The Anti-Male Discrimination Looks Worse For Sci-Fi Insiders

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A reader did research and found some more staggering conclusions after reading my article on Anti-Male discrimination by publications. I was sent me the following by a source that has to remain anonymous for their own safety:

 After reading your piece, I decided to also take a look
at the identity of the of the editorial staff on the different publications
you mentioned. Have you done this yet? It’s quite interesting– you have the
basis for another article. It appears the more biased the publication is, the
more the staff is dominated by women and other individuals that identify
themselves as marginalized. For example, take a look at Strange Horizons,
which you singled out as one of the publications most biased against male
authors, and I think you’ll see the pattern:  Out of the 74 individuals listed on this
page, only 17 are males. Further, there are almost no males present on the
senior editorial staff. Based on the staff bios, a significant number of the
17 males are from under-represented groups, many of them self-identifying as

My point is that if you look at the composition of the editorial staff of all
the magazines you cited, you’ll almost undoubtedly see a direct correlation to
their statistical likelihood of accepting a story from a male author–
especially if that author is not from a marginalized or under-represented
group. Of course this wouldn’t be a surprise, but the actual numbers would
certainly speak volumes in support of claims that an “old boys club” (or is
that “old girls club”) is at work.

The indoctrination starts young and, apparently, even holds young boys– not
just grown men– as “problematic.” Take a look at the document I’ve attached,
which is a sample issue of the leading (as well as one of the only) YA
magazines–Cicada. Note that the issue can be downloaded from the magazine’s
web site. Cicada claims it is interested in science fiction story submissions
from both adult and teenage authors. However,it is very clear that both men
and boys need not apply– just take a look at the sample issue. First, out of
15 authors in this issue, only one is male, and that individual is a “person
of color” (Vietnamese). Second, all nine of the editors are women. Third, all
the stories exclusively feature characters that are girls or women– none are
male. Forth, the only interview in the issue is with a woman, who also happens
to be a person of color as well as a professor of gender studies. Fifth, a
search on the word “boys” yields only two hits (“boys” appears twice in the
same poem, which is written by a girl); the word “girls” yields 11 hits,
appearing in almost every story. Sixth, searching for “men” yielded zero hits
while “women” yielded five hits. Seventh, even all the cartoons exclusively
feature girls, unless you want to count the one which features a snowman at
the end. Incidentally, he gets melted.

It’s like I said yesterday. Boys are told in a way not to read because they can’t identify with their authors or characters. This cuts a lot deeper into the science fiction and fantasy publishing industry than I imagined. That said, I’m not surprised by these statistics at all, especially when it comes to YA. The whole YA  genre is built only around a female outreach for readership and I can only name a handful of male YA authors.

The message is clear, men aren’t allowed to have anything and aren’t wanted in the industry. Of course, we’re definitely told by these companies doing things like Artemis Rising when these stats are so bad that we’re not wanted as readers or listeners on the flip side. It’s past time to go find alternatives who aren’t going off waving how diverse they are, when they’re anything but. Diversity is now code for anti-male and anti-white.

You have no path to a career in the arts if you’re male. Independent is your only option now.

If you like a really diverse book, my novella Gravity Of The Game has characters of all different stripes from around the world. Including pinstripes.  It’s being talked about for a Hugo nomination. Check it out!

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12 thoughts on “The Anti-Male Discrimination Looks Worse For Sci-Fi Insiders

  1. I just wanted to suggest an edit. I think this reads better and is more accurate.

    “You have no path to a career in the arts if you’re a whiny crybaby troll. Independent is your only option now.”

      • Hi Roughcoat. The genius of “SJWs always project” is that everyone always projects, so it’s always right, although not useful. But with that said, are you saying you are projecting when you rationalizing child abuse on Vox’s blog?

        • “Hi Roughcoat. The genius of ‘SJWs always project ‘is that everyone always projects, so it’s always right”

          This is obviously false. You either do not understand what projection is, or you are a liar.

          “are you saying you are projecting when you rationalizing child abuse on Vox’s blog?”

          Link to where I rationalized child abuse. Of course, I know you can’t. Liar confirmed.

    • Well that’s definitely not true. You can have a career at Tor books as your novels sell next to nothing and never get advertised.

      There’s room for hateful trolls!

  2. Reading this article makes me wonder if the social justice freaks want to create illiterate boys so to better control them. Unfortunately, they’ll become feral and the social justice women will be in a dilemma with a love hate relationship with feral but strong men.

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