What Do You Do About The Haters And Losers?

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I posted up some of the hate I receive regularly last night on social media, when a random person took to a wall and from that comment on actually spent the entire evening relentlessly attacking me. Another author friend of mine posed a question: “how do you deal with the 24-7 hate you get?”

Jon Del Arroz’s History Of Being Trolled And Harassed by SJWs

It’s been a journey with this as much as it’s been a journey in writing, becoming successful, and the good end of this business.

I dealt with my first round of hate in 2016 in the science fiction industry when my at-the-time editor at the time, Jennifer Brozek, had her assistant Sarah Craft send me e-mail warning shots about my being happy about the Trump election (when they were acting like absolute bully children about how people voted) threatening that I would basically never work in the industry again if I continued this way.

It was pretty standard. I’d heard from a lot of conservatives that none would speak up because it’d kill careers. I was warned every step of the way never to be vocal about anything with what I believed or I’d be 100% ostracized and demonized even by the people sitting around the table, sharing drinks and food with me, claiming to be my friends. This is 100% accurate. It all happened.

Most who read here have seen how far it went from BayCon, my home convention, turning its back on me, the organizers there who I spent good time with, spoke with often, all decided I was the “evil nazi” because I dared have a different political opinion than them, and I was no longer invited. It escalated to being attacked by industry profressionals like Cat Rambo, president of SFWA and Kurt Busiek, former Marvel comics writer on File 770, which spiraled into Bleeding Cool attacking me, and then larger authors jumping on the bandwagon once I got more popular, all as if I’m some sort of threat to their careers.

From that period of about November 2016 – September 2017, I didn’t deal with it well. I was extremely hurt, the betrayal of friends and colleagues in the industry because I dared speak out was just mind-boggling. I couldn’t handle it. It was a really dark spot for a long time there. I’m not some superhuman who can absorb my children being doxxed and getting strange packages because the President of SFWA is going around telling people I’m less than human (when she should be out there defending authors who have independent opinions! Literally her job). They almost caused me to crack.

So What Do I Do To Stay So Upbeat? 

I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was just the amount of it, the relentless nature of it, but after it went that far in September last year, which got to the point where I emailed that I had concerns of being physically attacked at Worldcon and the chairman ignored my threats and later banned the victim, I compartmentalized it. I could see the hate and not spend all of my time for days stewing on it all of a sudden. I think it’s desensitization to some extent, which is not a good thing really if you think about it, but that’s a portion of how I handled it.  The other portion is mindset.

Mindset Is LIfe

I’ve also changed from getting mad to just laughing. I almost never get mad anymore at comments like the ones I received last night. People are just as nasty as they’ve ever been, but it’s really funny. Because if you think about it, they’re angry because they are seeing their power structures fading. Their stories aren’t selling. Their friends stories aren’t selling. They’re not connecting with readers at all.

They’re also having trouble connecting with friends. A lot of these people who built up walled-off power structures in the industry are honestly mentally ill. I’m not saying this as an insult, but you’ll often see them post about depression, how terrible their lives are as writers, how hard it is even to type words because they’re so overwhelmed and depressed. Part of it is their echo chamber where they’ve blocked any other opinions and they’ve got a relentless feed of fake news telling them the world is doomed 24-7. Think about how stressful it must be to have even just that for a minutes, and then consider these folk are introverted homebodies who don’t often go outside and get a breath of fresh air. That’s where they’re coming from. At that point, you can just feel a little empathy and pity for them.

It also sucks that there’s a newcomer in here who’s a #1 Bestseller less than 2 years into the business, and they’ve been toiling for decades barely able to get short stories published, and even with that, they have very few readers. It’s not fair. I get the urge to tear that down, even if it’s nonsensical because my success doesn’t mean they (or you) can’t be a success too. It’s not a either/or game. And actually, I’ve tried to offer to help some of these folk (including Cat Rambo) because their marketing game is very poor and they from their positions can often do a lot better. That’s my olive branch because I just care about the business at the end of the day, these feuds don’t matter to me even if it’s intensely personal to them.

But that’s really it. If you can learn to laugh, if you can learn to pity those who are doing it, their insults don’t really grate on you anymore. You just see it as something you can repost, get some amusement out of, and move on with your day. It takes a lot of being hit over and over to get to that point because I’m not sure I could shift the mindset without the desensitization aspect, and man I tell you they almost got to me, very close, but once you get there it becomes a lot easier.

