Meme Of The Day: Know Your Christian Rock!

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Hate Website File 770 Pirates Bestselling Author’s Work, Refuses To Apologize

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I couldn’t be more shocked.

To some degree, I understand the ribbing over politics that goes on. It’s part of the culture, even if these people take it to such extremes that it’s a wonder how they function in their day to day lives (most of them don’t function well from what I’ve seen — otherwise why would SFWA have so many panels on mental illness?).

Instead of appealing to normal folk to read, the backwards industry has decided to focus their efforts on riling up these poor mentally ill individuals, including taking pot shots at very popular authors on a regular basis (see Larry Correia’s recent blog) so that these mostly fledging authors who read this site can take comfort in each other as they snipe at people more successful than them.

We have a similar situation here, where File 770 posted a short story by a bestselling author from a piracy site, giving away this author’s work to everyone who came there, potentially harming the author’s career. I couldn’t believe it myself. Political nonsense is one thing, but this is a new low for File 770, as everyone in the community regardless of politics should hold sacred the author’s right to their work, and to get fairly compensated for their work. Without that, we have no civilization or copyright laws, let alone a science fiction publishing industry.

But they posted it, and when the author emailed about it, the author was greeted with absolute rudness by File 770’s proprietor, Mike Glyer (posted with the author’s permission):

I’ll go over the chain of events because the emails embed backward for the sake of timeline.

  1. Author requests the pirated work go down.
  2. Mike Glyer is absolutely rude to the author about it — and claimed the file was posted by said author.

I’ll full stop here — if I found that I had a link on my website to a piece of fiction that the author did not want disseminated on the internet, I would immediately say “oh, sorry, my bad I didn’t know, I removed it” and do so. It’s pretty simple business. Even for my enemies I would be courteous. It’s shocking how Mike escalated the situation when there was absolutely no need to.

Glyer proceeds to insult the author–which as File 770 is an agitation and hate website, it makes sense that this would be his goal. No doubt his entire goal was to get the author riled up so this gets blogged about so he can post another out of context quote on his website and rile up his mentally ill minions again. We all know the drill at this point, even if it doesn’t make sense why Glyer does this. It’s sad to watch over and over as so many authors get targeted and harassed in this manner.

I’ll note that this was exactly how I came on the scene as a fledgling author, File 770 making posts harassing me which were then escalated by people like Cat Rambo, Kurt Busiek, John Scalzi, and now is being continued by Mary Robinette Kowal. All of those people owe me an apology and then some for the way they’ve treated me. And they further this behavior by giving File 770 legitimacy. This is why Mike is incentivized to keep doing things like the above to authors with followings.

It’s as the author said, all he had to do was remove the pirated link, but instead he gave the author lip to try to start yet another feud. And he further escalates at the end by adding talk of lawyers — does he want this escalated to a legal conflict? As much as Glyer is glib, if the author’s content is being given illegally, FIle 770 would be the liable one.

Someone really should go after File 770 and the commenters there who harass so many authors it’s absolutely disgusting. It needs to stop. This is so far over the line it’s unbelievable.

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How To Emulate The Mindset of Winners

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I hurt this morning.

Two days ago, I strained my calf very badly. I have naturally tight calves because of short tendons in both my legs and arms (which hurt my arms as well for things like typing) and so I tend to get injured by pulling my calf just by walking some days. I stretch, I drink lots of water, I take magnesium supplements, there’s nothing I can really do about it other than try to keep it from getting worse.

But what happened was I didn’t want to workout because of it.

If you follow me on social media you’ll know that I’ve been dieting very well and in conjunction with training, I’ve dropped 18 lbs in about 2 ½ months. My goal is to get another 15 more while simultaneously packing on muscle. I’ve been inspired by great guys like AJ Cortes, Jarid Mayo (of Muscles by Mayo), and comic artist Graham Nolan to try to improve myself physically.

It’d be easy to say “I’m injured, I’m taking a few days off.”

It would also slow my progress.

I did take one day off, when it was the worst, but I found I could walk on it today, which meant I could train everything except matters involving my calf. Steps were out, running’s out, lunges are out, but I can keep going with almost everything else.

Instead of quitting an dropping out, I hit the gym hard and really worked my upper body, which you can do a lot of heart-rate raising calisthenics to get yourself going even without much of a leg workout.

How does this apply to you?

No matter what it is – if it’s book writing, comic making, getting fit, getting smart, progressing in your faith in Christ, pushing yourself at work – the difference between attaining your goals and not, between winning and losing, is pushing forward when you don’t feel like it, when you’ve got a legit excuse, when you’ve got an injury. Those who excel do the work regardless. That’s how you get to the next level.

Remember it today. Whatever’s holding you back, a lot of it’s in your own mind.

My characters in my books push through despite the odds. That’s what makes them heroes. Check out The Stars Entwined for an amazing sci-fi epic where even an intergalactic war doesn’t slow my heroes down.


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Fake Christian Leaders Leads To Fake Christian Followers

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One of the biggest worship leaders out there, one of the biggest most popular names in “Christianity” says he’s losing his faith because pain and death exist?

