The Pile On Begins

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It’s been a couple of days since my GoFundMe for getting justice for the defamation and discrimination Worldcon enacted upon me was announced. We’ve raised nearly a thousand dollars now — which is  enough for the initial filing fees so we can proceed. This is with no media help and is only due to friends and fans here being super supportive, for which I thank you so much.

On the other front, they’ve gotten nastier since Worldcon came after me…

A seemingly racist insult from a Tordotcom writer:

Someone trying to justify bullying of me in that “no one” defends me:

A book reviewer who I  asked for a review of my forthcoming Space Opera, The Stars Entwined a month ago necro’d my email just to swear at me:

Writer Ann Leckie who I’ve never interacted with is using the same metaphors and same swear words about me (which shows this is all coordinated to try to hurt/bully me):

A. Merc Rustad, a writer who’s been championing harming me for more than a month, even though I don’t know them at all, mocks my civil rights:


I don’t know most of these folk beyond emailing after they started attacking me and saying “hey, please don’t attack me.” In which it seems to only get them to push harder to try to harm me. This is why legal action is my only option after what worldcon did, justifying in these folks minds the way they constantly berate another human being. It’s disgusting and it has to stop. I can’t imagine how they decided that spending all of their times doing this is productive, and though I do my best to persevere through this, it does get difficult some days.

But we have to be able to have open dialogue about serious issues facing our society without fear of intimidation or over the top retaliation over political affiliations. It’s been escalating for a few years not just with me, but with the way really nice guys like Brad Torgersen have been treated, the way Dave Truesdale was treated, and many others. It has to stop here, and this is why we must stand now and fight this before it goes further.

I’ve already had people calling the FBI  on me to try to swat me, which I have documented. We all know from the PJ Media article about how they sent me a creepy anonymous package last year when I wrote an article on just the numbers of stories being printed, and how they started threatening me with my children’s medical information. It’s going to be real violence from this crowd if this continues and the only way to stop it since they show no signs of being willing to talk, is to take firm, legal action.

Help me make a change so we can have a  hopeful future like the greats of Science Fiction used to envision before this nihilistic crew took its place and tried to destroy anyone who remotely disagrees:

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Worldcon Legal Demand Letter – Full Text

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Below is the full text of the letter my attorney sent to Worldcon, which includes the legal statutes they appear to be violating in their discriminatory and defamatory treatment of me. This kind of behavior needs to stop so writers and artists in the science fiction industry can speak their beliefs without fear of prejudice or retaliation.

Please help me to raise the money necessary to fight this injustice that is rampant in the science fiction community:

Dear Mr. Roche:

This office has been retained to represent Jonathan Del Arroz with respect to his legal rights pertaining to actions that your agents and your organization have engaged in to Mr. Del Arroz’s injury and prejudice.

Briefly, your organization has recently decided to “ban” Mr. Del Arroz from “attending” the Worldcon 76, the 2018 World Science Fiction convention, which will be held in San Jose, California in August of 2018.  This “ban” has been publicly announced by your organization on its various social media sites. In connection with this announcement, your agents and organizations have stated, implied or insinuated that the ban is justified on the grounds that Mr. Del Arroz is, in essence, a “racist bully.” This explanation has been republished by others on social media and through other means of publication.

The statement or insinuation that Mr. Del Arroz is a racist bully is both untrue and highly injurious to Mr. Del Arroz’s reputation, both as a writer and as a member of the science fiction community and his local community. The accusation of “racism” is a factual claim that in the present social climate is extremely derogatory and stigmatizing. The effect of such stigmatization necessarily injures the person so stigmatized in the pursuit of his chosen profession, thereby causing substantial foreseeable financial damage.  It is also deeply offensive, particularly to Mr. Del Arroz, who is very proud of his Hispanic heritage.

