Michael Savage Assaulted While Out To Dinner

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Edit: In retrospect, I should have titled this: “Literal Nazi Left: SJW Assaults Elderly Jewish Man”.  Oh well, next time. Cuz it will happen again.

Even formerly nice places like Tiburon aren’t safe. This is why my wife tells me I’m not allowed to wear my Make America Great Again hat out, even to go to Starbucks in Danville, which should be as safe as it gets. Read that again. I cannot wear a hat in public without fear of assault. That fear is not irrational, as I was assaulted twice myself last year. The left is insane, they have no morals, will harass and get violent at every turn. This is not isolated. They are not apologetic. This is the new normal because of an overly-permissive culture that allowed these cretins to fester.


And of course, California doesn’t allow us to arm ourselves to defend ourselves from stuff like this. I may have to move out of here sooner rather than later. Sick, bigoted people here.

Update: Further degeneracy: http://buzz.blog.ajc.com/2017/03/15/bow-wow-threatens-to-pimp-melania-trump-and-make-her-work-for-us/ The culture is promoting this violence. It needs to stop.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Savage Assaulted While Out To Dinner

  1. Jon, Consider Texas. While you do still need a CWP to carry on your person, you can keep a firearm in your vehicle throughout the state without fear.

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