Chuck Dixon To Join Alt-Hero Team!

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I’m frankly more excited about this than my own involvement. It’s a stretch goal that needs to be met, but Chuck Dixon has been brought in to write issues 7-9 of Alt-Hero.

If you’re not familiar with comics, Chuck is one of the most prolific and most highly regarded writers in the comic industry. He has written for a smattering of Batman titles as well as the Punisher. His bibliography is too long to list. He also has a great action series of novels that I highly recommend checking out. He’s probably best known for creating the Batman villain, Bane.

I’ve been reading Chuck’s work almost all my life, and this really turns Alt-Hero into something big and reshaping of the professional comic industry. My fondest memory of Chuck’s work is the character of Stephanie Brown — also his creation, who was a struggling superhero Spoiler. Her original story was one of overcoming sins of the father, and pushing forward to create her own destiny despite the odds. A great concept. She was some of the biggest inspiration for my own first foray into comics and my superhero, Meta-Girl. Stephanie went on to become Robin, despite all the legacy heroes telling her no, she couldn’t do it, she wasn’t capable. She fought hard to prove them wrong every step of the way — and eventually became Batgirl. Stephanie’s story a nice metaphor for how the alt-hero process is going in a lot of ways, and we owe it all to Chuck Dixon.

Don’t forget to back. This now is the biggest possible message to send to the comic industry, and it’s gonna be a great product with a lot of fun. If you want my novel, it’s the $5 mark, and Chuck’s will be with the digital content on the comics side. You can make multiple pledges (think of it like add ons for kickstarter) to get the different various works:

Alt★Hero Volumes I, II, and III

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4 thoughts on “Chuck Dixon To Join Alt-Hero Team!

  1. Jon — Trending is looking positive that the Freestartr will reach $100K before Day 30. The Chuck Dixon announcement gave the initiative an acceleration boost to get to the hundred grand target even sooner. Likely Vox has a few more such reveals planned in the remaining 21+ days of the campaign.

    And we’re looking forward to the Alt★Hero novels that you will co-author!

    Best Timeline!

      • Definitely not a watershed moment for comic book art, though. I’d like to think Dixon would up your art game, but, honestly, that is some VERY amateurish-looking art, coloring and lettering.

        • Amateurish. Sure but so what? It’ll improve as all new comic books do with more time and practice
          The point is that Chuch Dixson signed on and I’m wondering what kind of earthquake this represents. I wonder if other big and not so well known names jump on alt hero?
          That’s the big news

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