When you consult with an attorney, you will be advised that these publications constitute “defamation,” in that they are untruthful statements that have a natural tendency to injure reputation. In California, a libel is a false and unprivileged publication by writing, printing, picture, effigy, or other fixed representation to the eye that exposes any person to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or obloquy or that causes him or her to be shunned or avoided or that has a tendency to injure the person in his or her occupation. (California Civil Code § 45.) Since there is absolutely no evidence to support the statement that Mr. Del Arroz is a “racist,” even if he is a “public figure” he will be entitled to state a claim for injury to his reputation, and for all emotional distress and pecuniary damages he suffers. (Douglas v. Janis (1974) 43 Cal.App.3d 931, 940.)

This offense is only compounded by the further false claim that Mr. Del Arroz intends to engage in “bullying.” Apparently, this was a reference to Mr. Del Arroz’s statement of his intent to wear a body camera in the event that he might be subjected to assaults, confrontation or bullying by other attendees of Worldcon 76.  Obviously, Mr. Del Arroz has a civil right to record public events in a public setting, particularly since there is a practice of other attendees in the past wearing body cameras to record events at other conventions. Mr. Del Arroz is unaware of any policy restricting his civil right to record public events in a public setting. (See e.g., Nevens v. Chino (1965) 233 Cal. App. 2d 775, 778-779.) Any legal prohibition on recording is limited to recording “private” or “confidential” communications. (California Penal Code §632; Cr. (Asia Econ. Inst. v. Xcentric Ventures, LLC (C.D.Cal. July 19, 2010, No. CV 10-1360 SVW (PJWx)) 2010 U.S.Dist.LEXIS 133370, at *33, fn. 11 (Penal Code §632 does not apply if parties expect to be recorded.) If there is such a policy, then please advise and Mr. Del Arroz will comply, albeit he would naturally expect that the same policy would be enforced equally as to the other attendees.

Equally significant is the violation of California’s Unruh Act (California Civil Code §51 et seq.) Under the Unruh Act, a place of public accommodation may not discriminate against any person based on a personal characteristic representing a trait, condition, decision, or choice fundamental to a person’s identity, beliefs and self-definition as that factor has been applied in previous cases. (Semler v. General Electric Capital Corp. (2011) 196 Cal.App.4th 1380, 1395; Koebke v. Bernardo Heights Country Club (2005) 36 Cal.4th 824, 842; Curran v. Mount Diablo Council of the Boy Scouts (1998) 17 Cal. 4th 670, 705.) The protection of the Unruh Act extends to political affiliation. (Marina Point, at p. 726 [“Whether the exclusionary policy rests on the alleged undesirable propensities of those of a particular race, nationality,  occupation, political affiliation, or age, … the Unruh Act protects individuals from … arbitrary discrimination.”).)

Mr. Del Arroz has substantial evidence consisting of statements by your agents and representatives demonstrating that his ban has its proximate origin in his political beliefs and commitments. In addition, he has equally substantial evidence that establishes that he is being singled out for disparate treatment in that policies are being crafted or applied to him while those who do not share his political commitments are permitted to engage in the behavior that is being falsely attributed to him. (See Hessians Motorcycle Club v. J.C. Flanagans (2001) 86 Cal.App.4th 833, 837 (No violation of Unruh act where “no colors” rule was applied equally to all persons, regardless of their race, color, sex, etc.).)

When you consult with a legal advisor, you will be informed that a violation of the Unruh Act makes any person who violates that act liable for damages, fines and attorney’s fees.

Mr. Del Arroz does not want to pursue his legal rights unless he is forced to.  His desire is to reach a mutually beneficial resolution of the issues that have arisen because of your organization’s conduct.  In order to resolve his claims, he has instructed me to offer to enter into a settlement on the following basis.

First, your organization and Wolrdcon 76 will publicly apologize to Mr. Del Arroz for its treatment of him, and it will publicly state that it has no reason to assert that Mr. Del Arroz is either a racist or bully.  This public apology and statement will be made through its Facebook and social media sources.

Second, your organization and Worldcon 76 will comply with the Unruh Act by lifting the purported “ban” on Mr. Del Arroz’s participation in Worldcon 76.

