Gravity Of The Game Novella – Cover Reveal

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If you were watching social media last night you may have noticed the cover reveal of my forthcoming novella, Gravity Of The Game.

Commissioner Hideki Ichiro is planning a field of dreams on the moon. The World Baseball League has been in decline for decades, about to reach disastrous proportions. To survive, the game of baseball needs to expand to a new market, and the only place to go is outward to the stars. There’s one hitch in the plan: playing baseball is impossible without Earth’s gravity. 

Can Ichiro navigate new technologies, angry owners, and the drive-by media before time runs out for both baseball and his own career?  

As with the best of baseball, my new novella will be released in October. Packed full of references to America’s pastime, it’ll make for a perfect light read to get your hype going for the playoffs and World Series.

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5 thoughts on “Gravity Of The Game Novella – Cover Reveal

  1. Oh, so now you’re using Japanese characters too? Stop copying me. 🙂

    Just kidding; congrats on this. I’ll be sure to read your tale of baseball in the stars.

    A suggestion for a sequel: Football Stars, a Tale of Cosmic Gridiron.

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