Social Justice Destroys Churches

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It’s amazing to me how ridiculous the major churches have gotten, and I see the Devil’s work at play here very clearly. “Church” often when it comes to megachurches has become about feeling good, hanging out, engaging in culture just like everyone else does.

I had to leave a church over this shift to try to please the world rather than please God, and most Christians feel similarly. Why? Because you cannot serve two masters.

The most recent craziness comes from the Hillsong Pastor in New York, who refused to answer the question as to whether abortion is a sin. He danced around the question as you can watch here:

It’s not a difficult question. He didn’t want to answer because he didn’t want the largely secular audience to boo him. He wanted claps. He was afraid.

There is no fear when you are working in God, and that’s how one can tell when something is not of God.

But it goes further. “People have to live in their own convictions” is the antithesis of God’s message. That is hedonism. It’s of Satan. We certainly should not live of our own convictions as Christians, and we should not in positions of leadership implore others to do so.

We are flawed, sinful creatures. Our convictions are failures by definition.

This comes from an overall culture where Christians have become afraid to be firm with what God says. Sins exist. They are real, they are easy to identify.

Killing babies because you want to be able to get sexual pleasure without consequence IS A SIN.  

There’s a temptation to act like this pastor from Hillsong because when you please the world, make some shiny fun music, people come in and raise their hands and get emotional in the moment and you can see some short term, localized growth because of that. But on the whole, it kills Christianity, because there’s no difference between living a secular life and living a Christian one. It’s Diet-Hedonism with less calories than the full kind. The people who join and refuse to actually change are not actually joining God’s Kingdom, they are joining an earthly mockery. It might look good for your seats, but looking good for the world has never been the object. Faith without works is dead.

This is an extremely disturbing trend, and I implore parishioners of churches to stand up and demand pastors preach the Word, not “your own convictions.” This “why don’t we do it in the road” mentality that comes from 1960s sexual degeneracy needs to end, or there won’t be a church left in America.

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Women Lie About Rape

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The #MeToo movement went completely out of control this last year and a half, destroying men’s lives, dragging them through mud, and more often than not, during incidents that are complete falsehoods like in the case of our supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Award-winning journalist Megan Fox will be joining us on the lunch stream today to talk about this, and all of the other incidents she’s discovered in her new book, Believe Evidence which is now up for pre-order on amazon.

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It should be a very fun chat, as it always is when Megan drops by. She’s extremely knowledgable on this topic and what she’s written in her new book is shocking.

Speaking of shocking, you might not know of the most recent SFWA controversy with a group 20BooksTo50K. Establishment publishing has gone off the rails again. I wrote it up in The Federalist here.

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Cover Reveal: Miss Sashi’s Flying Sparks 2 Swimsuit Variant!

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The post you’ve been waiting for, as i know everyone’s been hyped to see this for quite some time. We finally have it in, and this will be the LIMITED EDITION variant cover for Flying Sparks Volume 2: Mob Ties.

She did a beautiful job and I’m very excited to see these in print.  We’re going to be launching the campaign March 21st, so get ready!

If you haven’t read Volume 1, now’s a great time to do so:

And you’ll also want to check out the Meta-Man Special, which is only $4.99 for a standard sized comic, our first test of direct-to-amazon releases which has a very important character relationship reveal: 

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I See The Same Mistakes In Every Culture War Battle

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Every time there’s a flare up, the folk who try to be fence sitters and moderates do exactly the same thing. They’re engaged in a battle because they’re attacked, or some of their friends are attacked, and they try to play a “voice of reason” in this. The problem is, when you’re in the middle of someone’s identity game, there is no reason, because identity is not a reasonable thing, it’s all outrage emotion .

These folk are usually on the conservative side of the aisle, but they don’t want to actually acknowledge the ID politics or full on culture war going on. And by doing so, they invariably lose and set back the cause.

I am vague posting a little bit because I’m watching something happen, and I am not going to just force someone’s involvement, but I am going to warn against what I see this person doing all the same, because it matters.