Third, your organization and Worldcon 76 will commit to protecting the rights of Mr. Del Arroz from interference by third-parties, or by its members and agents, through harassment, intimidation or bullying.

Fourth, your organization and Worldcon  76 will provide its agents and employees with training on their legal obligation under California law not to discriminate or harass on the basis of political beliefs or relationships.

You are advised to place your insurance carriers on notice.

We look forward to your prompt response to this letter.

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Civil Rights: Worldcon Must Bake My Cake

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A month ago, the World Science Fiction Convention made an unprecedented move in pre-banning me from the convention–something they haven’t done since 1964, which they only did then with a known and later convicted child molester, Walter Breen, and with him, only for one day, not for the whole convention. To be treated with less human dignity than a pedophile is horrific enough, as I’ve committed no crime, but their excuses for treating me in this manner were nebulous, holding me to a different standard than other attendees for no other reason other than because I am an outspoken political figure.

Many of you know me from conventions, and also know that I’m a fun person to be around, who’s never caused a problem or even been accused of such. I’ve attended dozens over the  years, including Worldcon itself, without ever having an issue with anyone. I’m a loving, accepting guy who is truly passionate about science fiction and cares about others. That’s what makes this all the more bizarre, and why it’s obviously due to a political motivation.

Conservative-libertarians have been targeted in culture with blacklisting, hate, threats of violence, harassment, and worse. As the original article on this matter in PJ Media stated ( ) , I’ve already suffered death threats, having my young children harassed on the internet through people trying to harass me into silence. I’ve also had a strange packages sent to my house with lewd objects, again something doubly frightening because I have young children. Science fiction professionals have tried to hate me out of the field, running whisper campaigns against me to try to make sure people don’t communicate with me — hurting my business as it even got to my cover artist on For Steam And Country.  The hateful lies and names uttered about me have been very difficult to bear, but I’ve persevered as best as I can.

Threats to conservative-libertarians have a occurred at conventions across this great nation as of late, against not just me, but others who share my identity: Richard C. Meyer, a prominent youtube comic reviewer was threatened by industry professionals in a secret Facebook group, ,as they conspired to frame him for a crime at New York Comic Con. Kevin Sorbo, the popular actor, was banned from East Coast Comic Con. Threats to my safety and to others are real, and growing in number.

Enough is enough.

One of my first writing lectures I attended as I learned my craft was by science fiction legend, David Gerrold, back in 2012. He moved me and many others in an argument he made in favor of gay marriage, presented in a manner beautiful that nearly brought the crowd to tears. In that speech, he said that gay rights would eventually prevail because for them, it was life and death, and for the opposition, it really didn’t impact them personally. The message was clear: it matters more to you, if you care about a cause, if you care about freedom, then you will prevail.  

His words especially inspired me my fight for the right to have my own career in science fiction, for my own freedom, and for my own safety in this industry. We have to make sure science fiction is a place where ideas can be written, where the future can be molded into a diverse and inclusive place. Which is why I do what i do on a daily basis. Conservative-libertarian ideas are blacklisted, and though I did not desire to become the face of those ideas, events have proceeded because of the bigotry involved in places like WorldCon and SFWA that I must speak out on the behalf of not just myself, but hundreds of other writers who do live in fear of these hate mobs that try to destroy people’s lives. For the sake of these people’s careers and lives, we must triumph together, we cannot allow the bullies to force good people out of the industry.

But I need your help to accomplish making fandom inclusive again, and creating a safe space for us all to enjoy science fiction together.

I tried to resolve this by talking, but the chair of Wolrdcon would not speak with me or elaborate as to why I was banned. My attorney then sent a letter with very reasonable demands, and I did not receive word back. Worldcon has not responded, not engaged in a dialogue with me at all, including back to my initial letter of concern for safety of other conservative authors back in November 2017. They made their ban over hatred and fear of the other, and made it clear through their actions that they illegally discriminated against Conservative-libertarians who speak out. They’ll defame people they don’t agree with, and this must change.