I’ma Stay Gettin’ Money

It also becomes a lot easier when your books are selling. Keep producing. Their goal is to get you off track so you don’t get things done. Don’t let that happen. Focus on work. Put in the hard effort. I was telling a wildly successful author last night who congratulated me on my new #1 Release that I haven’t seen anyone who honestly treats this like a business and not a hobby lose. think about it. everyone who’s dead focused, pushing really hard on all angles seems to get a leg up. That’s true in life in whatever you’re doing. Work hard, stay focused. That’s the key.

And the haters can suck it, cuz I’m #1 😉 .

I’ve got a crowdfund coming out next week. Comics is an industry that’s very similar with maybe even worse hater contingent than the sci-fi game. I don’t know how my audience is going to translate over to a different medium, but I’m very excited because I have a great product with a great artist working with me. Later today (friday July 20th), I’m going to be sending out a free 8 page sampler to everyone on my mailing list. Do sign up so you can see if you like my comics! 

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What Is #ComicsGate?

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Most people who frequent here are familiar with the movement, but former D.C. Comics artist Mike S. Miller, who’s currently running the Lonestar IndieGoGo campaign, wrote a nice analysis about the movement for people who aren’t quite familiar with it:

As the comic book world braces for its annual mecca to San Diego Comic Con, there is a storm brewing beneath the feet of its biggest publishers: Comicsgate.

There has been a growing dissatisfaction with the direction main stream comic books have been going in the past few years. In a time of unprecedented media attention for comic books from the three biggest publishers in the industry, and a period of economic growth unseen in the last thirty years… the comic book industry lost over seventy million dollars last year.

But that money hasn’t all just disappeared. A burgeoning new movement that has been labeled ‘Comicsgate’, has managed to pick up enough of those lost readers to sell over one million dollars in the past three months, and the movement is growing every day.

What is ‘Comicsgate’?

Comicsgate is an alliance of comic book fans, critics, and creators who have found common cause in standing up against what they see as a hard push by social justice warriors into their hobby. A push that has corrupted or politicized the industry they have spent a lifetime cultivating. Fans have simply been walking away from the hobby in droves (as the industries falling profits attest). Critics entertain those disgruntled fans through social media and YouTube channels, giving shape to a movement that has been years, if not decades, in the making. Creators, some of whom have been the subject of blacklisting at companies run by said SJW’s, have found common cause with critics and fans alike, and thus was born an alliance: Comicsgate.

Who is ‘Comicsgate’?

Comicsgate is the people who share the same belief that those who run the major publishing companies in the comics industry are treating their fans poorly. In part due to their constant pushing of social justice or other political ideologies. In part due to some creators and editors outright insulting the fans who disagree with said ideologies.

Comicsgate is not about political ideology or identity. There are conservatives and liberals, there are black and white, gay and straight, Christian and Atheist, and everything under the sun. Where comicsgate people disagree is not where they put their focus. It’s where they agree that they ally: Comics are about entertainment, not political or ideological proselytizing. That is the line in the sand that has brought a disparate group of people together to change comics as a medium back to what it was when they fell in love with the genre.

The movement means business.

A few months ago one of the better known critics in the Comicsgate movement was told to ‘put up or shut up’ about his critique of comic books. Richard C. Meyer, aka ‘Diversity and Comics’ on Youtube and Twitter, took the challenge to heart. Hiring Marvel artist Jon Malin and colorist Brett Smith to create his own comic book, ‘Jawbreakers’ and sell it through Indiegogo. And did it sell. To date, the book has sold over $364,000 and climbing. No small feat for an independent comic. And just the start of a wave of comics in the Comicsgate alliance.

Next came Ethan Van Sciver’s ‘Cyberfrog: Blood Honey’, a re-birth of the Green Lantern artist’s 25 year old creator owned title, which has broken all records in the crowd-funding of comic books at a whopping $443,000 and growing every day.

Mitch Breitweiser’s ‘Red Rooster: The Golden Age’ launched just a few weeks ago, and has already broken the $90,000 mark.

Chuck Dixon’s ‘Space Force’ launched out of the gate last week and has reached $30,000 already.

And latest to the game, launching just this weekend and already breaking the $25,000 barrier, is Injustice artist Mike S. Miller’s ‘Lonestar: Heart of the Hero’.

These, along with a handful of other titles have cumulatively brought the fledgling movement of Comicsgate projects to a height no one could have imagined three short months ago when Jawbreakers first hit the crowd-funding platform. And with the audience of the critics and the creators alike growing day after day, this seems to be a movement with real feet.