  1. You’re not going to get in with the left. If they have targeted you or your friends, you’re out. Despite their lines about diversity, they do not want diversity. They are in a full on culture war. Read history in Europe in the 1930s-1950s about communism, or China from 1970 forward. If you’re not a member of the party, you get ostracized, you’re just as suspect as the actual opposition. You get nowhere without joining them because they ARE in a full on identity war and you’re not their identity, therefore you’re the enemy.
  2. DO NOT APOLOGIZE DO NOT APOLOGIZE DO NOT APOLOGIZE. I see this so much, especially when someone does something so innocuous there’s nothing wrong with it. They think if they apologize for the slight they can get back in the good graces. The truth is, the apology just opens the door to bigger and stronger attacks. They’re going after you. They’ll push harder because they smell blood. SJWs are not in this because they genuinely care about getting something accomplished. Failed Tor author John Scalzi made a nice thread about this last year where he posited about “allowing someone back in” after their supposed thought crimes. He stated it would take 10-15 years of reparations to be able to even consider it. Do you want your life to be that? Don’t apologize.
  3. Yes, you’re going to get ostracized. But there’s no camp for the fence sitters. You’ll be stuck. Join us already because this is a culture WAR. The other side is fighting to win, if you want to survive, fight to win too.

And you can help fight by supporting folk on your side. We’re working hard to Make Science Fiction Fun Again and stop the nonsense. Check out the collection of great sci-fi stories in the book or on audio.

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The Truth About Fighting Big Tech And The Culture War

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Brian Neimeier wrote a blog today about Big Tech, and utilizing their institutions that makes the point far better than I ever could.

Is this a shit state of affairs? Yes. Will cutting ties with the tech oligarchs and publishing exclusively out of a personal web site with a storefront solve the problem? Demonstrably not. That way lies accelerated self-ghettoization and total market exile.

The only realistic approach is to keep using the dominant though converged services while we still can, then make the rubble bounce when we’re banned. Better to use the enemy’s strength against him and get our ideas in front of a mass audience than fall back to a digital Benedict Option.

Hopefully the government, the only people with enough power to take Big Tech down, get the antitrust ball rolling. Indies are already eating oldpub and old comics’ lunch on Amazon and Indeigogo. Imagine what we could do on a level playing field.

Read his full article, look at the chart he produces. These big tech agencies exist because they are monopolies. They control and dominate markets. Unfortunately, we need to use their platform and storefronts in order to survive as independent artists.  I wish it were another way, but sticking it to indies by not supporting their work is only hurting the little guy, not these tech giants.

On that note, consider backing my Patreon. I produce a lot of content from this blog, to Youtube streams, to books, short stories, comics, and all of it takes time. Helping me helps fight the culture war, and you get great value for all the content I offer.

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An Interview With Me – Culture War & Steampunk

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Did a nice interview with Russ Meyer over on his blog. Which was a lot of fun, talked about mostly writing and culture war topics.

So, Jon…what’s up?(ie, tell us a little about yourself)
I’ve dialed back a lot of stuff in order to just focus on fiction writing lately. That means less journalistic writing, because this is what I’ve set out to do—change culture, and now I’m finally in a position with a platform to where I can do it. It doesn’t get my name out there as often (cuz it’s usually only on releases and novels take time), but I want 2019 to be a body of work which blows others out of the water in just how much great fiction I can produce.
What kinds of genres do you like to write and why?
I’m in space opera/military science fiction, steampunk, and then superhero comics. I like all of the above because I can tell adventure stories in those settings, though I’ll probably delve into straight fantasy in the future as well. These allow for off the wall stories which are fun more than other genres in my opinion. It’s a good spot.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

And if you’ve got an audible credit, Make Science Fiction Fun Again is out on audio! Make sure to get it now! 


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Despite The Alt-Left Trolling, My Lawsuit Against Worldcon is Going Forward

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Last week we received news of my lawsuit against Worldcon 76, which I made for their wanton discrimination of me because I’m a vocal conservative author and the defamation they used to justify it by calling me a “racist bully” on their website.