Today I’m launching a GoFundMe to raise the funds necessary to take legal action, just as was done for gay marriage when people wouldn’t listen. Now in culture, this needs to be done for people who identify as Conservative-libertarian. We must be allowed t o attend professional conferences without fear of injury, must be allowed to have our stories shared, and allowed to speak freely. The State of California, through their Unruh Act has taken action to ensure we are all equal — and this needs to be applied to our cultural institutions in science fiction as we’ve exhausted all other options.

This is where you can help. Tomorrow I’m going to go public with my lawsuit to ensure fairness and inclusivity at Worldcon for all. Share this information and my link, spread the word.  Many of you, my friends, are well respected people in the science fiction community, and your word carries much weight. Together we can make change for a hopeful future of love, tolerance, and diversity of ideas, as the founders of science fiction would have always wanted.

The link is here.

Thank you so much for your help and support through these trying times. We’re t the ones molding the future with our visions. Please share this around. Let’s make a better one together.

Much love and with hopes for a brighter future,

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Retro Review: Conan The Barbarian by Robert E. Howard

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I was perusing Half Price Books about a week ago and saw a stack  of a 2010  edition of Conan The Barbarian by Seven Oaks Press, taking a collection of Robert E. Howard’s classics.This is not the complete works volume which I’ve seen since researching — and if you’re looking for more complete, I suggest getting that one. I wish I had more Conan adventures to read at this point so that might be more worth  your while. Many Conan stories are also available on the free archives site that is online.

However, this collection does have excellent stories, and at Half Price, it was good value.

I’d never been much of a Conan fan. I’ve seen portions of the cheesy movie from the 80s, but that didn’t inspire me to want to pursue it further .It took a long while of the Pulp Revolution talking up how great Robert E. Howard was as a writer for me to check it out.

And I’m glad I did. I was gripped  through these adventures like none other. Now none of them really tie together. Conan could be a pirate, a city guard, an explorer, a treasure hunter, any smattering of jobs or backgrounds. He’s always mentioned as Cimmerian and a barbarian, however. Different women are in distress, and he’s interested in whatever one happens t o be in front of him.  The sense of continuity is loose at best. A couple of stories mention he’s had all of these different jobs, and some regions of the world or peoples are referenced from time to time, but it’s best to view each of them as more stand  alone than as a progression.

Howard does create a great sense of dread and a sense of fun in each of these. Conan is fairly light hearted, but he’s a serious warrior. He goes about his tasks with unwavering purpose. He fights worth a dozen or more men every time. Parts of it are almost horror-like, with looming creepy things in the background that can end up ordinary apes or men for Conan to fight, or something supernatural. it all blends together to create a feel and impression that helps keep tension rather than often being explicit about whether a wizard actually has powers or not — the lack of explaining is something we wouldn’t see in modern fiction, where we are obsessed with defining things for “realism” effect. In fact, I think the way Howard does it is better for storytelling as it keeps the reader guessing  what is real, what isn’t. When coming to wizards  and illusions, that serves the story well.

This book opened with an essay by Howard – The Hyborian Age, which  sets  a lot of the background of the world/myth. While it’s the slowest and least interesting part of the book, it is worth a read  just to familiarize yourself with some terms for later stories. It should be viewed more as an appendix than a story itself.

My favorite stories were probably “Shadows In The Moonlight” – it being the first in the volume, it hooked me on Conan. It may be one of the weaker ones if I went and read it again, but the feel there was perfect. “Queen Of the Black Coast” was also great, showing Conan’s love  for a pirate queen. “A Witch Shall Be Born” I thought  was a very solid one dealing with magic, and finally “Red Nails” is probably my favorite of all of them. Valeria is a great character and I wish she would have continued through other stories.

Some are stronger than others, but I can’t say one in the volume was particularly bad, just not as exciting as the ones I listed. It’s got 10 tales in all including the Hyborian Age, and serves as a great introduction to Conan. This isn’t even half of the stories or fragments out there though, so there’s a lot more reading to do.


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The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For: The Stars Entwined Cover Reveal!

