Meme Of The Day: Aborted GF

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Just imagine if her boomer mom didn’t murder your perfect GF… what could have been.  🙁

Meta-Girl is about the perfect GF out there. I should probably be making body pillows with her image on it. For now, though, there’s comic books. You should buy one here and read what folk are calling “The best indie comic of 2018” — sequel pre-orders open now! 

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We Have A Spy Training Release Date!

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It seems like forever since we’ve put a book out, and that’s cuz it’s true.

Guard Training was last released in December, marking my last prose work to see print since that time. We’ve been really busy making comic books which has slowed the production schedule down some, but I also wrote four full novels and edited a fifth that aren’t slated for release just yet as we’re working on a “rapid release” program to assist with binge readers’ needs.

But I’m happy to announce we finally have a release date for the 3rd book in the Steam Knight trilogy, the conclusion to Year One of James Gentry’s ascension as a Knight of the Crystal Spire:

Tuesday, May 28th 2019!

I’m very excited to bring you a continuation of the Rislandian saga. The draft Amazon description is below:

Deadly secrets lie behind enemy lines…

…will he make it out alive?

The Knights of the Crystal Spire send their finest warriors on an espionage mission in hopes of uncovering plans to the one weapon that could turn the tide of the war—the airship.

James Gentry takes this difficult assignment while juggling overwhelming personal troubles that threaten to turn his assignment sideways. If he can’t regain his focus, it could lead to his death.

To compound his problems, the Wyranth have a secret plan far more dangerous than the knights could have even imagined.

Buy the thrilling conclusion to The Steam Knight’s first year of adventures and experience the epic gun slinging action of the special forces of Steampunk!

Exciting stuff. Make sure to catch up on Knight Training and Guard Training on Audio now. I also highly recommend reading The Fight For Rislandia first for overall setting detail though this is a stand alone story, so it’s a fine one to check out as well, you just won’t have all the background.


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Meme Of The Day: Gucci Gang

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Li’l Ben Shapiro may be trying to get us into a middle east war, but he should really just be joining the Gucci Gang.

Spy Training is now off to the publisher, which means you need to catch up on my Steam Knight series if you haven’t already! It’s cooler than the Gucci Gang. Read the books here, FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited and also available on audio. 


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They’ll Jail You Over Your Opinions

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There’s been a very frightening story going around the internet, but not for the reasons the Fake News media would have you believe.

The media is going after youtuber Soph for “hate speech”. Of course her videos are being mass reported for her content to be taken down, the whole media is in a frenzy calling her brainwashed, a terrible person, or worse. The media is stalking this poor girl’s parents, trying to gotcha them. They’re going to her school to try to put pressure on her to stop her from speaking her mind. And they’re trying to get police to investigate her.

She’s 14.

She’s a child.

With opinions she posted.

The internet hasn’t been around all that long. I started posting when I was about 14-15 to various websites, and even though there were strange adults who might stalk around then, there wasn’t a danger due to big social media of these mob echo chamber coming after me to try to ruin my life at such an age.

Now there is.

And they’ll get the police involved. It won’t surprise me either if they “find something”, in order to put a stop to what Soph is saying.

This is the same mob that kicked me from speaking at BayCon once it was discovered who I voted for. The same mob that then banned me from WorldCon and libeled me because they knew who I was, and they tacitly supported death threats against me rather than try to make a diverse and inclusive space.

They don’t want diversity, they want conformity. And it must be total. They don’t care if a few children have to be broken along the way for The Party. They never have in other countries, why would they here?

This is the next escalation, the media tag teaming with police in order to force silence. Jailings of artists like Soph or myself will be coming soon for our opinions. Then “accidental” killings. This is just the start.

And if Trump doesn’t win in 2020, this will be happening in more than just California, you can bet it’s going to be nationwide.

Wake up before it’s too late.

It’s super important to support artists who aren’t afraid of The Narrative. Support my Patreon today and help this blog continue, plus help me to produce great content and get yourself some great comics and stories every month! 

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The Importance Of The Recurring Subscription

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Hey all, I don’t push Patreon all that hard because I’ve just got so much stuff coming out all the time there’s just not enough room to really give every platform its due, but it’s actually a very important platform, and here’s why:

It’s a recurring monthly subscription. That means I can more or less count on what’s coming in on a month, whereas other platforms I can’t really keep that going or guarantee the income stream. Amazon varies wildly for me, definitely doing better when I have a new release, but it’s the wild west there. Patreon let’s me see what’s happening and plan.

And that’s what’s cool. So far I’ve been able to deliver a full comic book and short story every single month since I relaunched last year, starting in September. That’s a LOT of content. Most people who have Patreons or the like do not deliver on that kind of level. I’m very proud of how much I deliver and rarely get any credit for it.

I’ve been lucky so far, having crowdfunds that have gotten me a 5-issue series, and 2-three issue series respectively, which meant I had 11 comics made quickly through that, but my other stuff in the works all comes out of pocket when I pay artists and to keep up this pace I’m going to have to be working on multiple projects at a time.

As it stands now, Patreon helps overall, but I can only sustain about 1 page of comic per month off of it.

