Words From The Wise

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“Anyone accusing another of being ‘unchristian’ for disagreement on political, philosophical, or abstract matters uses the Name of the Lord in vain. Accusations will be deleted and accusers banned without further notification.”  – John C Wright (on the sidebar for the rules of his blog).

I firmly believe and agree with this. And will be instituting this here and on social media walls immediately. Heresy will no longer be tolerated.

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4 thoughts on “Words From The Wise

    • There are always limits on acceptable speech. The difference is one side tells you what they are in advance and sticks to it while the other side claims there aren’t and then punishes you anyways. One side uses them to maintain social order while the other uses them as weapons to browbeat those who aren’t in the in group.

    • It’s his personal blog, not a public forum.

      In addition, the rule as stated is objective. If he enforces the rule as given, there’s no way to accuse him of bias.

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