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The Stars Entwined, my military sci-fi/space opera epic, is finally done and ready, and we have a March 20th release date through Superversive Press. I’m loving how this turned out, and early readers are saying it’s my best work so far.

If you missed the mailing list giveaway and reveal yesterday make sure you sign up. I use it very sparingly and it’s often accompanied by cool stuff.

But you’re here for The Stars Entwined. This book and space opera world has been in my head since i was about 15 years old… and I started writing down snippets of it when I was 18. Earth has expanded out into the stars and is bordered up with a couple of hostile alien empires, though we’ve got allies of our own. The world of The Aryshan War has such a deep history and rich background that I’ve got a number of stories set in this universe to tell, and I’m so excited to bring you my main characters Sean, Tol, and Tamar and the very cool Aryshan aliens. Here’s the cover:

Pictured is an Aryshan warship, looming over us with its dark shadow stretching out. It’s very thematic for what’s going on in the book. You’ll see very soon.


The Aryshan Empire and Earth are on the brink of war!

The Stars Entwined is the first installment in an epic space opera series by multiple award-nominated science fiction writer, Jon Del Arroz. If you like Vatta’s War by Elizabeth Moon or The Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold, then you’ll love this epic adventure with action, intrigue, and star-crossed romance filling every page. 

After several recent attacks along the border of Aryshan space, internal affairs agent Sean Barrows is brought to Palmer Station to ensure the Interplanetary Navy’s on the right track in their terrorism investigations. What he discovers could lead to the biggest war the galaxy has ever seen. Sean’s work leads him to his most dangerous assignment yet—into the heart of Aryshan territory as a spy.

Meanwhile, Aryshan Commander Tamar is being groomed by the Ruling Committee to one day assume leadership of her people. First, she needs to prove herself in warship command. As tensions increase with Earth, Tamar finds herself increasingly isolated as one of the few in opposition to the war. Her troubles deepen when she comes face to face with a new member of her crew, the most intriguing man she’s ever encountered.

For now, make sure to back my Patreon!  I put out short stories every month, you get details like this early, and draft/deleted chapters, and I’ll probably be putting out some in The Stars Entwined’s universe in the next couple of months.

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Friend Friday: Steampunk Lives! By Vaughn Treude

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Folk who frequent here know I’m a big Steampunk fan. I think some of the best work in the genre is happening right now — as it’s settled in from its 2012 craze that saw a big public interest in Steampunk, but literature failing as it reskinned horror and romance novels into what should have been some fun adventuring. But Steampunk still lives, as Vaugn Treude says, including in his  book, Professor Ione D. and the Epicurean Incident. Read his thoughts on the genre: 

Some people say that steampunk is a dead genre. It’s true that mainstream publishers and media companies appear to have lost interest in iy. Despite this unfortunate circumstance, the genre’s fans abound. Its art and fashion are ubiquitous on-line. Dozens of independent authors are writing steampunk novels, and (hopefully) many thousands of fans are reading them. Therefore I maintain that steampunk is very much alive, both as a movement in the visual arts as well as its fictional counterpart.

I will admit that the unstoppable steampunk train of the late two-thousand aughts seems to have run into a stretch of bad track. Of three popular steampunk authors of the time – Scott Westerfeld, Cherie Priest and Gail Carriger – only the third has recent titles in the genre. Sadder still, some notable media projects like the Lantern City television series and the movie adaptation of The Night Circus have been put on indefinite hold. Yet, when I recently surveyed Amazon for steampunk titles, I found a long list of them. Clearly, the genre remains popular. Only the traditional publishing houses that have moved on.

And why did these mainstream publishers lose interest? I got a clue when I noticed that my fellow steampunks, writers and enthusiasts alike, sometimes feel obliged to apologize for our passion for things Victorian. We realize that this era was racist and imperialistic, they say. But our characters can struggle against these problems, or we can rewrite history to be more egalitarian. I disagree with this perceived obligation for us to explain ourselves. Those who don’t appreciate our romanticizing of the 1890’s need not read our books.