There are two major components to the suit, both very important because of the way half the country is being treated by alt-left activists who want to turn this country into a place where you’re denied public service unless you’re a member of The Party. It’s been done in countries several times before, and to terrible results, usually ending up with a lot of people being killed. I don’t want this horrific historical trend to continue, and so I’m doing what I can to fight it.

The first component is California’s Unruh Act, which is more robust than the Federal First Amendment, because it’s meant to protect people’s right to exist, to political speech. It’s very much designed so that protestors have rights and they can’t be silenced by those more powerful than them. As is being pointed out by the alt-left blue check mark troll brigade, the judge in the case  stated that it doesn’t apply to political affiliation and stated this cannot move forward.

It was an odd move. There is case precedent where the California Supreme Court itself listed “Republican Party” as an identity descriptor example protected by the Unruh Act. However, the judge was very kind and listened – he understands the situation and it sounded like he expects this ruling would be appealed, and he doesn’t want to be responsible for the ruling at his level. Because this involves protections of Republicans in general in the state of California, this is very important, and we will be pursuing all options.

The other front is defamation. At this stage of the trial, Worldcon filed what’s called a “SLAPP motion” which is designed to throw out frivolous defamation suits and discourage frivolous suits in general because if they would have won this, I would have had to pay their attorney’s fees. Their attempts on this front were to show I was a “public figure” and therefore they somehow needed to raise awareness about me. This is easily countered because before they lambasted me as a racist bully on their website, very few people knew who I was. I actually showed up at Worldcon to attempt to buy a ticket, broadcasted myself the entire time (which is fine as per their rules), and not one person in the crowd seemed to notice me, or know who I was at all. There was no reason for them to make a defamatory proclamation about me on their website to try to hurt my career as a writer.

The judge threw out their argument, because it was absurd. It also didn’t even address the “racist bully” defamatory claim they made. It’s sad to watch because anything, I’ve been the victim of racism from the extreme left science fiction establishment. It’s my opinion that this predominantly white group targets me in particular because I’m a minority that won’t toe the line. There’s a lot of psychology to this I’ll have to go into at another time, but a lot of the way the left acts treats minorities like we’re inferior (or, racism as it’s commonly referred to) and we can’t make decisions for ourselves. I oppose this and all forms of racism and it’s a large reason as to why I speak out.

Their entire case appears to be that I’m mean online (which doesn’t impact a convention at all), and therefore should be banned, which has nothing to do with their defamatory statement regarding racism. Our response on that front said there were plenty of extreme leftists who are mean online, they were invited, clearly showing the double standard they enacted against me because of right wing politics. When we reach The Unruh Act appeal process, this will be important.

For now, the case is going forward on the defamation front. It’s also very important because we need to make sure the establishment in culture doesn’t harm independent artists by going off on them, libeling folk as racist (a dangerous accusation that in the real world can lose people jobs or worse). We have to put a stop to this kind of treatment of Republicans at large, and I’m very proud to be working to end this discrimination, and proud of the judge for putting his likely politics aside in this matter.

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Why Bother Being Republican?

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The latest case of Chase Bank’s removal of Martina Markota’s bank account, over what appears to be for no reason other than her being a vocal right winger, is just another example of why the Republican Party does nothing except for harm you as an individual.

If it’s known you’re a republican, you’re going to be defamed, deplatformed, harassed, possibly lose all potential jobs, carry around a social stigma that makes it really hard on your life, and for what gain?

The party is like many of Spain’s inept centrist parties in the 1930s — where you pretty much had to choose a Falangist or Communist side, or you’d be suspect, and liable to be executed by the extremes in power.

Or to go there, the Socialist Democrats in Germany from 1928 – 1933. They sat by idly while National Socialists set up Nazi only knitting clubs, Nazi only businesses, Nazi only social circles, and as an ordinary person you had to join or you risked your entire livelihood, and as it got deeper into the 30s, your life.  The ineptitude of the Socialist Democrats in holding their ground in society is largely responsible for what transpired later.