Watch out Marvel, DC, and Image comics. The customers you’ve been taking for granted have found a new venue for spending their hard earned money. With a little luck, and a bit of business sense, the Comicsgate alliance could well shape the future of the comic book industry itself.

The movement is thriving so much, a million dollars is nothing to scoff at, especially where the industry is at overall right now. It’s only going to keep moving as well. I’m coming out with my crowdfund for my comic Flying Sparks next week, but in the meantime, if you want to check out my writing, I’ve got a new novella out, currently at #3 in Steampunk overall and the #1 New Release. Check it out if you want to see my writing style. I promise you’ll have fun. It’s steampunk knights with guns, after all.

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Are You Ready For The Special Forces Of Steampunk?

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Knights with guns! The #SummerOfSteampunk begins here.

Today marks the release of my new novella, Knight Training. This book is for the fans, since i received so much feedback from everyone wanting to see more development of the character James Gentry, who makes his first appearance in my award winning novel, For Steam And Country.

Already great reviews:

“Enjoyed reading this story of Knights in Training. Love to read about male bonding and sword fighting. Great lead character and interesting read. I recommend it. “

“For those who love For Steam and Country: Book One of the Adventures of Baron Von Monocle, this is a great way to tide you over until Book Two (whenever that comes out!). We get to read about James Gentry’s training and his involvement in the intrigues of Rislandia. It’s a very fast read, and that might be my only complaint: I wanted to see more. The story ends on a good note, so it’s not yet another to-be-continued teaser; it’s a strong and complete tale unto itself, and builds on an interesting-yet-overshadowed character from the first novel.

You’ll like it.”

“This is a great ‘coming of age’ story with a decidedly male bent. Surprising since most of this author’s other books put a female lead front and center. It was good to see a male character with dreams and goals.”

Basic premise: James always dreamed of becoming a knight, and thanks to getting caught up in a whirlwind of events in that first book, he was able to become one–at least an apprentice. He’s finding Knight Training to be a little harder than he thought, not because of the physical demands, but because of the pressure that’s put on him from so many different sources. But James refuses to give up. He puts his head down and works harder. He refuses to fail. Training gets complicated by James discovering there’s a traitor among the master knights. and I won’t spoil it further from there.

This is a very fun adventure, and also a fairly short read. If you’ve been wanting to check out my work and haven’t yet, this is a great place to start because it’s low-cost, low-time commitment. It’s a breeze to read through. The story is completely standalone, though of course people who have read For Steam And Country should thoroughly enjoy it. The book also serves as a bridge between For Steam, and book 2: The Blood Of Giants, which is going to be out in August. It also introduces a new character, Ethan von Lantern, who is crucial to the series going forward. So you won’t want to miss this!

Read Knight Training now for only 99 cents — or free on Kindle Unlimited.


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My Post Mocking Feminism Goes Viral – Twitter Locks My Account

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Twitter’s been on a warpath against conservatives lately, as I detailed in my piece for The Federalist about a month ago. They’re claiming they’re making all sorts of changes to “better the experience”, but the truth is, they’re attacking conservative thought.

Last time, I was given no choice when I made the statement that transgenderism is a mental illness by definition. They made me take it down in order to get my account back — and I need my account for book marketing. What could I do?

This time was a little more interesting. Here’s what occurred while I was asleep last night, a fan sent over the screen shot to me:

What happened yesterday?  I made a post mocking feminism, which is clearly NOT a violation of their TOS, so they couldn’t ding me on the post proper. The post was retweeted by Mike Cernovich, and when it had that many eyeballs on it, it proceeded to go viral. When I went to bed it was reaching 100 retweets and 500 likes, and still going very strong.

Twitter didn’t like my message, but they didn’t have any way to stop me from the actual content, so they locked my account out. The “bot like behavior” reasoning is a frightening one for free speech, as they don’t actually have to explain themselves to you at all. The only thing I did last night was get too popular.

I’m back in now, but the account was locked overnight, making my viralness stop in its tracks. This was their goal. They don’t want to see our kind of thought out there.

This is going to keep escalating as we get close to the 2018 midterms. Big Tech wants to influence the election, and they want to stop the influencers of thought and policy they deem to be threats. Be careful out there, and make EVERYTHING public that they do to you. We have to keep calling them on it when this kind of behavior happens if we want to continue our winning in the culture war.