If it grows, it keeps the business running and then the things like crowdfunds become more a generating-new-audience and profit center than they are hoping I can pay for the art in advance.

For full disclosure, a full comic page costs me anywhere from $100-150 or so per page, depending on the artists, and if I wanted to level up the artists I’m working with, that number will go up to around $200 per page (which I’d really like to do).

That means to sustain on Patreon a comic per month, I’d need to get up to about $2,000 in subscriptions, a big goal.  Getting to that point would be absolutely huge, and is probably a ways off, but we all start somewhere.

Here’s really where the numbers break down for goals that are doable as we build this up:

  • At about $300 a month, it makes it fully worthwhile to produce a professional short story of about 3,500 words for readers. That’s 8 cents per word, the current pro paying rate for magazines.
  • At about $600 a month, the Patreon will pay for my COLORS for a full comic book every moth, meaning all I’m eating is the line cost, which makes it far easier to produce.
  • At about $1200 a month, it pays for the line art there (you’ll note that $1200+$600 doesn’t add up to the $2K I mentioned — lettering and formatting costs that extra amount).
  • Then our big goal of $2,000 a month. That’s a comic book and my production of them becomes sustainable for Patreon by itself, which would be huge.

So that’s the road map to getting this all to build on a professional level. I really appreciate those of you who support now. It makes a difference even if it’s not all the way there yet. We’ll get there.

Most creators only offer short stories, or their books when they come out, or just simple rewards. I, by contrast, put up EVERYTHING I write. This makes the value a lot for people, especially if you’re buying my novels or comics digitally.

I’ve been focusing on Rislandia short stories lately to flesh out my steampunk world more, and of course there’s the comics, but growing this also will allow me to explore other mediums like I want as well — like Audio Dramas.

I want to produce an audio drama serial of Meta-Man very badly, have two scripts written, but just like comics — voice acting, music, editing, all takes money to produce. I haven’t worked out the costs completely yet but it’s likely in the thousands just to produce a single 20-30 minute episode using professional grade talent. Once the audience reaches a big enough point, we’ll be adding that into all this other cool stuff. Can you imagine a nice MP3 production of a Meta-Man audio podcast for a commute each month? It’d be so great!

That’s all the stuff in the works. If you want something too, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m here too cater to my readers and I want to give you the best experience possible. For now, I hope you’ll join the folk who are subscribing. Link is here. 

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Reading Through Infinity by Jim Starlin

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Well then, I still haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame, not sure I’m going to bother, but the movie being out did remind me that i’ve always wanted to read the Infinity saga by Jim Starlin (i had a few of the issues as a kid but never the whole thing and it came across disjointed that way), and I did some research to get the best experience possible with it and really get the full story.

Here’s what I settled on TPB wise:

Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin

Warlock by Jim Starlin

Epic Collection: Silver Surfer: Thanos Quest

Epic Collection: Silver Surfer: Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity War

Warlock And the Infinity Watch Volume 1

Infinity Crusade Volume 1

Infinity Crusade Volume 2

of those, the epic collections and Crusade Volume 2 are out of print so they may be difficult to find, but it gives a pretty complete picture. There are a few options to get most of this story, and there is an Infinity War: Aftermath which has a couple different issues outside Warlock and the Infinity Watch, but this pretty much gets everything that’s necessary.

Maybe I’ll review them all over the next couple weeks if I don’t have any topics, but overall, I thought it was very fun and worth the read. Jim Starlin was definitely on some acid in the 70s I gotta say.

I’m working on my own cosmic book now, but you should check out my work in the meantime. Get on board with Flying Sparks! It’s got a crazy intense story which is going to be pretty out there when it all wraps up. Pre-order volume 2 now! 

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The False Argument of Popularity

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I gave more thought to this last night, after watching Soph’s interview on Alex Jones. Her point on her original video was the best, but on Jones she also brought up the great point that popularity is something childish that’s fallen back on when one doesn’t have a real argument. It means the person is an idiot and is appealing to other monkeys to back them up rather than having something stand on its own merit.

You see this a ton on Twitter when blue check marks or other big e-celebs get into an argument and start to lose. They’ll invariably say something like: “I HAVE 25,000 FOLLOWERS AND UR JUST A LOSER WITH 15!”  As if that somehow makes what they say valid. Invariably, those followers then get signaled to jump on the person and the mob ends up “winning” the argument against a person trying to make a point.

It’s a mob. Popularity by definition is a mob.

It’s not something to be relied upon or even to strive for. It is the lowest common denominator. It’s what gives us Cardi B as a cultural icon when she is about the worst of the worst in terms of intelligence or talent in our society.

Popularity means nothing. And the more I watch people follow stupid trends like Game of Thrones, or watch how people blindly grab crowdfunds of celebrities, the more I realize it’s much better to have a tighter group of high IQ readers around here than it is to have the masses.

The masses only bring about trash.

If you agree, you might want to try my series, The Adventures of Baron von Monocle. I bucked the trends in the steampunk genre to create something new that has real writing merit to it, real heroes, cultural beauty. You won’t find it in bookstores because I’m not “popular” with the publishing industry. But they’ve all lost their minds. Buy it here.

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