Like these worthless parties of the past, the Republicans do NOTHING to protect their people. They don’t lift a finger when their artists are banned from conventions, removed from credit processors like Stripe and Patreon, banned from Youtube and Twitter, our own officials kicked out of restaurants when they’re just sitting their eating a hamburger.  “Well, actually, it’s a free business exercising rights to free speech” – they say as their people are deplatformed, and the left grabs an even stronger death grip on the culture.

Their commitment to principles and defending the corporate are at heavy cost to Republican individuals. And if it’s not about individuals, what’s it about?

Well, tax cuts!

Great. Give tax cuts to Google and Amazon so they pay nothing while your own people can’t even get a bank account at this juncture. I hope you feel principled while you lose everything you stand for and your friends and family get destroyed.

That’s what’s got me set off today. Martina Markota is the latest example of a string of right wing personalities to get hit hard, and the mainstream country club Republican establishment does nothing. There’s no calls from politicians talking to Chase Bank about how they removed her account under suspect circumstances. Our major media like Fox News is doing nothing about it. No one cares because it’s a cultural item.

Just like every other incident in the past. They figure if they just keep their heads down and play ball, they’ll be safe from it. They won’t mess with these banking institutions which are arms of the Federal Reserve because “muh private business”. And it makes the party worthless and useless to its members.

What’s it going to take? Someone to get shot? I’m sure the party then would say “well it’s their right to bear arms on the property so there’s nothing we can do.” The removal of bank accounts is already a step so far into the realm of it being impossible to function in society as a Republican, and knowing that for taking stands like I do or like Martina does, we will have no real back up whatsoever from our leadership, why should we bother?

Honestly, unless these guys get some backbone and start actually fighting the good fight, might as well be a Democrat. Tulsi Gabbard isn’t so bad, at least she wants to end all the pointless foreign wars, and if we’re Democrats, maybe they’ll protect us when big business tries to go after us.

Support Martina’s Indiegogo project here.

And make sure to pick up my Steampunk novel series before Amazon decides I should be banned for not conforming.

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Make Science Fiction Fun Again Now On Audiobook

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Very excited to get this short story collection out on audio, including fan-favorite novella “Gravity of the Game”. This took quite a while to make because of the length of the book, so it should be well worth it on the audio side.

It’s available through audible, so if you have a credit, now’s the time to check out Make Science Fiction Fun Again.

Most of these stories have only been released to Patreon supporters, and some not at all outside of this collection. They have all sorts of different concepts– high action, some romance, some harder conceptual stuff, but what they all have in common is fun, and no holding back in terms of ensuring the sense of wonder that you would expect from sci-fi.

It includes my first published story, “The Romance Chip”, which appeared in the Irony of Survival anthology but went out of print a long time ago, so I’m happy  this is available again.

My favorite characters I’ve developed outside my novels are in “Love IRL” and its sequel “Altered Program” — I’ll probably be writing a little more in this world soon over on the Patreon front.

Regardless, I’m proud of this collection, and it’s a great sampling of my writing. You can get it on audio or any other format here.

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Flying Sparks, Alt-Hero Cover Reveals and More!

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If you missed the lunch stream today you missed a LOT. I read the prologue to the alt-hero novel, showed everything on the Flying Sparks Volume 2 Kickstarter coming soon, and went through every single comic project with preview pages.

Did you know I have EIGHT graphic novels in development? I’m running circles around the industry both in books and comics.

All of it’s shown in the video. Too much to write about. And I’ve been very busy WRITING.

If you want to support stuff, like I say in the video, I really urge folk to get on the Patreon subscription. Having steady subscriptions means I can confidently do more and I’d love to just be able to fully fund all this art without having to worry about Kickstarter and how it’s going to perform. These are great books, I put out a ton of work monthly, which few creators do. Check it out here.

You can also get flying sparks volume 1 here to get ready for the next.

And The Ember War is still open, closing off very soon so get in on that book before it’s ended.

If you missed the cover reveals. Flying Sparks Volume 2:

Alt-Hero: Covert:


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