I make my own culture as well, which makes me doubly dangerous to these people who are trying to censor conservatives. My most popular work is an award winning fantasy novel about a girl who inherits and airship and goes to war. Check it out here, as book 2 and 3 are coming out soon and you won’t want to miss reading those on their launch!  

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The #ComicsGate Crowdfund Successes Keep Rolling

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Honestly, it’s starting to look like we have our own little pocket industry here. While the books I’m talking about now aren’t making the $300-400k amount, they are making far more than most other first time comic kickstarters that I see launching.

The most recent success story is Mike S. Miller’s Lonestar: Heart Of A Hero. Miller is another former DC Artist who has an extreme amount of artistic talent, and his superhero has a cool patriotic theme which appeals very well to our budding movement. He just launched over the weekend and already has made more than $20,000 for a 48-Page book.

Shortly before that was Trump’s Space Force, by veteran creators Chuck Dixon, Timothy Lim and Brett R. Smith. This over-the-top pro-Trump concept has been on the minds of many ever since Trump announced a space force, and with this level of talent, it has the whole industry excited. In its first week, the single-issue book has made more than $25,000.

Mitch Breitweiser’s Red Rooster has also reached near-Ethan Van Sciver level of success since it’s come out. His new superhero is a very unique concept and with him and his wife doing most of the artistic work, and friend of the movement Mark Pellegrini on writing duties, people took to this project very early on. It should break $90k this week.

And Blake Northcott, writer of Aspen Comics’ Executive Asisstant Iris put out a kickstarter for a new novel, not even a comic. It broke $10,000 in tis first weekend  and is on its way up, and I haven’t seen many prose books do this kind of funding at all.

The train keeps rolling. This movement is not just something stuck on a couple of lucky YouTube stars, but it’s people committed to fun comic books across the board. Even with so many projects in just a span of a couple of months, these books keep funding — which means there’s a lot of readers out there who are very excited for the movement. It’s rolling. This is the summer where the comic industry changes. We are building something new together.

Comics are a lot like science fiction, and I’m working to change that industry as well. I write fun books just like the comics I’m about to put out, and if you haven’t checked out For Steam And Country, now’s the time. A sequel novella, “Knight Training” is coming out this week, followed by 2 more full books this summer. It’s the #SummerOfSteampunk. #MoveTheNeedle in Science Fiction and read For Steam And Country today! 

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Blacklisting Didn’t Work, So They’re Trying To Harass Us Out Of The Industry

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Ever since I came out of the closet with how I voted, it’s been one thing after another in an attempt to gatekeep me out of the industry. It started with a convention removing me from their speaker circuit as most readers are aware, with many of the same people from that convention then enacting a full ban in an unprecedented move at Worldcon, so they literally wouldn’t have to even see a conservative because it might trigger them.

When I started getting big last summer, the lone professional writer’s guild Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America decided had their president go on a blacklisting and defamation campaign—not only to try to make sure markets wouldn’t publish me, but asking authors to not speak with me.

Her antics led to attacks from big NYT Bestsellers like John Scalzi and Chuck Wendig, both of whom would ramble about me on their blogs and twitter out of nowhere in an effort to try to destroy me.

SFWA’s president’s followers also went way overboard in those months, doxing my children, posting about their medical issues, and all culminating in sending an anonymous spring-loaded package to my house. SFWA’s president has never apologized, never told her fans this was over the line, but last week made bizarre false accusations about me (without naming me) on Twitter to further escalate the rhetoric.

It only gets crazier on the comics side.

A year ago, I wrote an expose about how Marvel Comics blacklists conservatives. Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool turned it into a fake news hit piece on me (I was a nobody at the time, so very odd he would dedicate a piece to that on his site). From there, I had several trolls come over from the SJW comics fandom. They still follow me around to this day, though I’m not sure what they want as they’re not looking at my work. Several anonymous people, making account after account to just come say nasty things to me. And they’re all white males attacking a Hispanic, I might add.

But these last couple of weeks have had complete harassment of professionals who have fans in the #ComicsGate crowd by online cowards who are actively attempting to hurt our businesses.

Both Ethan Van Sciver and Diversity & Comics have IndieGoGo campaigns running, and both campaigns were hit by duplicate mock campaigns to try to confuse buyers and frighten away customers. They were identical in every way, making clear impersonation attempts to fraudulently raise money based on the names of these hardworking professionals.

