Best Of The Hater Comments From My MLB Federalist Article

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This was my rather innocuous article that most Americans would agree with and isn’t inflammatory at all. It didn’t stop the SJWs from being crazy, however. This is a best of,  and about 3-5% of the amount of hate comments I received over my article. The pure level of toxicity of these groups is why I speak out to begin with. This kind of thing is destructive for our culture.

You might note the overwhelming amount of Anglo males calling a Hispanic writer “white supremacist”. It’s almost as if SJWs always project. In no particular order:

A call to censor me is also worth noting:


I think the scariest is the call to cyberbully me over disagreeing with my article:

It’s no wonder people are afraid to even mention anything political if they’re independent or conservative. The mobs are out there just waiting to tear anyone apart, even for writing something as non-offensive and mostly agreed upon as “one should stand for the national anthem.”

If you want to support some good baseball writing without an agenda beyond fun, check out my novella, Gravity Of The Game from Superversive Press. It’s even getting critical acclaim from people who don’t like baseball and is being talked about for many Hugo Award ballots. You can buy it here.  

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16 thoughts on “Best Of The Hater Comments From My MLB Federalist Article

  1. “You are a trash writer and a despicable human” is pointless and not substantiated by the commenter in question.

    But another said “Baseball is the most American thing ever. It is not”, another simply asked for you to explain what’s not fun about sci-fi currently, and another mocked your use of jingoistic terms. Do you consider any criticism to be hate? If so, that does actually explain a lot about your behavior.

    • Baseball -is- about the most American thing ever. That’s not a criticism it’s just a really dumb comment that’s, pun intended, out of left-field.

      What’s fun or not about sci-fi has zero to do with the piece — that’s dumb commentary again, out of left field and attacking the person of me not my article.

      My use of “jingoistic terms” ok. Now you’re back to attacking.

      None of that is criticism or requires any critical thinking. It’s just mocking attempts to name call, like pretty much everything you do on my site.

  2. Wow just wow. The mask comes off and we’re treated to patronizing racism.
    So far I have’t read any criticism. It’s just uncalled for ad hominem attacks.
    It would be really original from the social justice types to, you know, criticize the actual topic on hand. But they can’t because the facts are obvious and there’s no real defense unless it”s hell yeah we discriminate and ostracize those who don’t pay fealty to all the buzzword. Which change like gas metre counter


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