For Steam And Country — The Song!

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I am not sure it’s going to ever get much cooler than this, even when the book comes out. A wonderful person by the name of Ben Zwycky came to me a few weeks ago and told me he’d written lyrics based on my work (Ben also did some copyediting/proofreading on the book, thank you Ben for working overtime and producing this creative masterpiece!). I thought that by itself was really exciting, and that it was fun.

Then I found out that he’d gotten musician Sean McCleery involved and they set the lyrics to a tune, and Sean provided some really awesome music that sounds like a great military hymn/march. And I’m pleased to share that with you today. Please allow me to present, “Do You See The Cyrstal Spire”


Do you see the Crystal Spire
That adorns Rislandia?
You’ll want to join the Crystal Knights
To guard her land, her sea, her air.

When the beating of your heart
Echoes the thundering of the guns,
Then you’ll be sure to play your part
When the battle comes.

The invading Wyranth soldiers’ eyes
Emit an eerie glow;
The ground is shaken by a force
Whose source you’d like to know;
So now climb up this rope,
Renew your old hope as we go!

Do you hear the turbines roar
As we soar into the sky?
This great airship offers more
Than just a simple earthbound life.

When the fire within your heart
Mirrors the glorious setting sun,
Then you’ll be sure to play your part
When adventure comes.

Super thematic and beautiful. You’ll learn all about the Crystal Spire, the knights, and the Wyrath soldier on Thursday when For Steam And Country is released!

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3 thoughts on “For Steam And Country — The Song!

  1. Thanks, Jon, I had fun doing it, and it’s getting to be all part of the service for new Superversive Press releases :). I always intended to sing and record it for a promo video, then Corey McCleey got his awesome dad involved and the production values were raised by a good few notches.

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