On top of that, the imposters took to twitter making mock accounts of EVS, D&C, Mitch Breitweiser, Brett R. Smith, Jon Malin, and me. They went to trouble trying to make a number of identical tweets to us, and then set to following all of our fans. I was inundated with messages (do you have another account, were you banned?) for a few days as the person harassed me and others. Eventually, the person broke the bit and started making posts rambling about how terrible President Trump is, making it look like I was doing it.

On top of this, the same person (I believe, as it’s all anonymous) made accounts dedicated to mocking my Christianity, made more accounts to mock my science fiction writing, and just continued over and over to just make out of left field nasty remarks. The other comic professionals received the same.

This is the type of harassment the SJWs all claim they face, and then never actually have anything beyond someone criticized their work and it sent them into a mental-disorder aided tailspin. It’s being done to us, and it’s being done on levels that would absolutely break these people if they truly had to face it. They’re trying to mess with our psyches and make the pressure so immense that it forces us out of the business. Why? Because we’re starting to be successful. All of the crowdfund campaigns have done very well so far in comics, and we’re bypassing the gatekeeping establishment that’s been culling comics for decades. For the first time. This is a revolution like indies were to Amazon several years ago in books, and they don’t want that to happen to their fragile comics.

But we’re going to keep going. And we’re going to keep winning. It just needs to be out there how much pressure we face simply for the act of speaking out.

In a society where everyone’s got telepathic bonds, it’s very hard to speak out when you see problems going on in your society. The pressure that mounts is even worse. Commander Tamar has to deal with this among the Aryshan people as they’re getting drawn into an interstellar war that will be bloody for both her people and the humans they face. Read how she handles herself in The Stars Entwined. 

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Space Force: The Comic

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I’m out of time for blogging today, so I wanted to give a shout out to Chuck Dixon, Timothy Lim and Brett R. Smith for their new comic, Trump’s Space Force. It looks really fun and these guys have been working their tails off to get this ready, so it’s worth a blog post as it is.

I only wish I’d thought of it first. My first instinct was to go for a novel rather than a comic… I outlined a Space Force novel… but I haven’t had time to write it yet. Check out the comic for now and we’ll see:


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The Character James Gentry, Grief, And Growth

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I had a great discussion with a fan the other day about the character of James in For Steam And Country. As a mild spoiler (have you not read the book yet and you’re here?) he loses his parents, and as we’re wrapped up in Zaira’s perspective, we don’t see much grief from him. He goes quiet for a bit, and gets some resolve to where he decides to put his all into becoming a Knight of the Crystal Spire.

We don’t see the interchanges behind the scenes, where he claims to have met with Princess Reina, and she recommends him to become a knight — something very few ever get the honor of having. And so we don’t see much in terms of the depth of James on screen.

Part of why I wrote “Knight Training” (out July 18th) is because James needed a little rounding out as a character on screen. Part of this is the limits of first person narratives, where we’re really following Zaira. If James is away crying somewhere, Zaira doesn’t see it unless she’s there, and she’s stuck in her own whirlwind of adventure where, from the moment James suffers immense loss, the pace goes at pretty incredible speed for her life.

But the other part is that we all process grief differently. James got quiet, internalized it, pushed the emotion down as a lot of men are wont to do in situations like this. He resolved to throw himself into work so he doesn’t have to deal with it and keeps pushing himself harder and harder in that regard because of it. Part of “Knight Training”, things get far worse and far lonier for James in his isolation, and he keeps turning to work because of it.

When we get to this point, sometimes we do foolish things, injure ourselves or worse… and you’ll have to see how it goes in Knight Training from there. Just an interesting discussion and thought I’d pass along as it makes for an interesting character study.

Do check out Knight Training when it comes out, and catch up on the first appearance of James Gentry in For Steam And Country before then. Read For Steam and Country on Amazon here.

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The Best And Easiest Way To Maximize Your Indie Publishing Sales

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We’ve seen how over the last year, the biggest successes seem to have come from teams of authors co-writing, as they can get their projects out slightly faster than others, and create these shared universes where the plot just keeps coming. They both bring in their fanbases, there’s a lot to binge read, and boom, suddenly you have megasuccesses.

But we can’t all get co-writers who are on the same page as us and willing to push several books all that easily. There is one thing we can do, however, to mimic their strategy and maximize our own returns on our books we release.

People want series. It’s the name of the game. And often times, people won’t even check out a series until you have 3-4 books in it, so they can get through as much as they can. It’s part of the current psychology of the reader. The problem is, if you release book one, write book two, release that, and go on repeat, your sales for the first and second drop off and out of Amazon’s algorithm priority before the third gets anywhere near ready. This hurts that strategy.

