting this, it was not a snap decision or an easy one. I wish many of these people, Steve Mix included, wouldn’t take this personally and could separate politics and friendships.

      I appreciate your reading!

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