It is no doubt politically incorrect to view any historical period before the 1960’s in a positive light. Yet I believe that much of the appeal of steampunk, acknowledged or not, is the culture and morals of that bygone era. In those days, people took ideals such as courtesy, integrity, and industriousness seriously. Women’s fashions were feminine and elegant, proving that ladies could be alluring without their outfits being revealing. Yes, the British Empire sometimes exploited its subjects, but it also brought railroads, sanitation, and education to the colonies it ruled. Western culture isn’t perfect but neither is any other. One example is the way the British colonial overlords outlawed and eliminated the longstanding Indian practice of suttee, or burning widows alive. Only the most unhinged multiculturalist could argue that this change was not for the better.

Another issue I’d like to address is the notion that most of today’s steampunk novels are simply period romances. Though this may be true in some cases, I don’t see the two genres as being mutually exclusive. It’s also true that some of these works may be inaccurate regarding the sexual mores of the time, but we must keep in mind that steampunk represents the fictional bending of history. My wife and coauthor Arlys has written several articles about Victorian culture, including its courtship traditions, and these were indeed quite restrictive by our standards. Yet there was also a steamy underside to Victorian mores, with widespread fetishes for bondage and discipline. This may have been a consequence of the use of corporal punishment in schools – not entirely a bad thing, if one compares the rates of delinquency then and now. In any case, I maintain that steampunk erotica is not necessarily a contradiction in terms, though it is also just a fraction of what’s currently being written. Now, as in the movement’s heyday, the greater emphasis is toward young adult works.

Steampunk is not dead, it is very much alive. The many excellent new works being released, such as Jon Delarroz’ For Steam and Country, prove that it’s doing well. As the traditional publishing industry continues to decline, the contributions of independent authors and small publishers will become more and more significant. I look forward to seeing a large selection of well-written steampunk fiction in the future.

Check out Vaughn Treude’s steampunk book here! 

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Quick Shot Comic Reviews – Valentines Day Week!

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Reviewing up a selection of comics I read this week in brief snippets:

Bane: Conquest #9: The start of a new arc here, where Bane is assembling a team to go after the dastardly secret society Kobra. Interesting introductions to several characters, though a little slower than a lot of the book has been so far. A set up issue that needs more context. Art seemed to go a little less detailed in backgrounds and the like too, felt a little rushed. 7/10

Rebel Dead Revenge #1: Written and drawn by Gary Kwapisz, I wasn’t sure what to expect on this. We have a horror tale set in the civil war where the devil’s starting to take control of people via his evil magic. It was about the most gripping comic I’ve read this year and I’m excited for the next issue. 10/10

Batman: White Knight #5: Definitely a middle issue, but Batman is slowly losing everyone and it’s amping up. Very interesting as is the whole concept of Neo-Joker. This series is coming along very nicely. 9/10


Dark Ark #5: Cullen Bunn’s first volume of his evil Noah’s ark series wraps up this week. Very interesting issue. I love how it went. Even though I’m not usually a horror fan this had a lot of compelling concepts. It’s kinda interesting how both this book and Armstrong below used a Noah’s Ark element and both of them (spoilers) killed off unicorns.Great comic overall. 8/10

Armstrong and the Vault Of Spirits #1: A bit of a throwaway one shot, but this had some good fun for it. I don’t love Fred Van Lente’s humor a lot of the time — and he loves to insert identity politics jokes into those, but he didn’t really do that in this issue — this seemed to be a sort of reintroduce all of t he characters in this Valiant Universe realm more than anything else. Art was very pretty, story was inconsequential but enjoyable enough. 7/10

If you like  the comics I like, you’ll probably like my fiction writing too. Check out my highly reviewed For Steam And Country, which will also be available on audiobook as soon as Amazon approves it!

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They’re Trying To Take Away Our Right To Speak (And We Can’t Let Them)

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Yesterday,  I touched on DC Comics’ new “social media policy” for t heir contractors, which is aimed at one specific person in order to silence his political speech.