The answer to these sort of things you learn and figure out when you’re a new Christian. Which means this world leader is extremely immature in the faith at best, or never learned what the faith was at worst — which I’m going to venture to guess is the latter based on this mushy “MAKE IT FEEL GOOD!” form of Churchianity out there which has nothing to do with God, but everything to do with hedonistic emotions in another form from secular entertainment.

Choose your leaders more wisely. Make sure they are on solid ground, otherwise the entire cliff you’re standing on will crumble away.

It’s sad to see this in the church after viewing so much of this very same thing in comics and politics.

My only loss in faith is in the American public as I see that there are far too many people too rich, fat, and stupid to really want to pursue truth. Trying to appeal to THAT means these leaders are following the prince of this world, and not the King above.

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The NFL Is More Over Than Over

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Most Americans already stopped watching football because no one wants to deal with an incessant political middle finger to us in the middle of our sunday entertainment, which is what it became after the national anthem kneeling.

Of course, those that run the NFL don’t realize what the problem is and are going even deeper into SJW nonsense: 

The NFL and Roc Nation, the entertainment company founded by Jay-Z, have launched a partnership in which Jay Z will take a prominent role in a social-justice program the league launched last year at a time when it…

I thought their job was to produce football games?

It’s not about that anymore, which means it’s not about its core purpose. SJWs have converged the NFL and it’s time to absolutely stop watching if you still are. There’s not going to be fun anymore, it won’t be allowed. Get rid of your nostalgia, it’s a waste of time, because it’s going to be constant propaganda from here on out and nothing else.

It’s over because SJWs always double down.

Switch to entertainment which isn’t converged by SJWs like my graphic novel, Flying Sparks. I’ll be launching volume 3 toward the end of this month. Catch up! 

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Obsessing Over Youth Is Destructive

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I’ve noticed something in recent days just with our culture’s obsession with youth. All pop stars have to fit within that 16-22 year old range before they are forced into this destructive lifestyle to try to make them “hip” by overly sexualizing them and it further sends them into destructive paths.

It’s designed so these people peak in their lives at 19 and they can cycle onto the next one. Why? Because at that age, people are malleable, they can be sculpted, their images faked to the nth degree, which is much more difficult to do with a 35 year old.

It’s also designed to get our society fetishizing the youth and for those even younger to look up to these people as idols so they move into these worthless, hedonistic lifestyles.

And we’ve seen where that’s led in recent years.

But there’s nothing inherently better about being a teen or in your early 20s than being older. In fact, when you’re older you’re no longer trying to strive for figuring out what you’re good at, or learning a skill — you should have those by the time you’re in your 30s, and if you don’t you’re going to find you’re in trouble.

And that’s the reason you shouldn’t be striving for those ages past. You need to be striving to better yourself in the present to prepare yourself for the future. Those attitudes you had then more often than not won’t be preparing you, because that youthful time truly is about wasting time.

I found from an early age that I liked hanging out with folk who were older than me, because they typically had more interesting things to say than folk in their teens or early twenties.They were smarter, more experienced, i could learn far more from them than I could my colleagues who, I was only forced into social situations with because of the way our schooling system divides up our people by age, a false construct by our degenerate society which is part of the reason our youth can’t develop anymore.

But still, I wish I’d had more focus and more drive back then so I could be on this path of writing now. I wasted a lot of that time, and that’s not something I wish to get back, but it is something I never wish to do again.

It’s an interesting observation, and it starts with you to be able to push the culture by moving yourself forward and bettering yourself. Your metabolism changes and slows, the body breaks down to some degree — but this can be mitigated through diet and exercise (as I’m working really hard to do now). Getting rid of bad habits and forming new good ones is challenging, but that is the end goal we all should be striving for.

If you like my content, support my Patreon. I have all sorts of different fiction I come out with and it’s well worth the while.

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What We Learn From Epstein

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Is the same lesson we learn when we see the way the Science Fiction Writers of America treat me.

Much like the elite class in the overall world, the elites in science fiction have a pedophile problem. It’s detailed in Moira Greyland’s tell all, The Last Closet, where she tells us exactly what was going on in the sick world of these science fiction conventions.

It’s what brought me to speak out against it.

And naturally, SFWA’s first instinct was to cover it up, as their former president went on record, very publicly defending the acts and trying to sweep it under the rug as quickly as possible rather than face the hard truth of what’s going on in the organizations.

These elites will do ANYTHING in order to silence people from their bizarre, creepy activities, and they don’t want outsiders who would be potential whistleblowers to be able to have a voice.

In the case of Epstein, they’ll go so far as murder so he doesn’t rat them out.

In my case, they’ll attempt to murder my career so I don’t investigate further into what’s going on in these circles.

But we cannot let evil win. We MUST challenge it. We have a duty to humanity to ensure that we can keep children safe from harm — it is the crux of civilization right there.

I won’t stop doing my journalism. I won’t stop making challenging fiction content that readers crave because big publishing will only push their satanic narratives in their fiction.

And you should join me. Because the more of us there are fighting, the harder it is for these evil people to target and destroy us before we can get off the ground.

Support my patreon to make sure the work continues, and get quality fiction in the process.

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