Off To Montana

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Going out to nature to hang out in the great state of Montana.  I’ll be out hiking, fishing, shooting, things good red-blooded Americans do, so I will be completely checked out of the internet until I get back.

I aim to get some writing done, finish up some comic scripts I have lingering that I want to do, maybe a couple of short stories and then dive into my Super Secret Sword & Sorcery project, which is tentatively going to be titled The Demon’s Eye.

I might do a couple of blogs I pre-program, might not. Haven’t decided yet. But either way, I was mentioned in this great article by Hollywood in Toto, about people who are actively changing the culture. It’s nice to be recognized.

If you miss my voice too much, go buy my book Make Science Fiction Fun Again and read it and imagine I’m reading those awesome stories to you!

See you next week.

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Bestselling Author Michael Z Williamson Erased From History — Over Politics

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Last night Michael Z. Williamson’s blog was brought to my attention, who if you are unfamiliar with him, was (is) one of the pioneering fiction writers in the wild west of the early-mid 2010s who bucked the system of social justice-focused “woke” writing in order to focus on craft and excellent storytelling.

Now, years later, big tech is taking its revenge on Michael as they’ve deleted his wikipedia page.

The excuse is his relation to “sad puppies” — which goes back to a group that was trying to bring the Hugo Awards back to sanity several years ago.

What it comes down to is Wikipedia trying to erase mention of any of its political opponents because of its extreme left-biased agenda. It’s not enough for them to just hate and try to attack us anymore, they’re trying to erase everyone from existing — complete dehumanization — because they’ve lost all semblance of argument for their horrific behavior they’ve foisted upon us for daring disagree with their politics.

This, removing people’s ability to do commerce by deplatforming them from places like Paypal or IndieGoGo, is the new front in the war, where they’re so afraid of great content like Williamson’s books that they don’t want anyone to inadvertently discover how great of a writer he is.

The page is back up as of this morning after many complaints, but it took a lot of effort to get it to this point, and if you click on any of the reference links they’ll all come up as “not relevant”. Since this sort of erasure is something that can happen without notice, without any semblance of fairness, and all over politics, we cannot use Wikipedia reliably. Fortunately there is an answer up in infogalactic if you want to learn about Williamson.

They know their books can’t compete with his, so they’re trying to starve him of mentions.

Well, we won’t put up with that, now will we?

Buy Williamson’s books here: 


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The Civil War Is Already Here – Miss Michigan Stripped Of Title

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If you didn’t already see it when I have been systematically de-personed by the science fiction publishing establishment who blacklists me from conventions, organizations, and anything else because I dare to have opinions that are different than theirs politically, it’s going to the next level now.

They’re targeting a young Asian girl who won the title of Miss Michigan because of her intellect and beauty, because she’s vocal about her Trump support and won’t keep to the political narrative she’s been assigned.

The Miss World pageant has now stripped her of her title, disassociated and disavowed her, wrote her a nasty email, which Jack Posobiec unveiled yesterday.

This sort of intimidation tactic happens in every single industry, every time anyone comes out as a Trump supporter. As much as they shriek Nazi at everyone else, they are the ones who are intimidating people out of jobs, out of artistry, to try to silence opponents by force because they know their ideas cannot stand on their own.

But of course they can’t allow this beautiful face to have a title, to be out there as their opposition because it destroys their narrative of opposing the white man.

How long will this go on? When will we start fighting back instead of pulling this BS “we must be apolitical!” and fight fire with fire?

If you hire Democrats or work with them at this point, or purchase their services knowingly for anything, you’re what gives them power. Apply their social pressure back to them.

All of the folk who work on my Steampunk series are 100% based. That’s why there’s no garbage content in it, and why people love the stories so much. It’s also why I scare sci-fi publishing. They know they can’t compete. Check it out. 125 reviews, 4.6/5 stars.  

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The Obsession With Alan Moore Creates Bad Writers

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It was announced yesterday that Alan Moore will be retiring from writing comics.

I haven’t read a new comic of his since Prometheus, Tom Strong and Top 10, which were frankly the best works of his I read at all.

Alan Moore made his career on deconstructing superheroes, in essence ruining what made them fun — the hope that the everyman can get some cool powers and beat up some bad dudes.

It’s not a deep genre in a non-deep medium, even the “deep” comics like Watchmen really are thin compared to real literature, and it’s because picture books can never be real literature.

Unfortunately with the success of Watchmen, The Killing Joke, What Ever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow, and the deconstruction of heroes, it brought about the destruction of heroes.

It’s not that far a leap to Tom King Batman, where the Bat sits around and whines about how he does no good and it’s a nihilistic endless slog while his sidekicks try to pick up the slack.

That’s what Alan Moore’s work did to the medium. It took it from fun to depressing. From awe-inspiring, to super people doing ordinary things.

He pioneered the way for what this industry has become in recent decades–nihilistic, depressing, uninspiring trash.

I’d rather read something else, and hail some others from that era as great, the ones who really made books which are worth the read, like Tom DeFalco and Chuck Dixon.

But the media wants you in this endless cycle of dreary so they can control you.

I wrote all about Alan Moore’s destruction of comics in a guest post two years ago. I still stand by it.  

I also have much better comics than dreary Alan Moore works. One with a hero who despite her having very few abilities, does her best to scrap it out and make a difference anyway. Because that’s what heroes do.

Read Flying Sparks now.

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It’s Just Poorly Written FanFic

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Every single day I still see all over my feed:




The same outrage train used by the same youtubers to perpetuate a click cycle of the exact same stuff they were bitching about 2-3 years ago.