Against the wishes of its own members, the board of the Bruin Republicans has caved to intense pressure from the UCLA faculty and one of its advisors and voted to cancel the event, less than 24 hours after putting tickets on sale. This follows UCLA faculty members placing op eds in multiple news outlets over the past 24 hours.

Then it came out that UCLA created such immense pressure for one of their student clubs, that they were forced  to cancel Milo Yiannopolous speaking.

This isn’t the first time college campuses have while simultaneously taking public funds, shut down Milo as a speaker. They’re afraid of him being able to reach the young — and for good reason, he’s doing a great job at it.

In the past, conservative speakers were stodgy, boring bowtie types that receive their positions at the National Review from being respectable, never arguing too hard with their opposition, and thus losing all the time. We now have a generation of the right where we’re edgy, interesting,  fun, subversive, and speaking truth to power. I’ve said it before:

We are the new punk rock. 

But unlike the original punk movement where they  relegated themselves to dive bars in seedy areas, having very little influence on the course of events, we are tangibly changing things. We’re present at professional conferences, at colleges, on the internet on our ever-growing platforms, and in the places where ideas are created and where we can move the world.

This is why they’re so afraid of us, and why they’re doing everything in their power to shut us down so we can’t speak. Milo is showing this in a very public way in political speech, I’m showing how bad the blacklisting and hatred is in culture. They’re lashing out so hard because this movement is really gaining legs, and they want nothing more than to completely shut us down.

It’s imperative to not lose heart or lose hope when these sorts of things happens. As Milo himself said, “I guess another university will get to enjoy the show — and the profits — instead.”

Eventually, these institutions will see we’re making money, we’re creating audience, and that they’re missing out. But stay strong. Don’t lose the faith because of some little setbacks. By the same token don’t be quiet about it when it happens to you or someone you know. Share these stories, let the public know. Don’t bow to their evil pressures. It’s how we’re going to affect change in the long run.

If you appreciate my blog content here and want to help our platform grow, support my Patreon. Subscribers are receiving great short stories every month and more. As we grow together, this movement will only get bigger and better.

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Why I’ll Likely Never Work For A Big Publisher – Thoughts On DC Comics’ Social Media Memo

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Bleeding Cool actually obtained a company memo from DC Comics about their creators’ social media, which vaguely states “mean spirited” tweets are against their company policy. The fake news gossip site itself is every to gleeful to talk about how the policy is meant to “pre-empt” a buzzfeed fake news article which is going to be a hit piece on Ethan Van Sciver, a moderate republican artist with DC.

Ethan’s coming under fire for responding to people who were calling him nazi, this or that, etc. just because he dared speak out about his political views. Sound familiar? He’s a very talented artist and he has a “let’s all get along” attitude about things, but like most human beings, gets a little upset when called such nasty names by those attempting to dehumanize him.

Plenty of Marvel and DC writers/artists are “mean spirited” on twitter. It’s been happening for years. The ones who have done so have called anyone who leans libertarian/conservative horrific names, demean people regularly, and yet this never prompted Buzzfeed or DC to care. In fact, a letterer who works for DC was part of that group threatening to falsely accuse youtube reviewer Diversity & Comics of a crime to harass him out of attending conventions — part of why I was so worried about “professionals” in science fiction doing similar to me at WorldCon.

These companies won’t protect anyone on the right, even if you’re a nice guy. DC is probably looking for ways to  terminate Van Sciver now — despite him being one of the most popular artists in the field — but doesn’t want a wrongful termination lawsuit, and so they’ve started taking these steps. It’s not about niceness, it’s not about stopping mean spiritedness, it’s about silencing certain political opinions to appease SJW hate mobs.

DC is no better than Marvel in this regard. They have a few books where they still care about quality, but their line is SJW converged as well.

Their 1984 style memo:

Dear DC Talent Community –

The comic book industry is a very special creative community dedicated to telling epic and legendary stories of action, heroism and intrigue with a rich and diverse portfolio of characters. Both DC’s employees, as well as its extended family of freelance talent, contribute to our success and are direct reflections of our company, characters and comics.