Peter Grant tried something similar, experimenting with his own sales, with his new release, Cochrane’s Company. waited until he had a trilogy, got them all ready to go, and released them one month after another. The results were astounding. His books didn’t just take off in a linear way, the sales compounded exponentially. All of the books got boosts, and they all promoted each other because Amazon viewed them all as new releases in the window. It meant he wasn’t just making $4.99 every time someone clicked through, but $14.97!

The stacking releases works, even if you don’t have a co-writer. Hold your book, keep it a trilogy or more if you don’t have time to write a book a month. If you do — well you’re gonna be ahead of the game. But this works every single time I’ve seen it tried. This is how you build audience with the modern amazon. It’s pulp speed ahead out there and it’s a surefire way to maximize the sales of your books.

I’m doing the same this summer with my #SummerOfSteampunk. I’m putting out sequels to my award winning  For Steam And Country with “Knight Training” this month, The Blood Of Giants in August, and Fight For Rislandia in September. I’ll let you know how it goes on my end when I’ve already got a book 1 that’s been out for a long time. If you want to catch up on that you can check it out here.

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The #ComicsGate Success Is No Fluke – People Crave Good Comics

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We’ve had a few different successes in comicsgate now that it’s actually becoming a full on subset of the industry, not just a couple of guys with flukes. This is very positive, and I hope we continue toward this trend. I’m personally cutting back my DC Comics purchases (which ranges from about ($12-20 per month in books) in order to make sure I can keep funding these awesome indie projects and move the needle.

The movement started with Alt-Hero. People came from the sci-fi book world and political realm to back this project which made over $225,000 in its run — not even on one of the major crowdfund sites, but on the alt-tech Freestartr website. This shook the industry both from the comicsgate side and as a whole. It received no media attention. The comics industry tried the “if we ignore it, it’ll go away” tactic, and yet it was wildly successful. Vox Day launched an entire publishing company on the heels of this that continues to crank out comics. And moreover, the books have been going to #1 on amazon upon release. Alt-Hero has continued to reshape the industry, and as Vox is continuing to release comics monthly, it should for a long time to come.

The second experiment was Jawbreakers, by Richard Meyer and John Malin. This has gone crazy to date, over $350,000 in its indiegogo sales, helped by the fact that people in the industry actively tried to make sure this book never showed up in comic stores. Readers spoke, and they really disliked the gatekeeping.

But as they say, two can still be a fluke, three becomes a pattern. Ethan Van Sciver went to bat next with his Cyberfrog project, which is still going on indiegogo and is at $430,000 as of this morning. His unbelievable success is because of his charming youtube videos and following, and being a well known DC Comics artist who does extremely good work. With his success, it’s shown that this movement is really something that will continue on repeat.

But there’s a lot of smaller projects that aren’t getting as much attention. They’ve been successes in bypassing the gatekeepers of the comic industry as well and show this is a very healthy and vibrant market.

Chuck Dixon released not just one, but TWO jungle themed books on indiegogo over the last month. Ravage: Kill All Men, and Jungle Comics. Between the two, the books have made close to $40,000, and these are for individual issues not full graphic novels.

Mitch Breitweiser, another former DC artist, also recently put his superhero concept, Red Rooster up a few days ago. As of this writing this is fast approaching $70,000 for a 60 page book featuring the character.

Richard Meyer put out a second comic crowdfund for his book Iron Sights, a black and white book which has to date reached close to $50,000.

What can we learn from this? The comic book companies keep telling us we’re “not the market”. “These books aren’t for you.” “The industry is changing, deal with it”. While trying to force SJW political stories down our throats. The thing is — this very clearly IS the market. People are going out of their way and spending a lot of money supporting these projects that are standing up to that, without big brands to attach to. People want good story, good art, and a certain feel from their comics. It’s insane that the industry won’t listen.

But if this keeps going as it does, they’ll have to listen. This is a substantive amount of the market share that’s getting peeled off. If people are like me and stopping buying Marvel/DC to allocate their funds to buy these, we’ll see a rapid industry change over the next few years. We just have to keep this ball rolling and keep this fun spirit of comics alive. Join me in supporting indie creators and moving the needle for this next generation of comics.

I’ll be putting out my own crowdfund at the end of the month for my superhero book, Flying Sparks. It’s got great art, and a fun storyline with a lot of personal tension. “The kind of stuff that reminds me of early marvel comics,” said Comic Book Resources on the book.  I hope you’ll check it out when it launches July 23rd.

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