And like a bunch of gamma male chumps, reteweets, likes, comments are off the charts on these posts every time.

But everyone sent MILLIONS in crowdfund money because we needed a good “screw you industry!”, an awareness raising moment, an alternative to all this garbage formed so art can be art again and not just some corporate outrage gimmick aimed at the lowest common denominator.

The thing is, it was done. It exists. We don’t need them anymore.

But instead of championing the new movement and new books, and stuff that’s actually worthy of attention in culture, they keep at this over and over again.

Why? It’s just bad fanfic.

It takes a certain type of loser to still care about what’s being done in current year Spider-Man after Marvel has told them “fuck you we don’t want you as a customer!” on repeat, after they’re seeing what they can do to degenerate the character even further, after there’s vast amounts of alternatives out there.

It’s the gamma male mindset where they have to cling cuz they believe secretly they are so smart and so wonderful that Marvel will HAVE to see and change their ways.

And they keep buying. They keep spreading the outrage marketing that keeps more people buying. They hamper any alternatives from gaining a foothold cuz all that gets talked about is the new bullshit from Disney.

It’s depressing. And it is a difficult thing to break.

But it starts with you.

In 2008, when Marvel first showed its true colors by having The Satanic Spider-Man make a deal with the devil which removes his marriage because the devil said he’d keep his like 80+ year old aunt alive a couple years longer or something if he did…

I complained.

And then I quit.

And i never looked back. I never bought another issue. I never looked at news of Spider-Man, I don’t even go to see the movies because they’re going to follow the same path because they’re created by the same lowlife degenerates who hate marriage, hate our civilization and actively try to destroy our culture.

It’s a hard thing to do, I’m not going to lie, but it starts with a mindset shift.

  1. You have to look at it as fanfic. Dan Slott is not a creator, he’s an imitator. He takes characters like Spider-Man and puts his little gamma fantasies on them. You view it like that. There is no difference between what he does and what fat weirdo ladies in the 70s did by making gay sex Kirk and Spock stories and circulating them as fanzines, except for Slott has a blessing from Disney which has a piece of paper saying they get money from it. These people rarely make their own ideas, and when they do, they’re generally poor. You don’t have to get outraged about some fat lady’s gay Kirk and Spock, just don’t read it.
  2. Don’t boost their signal. You know their entire schtick is outrage marketing. When you give your favorite youtube shills clicks so you can go “OH BOY WHAT IS STAR WAR DOING NEXT!” you are giving Disney free marketing. You have to cut it off and not watch that shit. It’s not worth your time anyway. Your life’s short. Go outside.
  3. Boost the signal of people creating alternatives.  You know I’ve got Flying Sparks and want to push into other media. You know Alt-Hero is out there and working on getting a movie made. The more these projects get around by being discussed, talked about, posited about, debated on, etc., the more new people have a shot to check them out.

If you focus on these three things every day, you’ll push things further. Even if you do this with only 1/10th of your posts, it’s going to be a start. Get in the habit of doing it. You always see me boosting projects by different creators because I want them to get to the next level. This is why I took an active roll in getting Richard Fox’s Ember War made into a comic. I want that storyboard out there so he can get the damn movie he deserves! It’s a great book.

In summary: don’t be a loser, stop caring about fanfic. Care about real art.

Flying Sparks volume 2 is shipping now. I took all my money, invested it in making a business that’s sustainable to where I’m coming out with the equivalent of a comic a month. Why is it necessary to get that speed? Because that’s what the big companies do. You need constant content to get discussion going, to get that circle going so it can sustain itself.

I’ve done it. All you have to do is read a great comic.



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What Storms Are Going On In Your Life?

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During our times of biggest troubles, it’s crucial that we surrender ourselves to God. It can be overwhelming and we don’t want to lose control during those dark moments, but remember that light ALWAYS overcomes darkness, because darkness is only the absence of light.

Whatever you have going on, no matter how difficult it may be, God is bigger. He is there for you and will guide you.

There was a great message about it this weekend that’s well worth the watch. You can view it here.

There’s also a bonus that I played the keyboards behind my great friends Stephanie and Wyatt at about 33:50 forward. Can check out a little bit of the music we make every weekend, in praise of Him who is most high.

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I don’t owe explanations

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I get a lot of angry people coming at me all the time (I know you’re shocked).

I supremely frustrate people a lot more than most because when they make angry demands of me, I don’t take them seriously.

In a latest, I’m dealing with a ‘HOW DO YOU SUPPORT A RACIST DRUMPFFFF?”

And I just troll back, because it’s not worth my time, energy, or thought process to deal rationally with someone who’s 100% irrational, and since it’s not coming at me as pleasant conversation, I won’t treat it as pleasant conversation.

That’s what a lot of people in publishing or whatever don’t get. I’m never going to take someone seriously who’s not going to treat me seriously and respectfully. Why would I?

This is exactly what the SFWA president did to me in 2017, opening salvos by calling this blog “egregious stupidity”. Then when I was not nice back, they acted like I did something mean to her. The truth was, she in her position of authority should not have been doing that to a new writer on the internet to begin with. In a just world, she would have been removed from her position or censured, but it’s all politics with them, so they attacked me for my responses to her trying to destroy my career instead.

I still await the results as to whether they’re going to play fair under new leadership.

In the meantime, I got books to write. I’m 1/2 through scripting Flying Sparks volume 4. Volume 2 is shipping now, and it’s a TON of fun superhero romp with a cool mob storyline like you’d used to get from good comics. Buy it here.


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