As such, DC expects that its employees and freelance talent community maintain a high level of professionalism as well as reasonable and respectful behavior when engaging in online activities. Comments that may be considered defamatory, libelous, discriminatory, harassing, hateful, or that incite violence are unacceptable and may result in civil or criminal action.

In addition, comments that may be considered insulting, cruel, rude, crass and mean spirited are against company policy and guidelines. We ask, and expect, that you will help to create an online environment that is inclusive, supportive and safe.

Below you will find the most current version of the company’s social media guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact DC Talent Relations department so that we can be of assistance.

DC Entertainment Social Media Guidelines for Talent

This policy has been developed to empower DC Talent to participate in social media activities, represent their creative endeavors well and share their passion for DC’s characters, stories and brands. We recognize the vital importance of online social communities and this policy reflects our commitment to the best possible use of social media. Below are DC’s recommended guidelines when partaking in social media.

Stay positive when you post and we also recommend that you avoid negative comments in this very public forum.

You may want to refrain from engaging with individuals who may be speaking negatively about you, other talent, DC, our fans and the comics industry as this is a no-win situation.

If there has been a personal threat to you or those around you then in addition to alerting DC, please involve the proper law enforcement authorities.

Use good judgment when posting, reposting and liking comments, photos and videos as these may have unintended consequences.

Talent should take special care when using social media to ensure that comments and postings made by you are not associated with DC.

Under all circumstances, please indicate that you do work for DC, but that your comments are your own and do not reflect those of the company.

The internet is permanent regardless of “privacy settings” or other limits you may try to place on your posting. Think before you post, comment, retweet or like something.

Do not reveal plot points, storylines or launch timing — including photos or video of in-progress assets, artwork, story outlines, scripts, panels, announcement details, etc. without coordinating with DC Publicity. Members of the press may follow you on social media, and your posts can — and probably will — become news.

Don’t break news on social media. If you have any questions on what you can or can’t post on any platform, DC Publicity or Talent Relations departments are available to assist.

If you’d like to share DC news on your social pages, we recommend sharing news from, DCE-sanctioned social media pages and other news widely reported on credible news outlets.

If you are contacted by members of the press or asked to participate in an interview about your work for DC, please coordinate this with the DC Publicity department so that news can be rolled out in an orchestrated fashion and elevated on DC digital and social channels as well.

And finally, we recognize that there can be a dark side to social media and to that end if you feel that you are being harassed or bullied through social media channels because of your work for DC or your association with us, please feel free to contact the DC Talent Relations department so that we can be of assistance.

Of course some people’s mean spirited speech will be more equal than others.

DC wouldn’t hire me in a million years, because I don’t toe a company line, I am an independent thinker, and they don’t allow those in t he comic industry. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes later this year when my The Ember War adaptation hits amazon. If/when that sells well, what then?

Even a smaller publisher like Angry Robot doesn’t care about anything other than their political signaling. They didn’t even dignify me with a response when I emailed Mike Underwood about The Stars Entwined, which I’ll be putting out March 20th. Of course, I’m blocked by him on twitter — despite sharing a drink with him at a convention several years ago. It’s all about the political signaling, even if I outsell the vast majority of their titles already.

Talent doesn’t matter to these companies, nor does sales as the decline in market has shown over the years. They’re cowards. Remember, this is the same company that removed Orson Scott Card from writing superman — remember that? That was the original #comicsgate before we were organized against them. OSC is one of the greatest writers ever, but have a “wrong” view about a political topic, and you’re blacklisted. I hope this isn’t the beginning of this for Van Sciver, but the way the company’s going about it, it sure looks like it.

This is why it’s imperative to build your own platform if you want to have any semblance of free speech. You can’t do it through these companies, they’ll never let you. They hate you at the end of the day, and this is how they begin to show it.

If you like my independent work, check out my fiction in For Steam And Country, the very popular steampunk book that’s revitalizing the genre. I write from the heart in both my fiction and non-fiction, and it comes cross, just look at the reviews.

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