The Left’s Social Pressure Tactics And Moderates

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The left knows the game. Moderates don’t respond based on logic or being swayed by “good points in debate.” They respond based on social pressure. You can push a moderate from a right winger and divide a base by hitting the talking points that instills fear into the moderate.

A moderate is scared to be branded a racist, a sexist, a bigot, and will act according to avoiding that social pressure.

A “radical” isn’t scared, because they know the branding isn’t true and doesn’t matter so they’ll do what they want.

That’s the difference. Outside of a few kooks with no power, there’s no problems going on with these things in reality. We live in the most open, free time in the world, where the only thing that can hold you back in most professions is being an open Chrsitian, white, or male, or a combination of the above.

So want to help your side? Don’t ADD to the social pressure the SJWs put on moderates by putting more on right wing people or opinions.

Today, we saw that the people who proclaim moderation get attacked regardless. That Umbrella Guy, a popular youtuber, moderate, and rabble rouser within the comicsgate sphere was doxxed last night. He’s a vocal guy about comics, but not much else. He took great pains to disassociate from me and other vocal right wingers in the movement in order to try to stay safe, for his own personal reasons which I know and are valid, but it didn’t stop the SJWs from coming after him.

Once they declare you as a target, you’re their target. It doesn’t matter if you support gay rights, it doesn’t matter if you voted the “right” way… i even talk to a lot of left folk in the industry who weren’t 100% on board with what the mob wanted at times and they’ve gotten the heat, gotten the attacks, had their careers and lives destroyed. They’ll attack you no matter what.

I’ve been saying this ever since I was disavowed by the big youtube clique: it doesn’t matter. The SJWs will go for you no matter what. Abandoning your friends and allies doesn’t help anyone. It’s a division tactic to slow the movement’s momentum down, make it so my fans won’t buy your work, your fans won’t buy my work. It’s an endless cycle and they USE that social pressure in order to make it happen.

Know that it’s just a tactic. There’s no principles involved. No letting them know you’re “not the real racist”. It doesn’t matter to them. They know you’re a threat by posing an alternative to their establishment mainstream. They know that the “further right” people are doing the same. That’s what this is about not any specific policies. They don’t care about policies, they care that your identity is a threat to theirs. And it will always be unless you bow to them completely. Doing partial bows will not help you.

We can get back on track now. We can stop the division and get back to what we’re supposed to be doing — creating a real alternative, one that doesn’t blacklist over perception of right-leaning politics. Keep our heads down, stay the course, and don’t attack your friends. We already have Warner Bros., Disney, the DNC, the Clinton Foundation, Big Saudi Oil, the UN, the news media against us. You add the element of fighting each other and we’re going to get nowhere fast.

Make sure to support alternative indie books. A great place to start is For Steam And Country, the first book in my major steampunk series that made me a #1 bestseller despite all the social pressure big publishing tried to put for people not to buy my books. Readers loved it anyway! Check it out here.

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No, Mark Waid Having A GoFundMe Isn’t A Win For ComicsGate

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Last week, Mark Waid launched a GoFundMe in conjunction with the lawsuit filed against him by Diversity & Comics. Immediately, hot takes on Twitter and YouTube appeared, slamming Mark Waid, making complete conjecture about the situation from  claiming he’s broke to claims that the industry doesn’t support him at all to the fact that this is just to raise “settlement money”. The easy thing to do as a personality in the industry right now is to go along with the flow of these comments — the problem is, the hot takes and zingers in this instance are just wrong.

It’s pretty standard course of action to launch a GoFundMe in a lawsuit like this, especially if someone has a sizeable fanbase and presence. Why? Because as a person in such a position he can quickly and easily raise money to fund the lawsuit without having to go to his employers, without having to call on their insurance, without having to come out of pocket himself. That’s a smart thing to do in this instance, and anyone in his position would do the same (including D&C who now has a GoFundMe headed by Ethan Van Sciver on the opposite side). In any instance, this doesn’t mean a “loss” for the person having a gofundme. We can’t glean anything from the potential court case on this matter.

In fact, we have very few facts about what the court case is, what the details of the evidence is, or how this is going to go.

What we do know, is there’s tremendous support for Mark Waid. In just 3 days, he raised over $60,000 as of this writing from 1,600+ backers. That’s a crazy amount of money. What it does is shatter the narrative of “this is a consumer revolt apolitical!” on the comicsgate side, making it difficult for comicsgate to keep up that veneer.

I’ve been saying from the start that a “consumer revolt” isn’t necessary without the context of politics. There’s hundreds of books on the shelves each week and having a “revolt” to simply want “more left-center leaning comics” makes little to no-sense. The revolt existed because right wingers were forced out of the industry and into their own thing.

What we see here is there is no unified “consumer.” The IndieGoGos raised money from people wanting to make a political statement against the industry first and foremost. Now, the supporters of the industry want to make a statement about the folk making a statement. It shows that we have a completely divided consumer base. Lots of people in the camp of the left. Lots of people in the camp of the right.

Everything is political these days, and this is just another example of the way our society is collapsing. We can’t talk together anymore, outrage culture is at an extreme, and both sides have plenty of support for the people perceived as their champions.

What I have and always will be concerned about is that this all takes the focus off of comics. We’ve now got teams competing politically where the ComicsGate side is still pretending like they’re not in a political civil war — dividing over politics internally — while going to the crowdfund well now for legal fees instead of making comics. This is going to slow the rate of new indie comics produced because the money’s getting tied up in legal gofundmes.

No one’s losing here except for comic book readers on both sides pushing money that could be spent on comics into a battle of egos.

I call it like it is regardless of what’s going to bet he “popular hot take”. I’m blacklisted from not only mainstream publishers, but also all of the major comicsgate youtube channels because I will always choose truth over having to toe the line. That’s a big reason to read my work. My Patreon is 100% focused on creating comics, short stories, and novels and it’s all about working hard and actually making change in the culture. Subscribe today! 

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Make It Happen For Josh Howard’s T-Bird And Throttle

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I just posted a new deal: anyone who backs this indiegogo for $300+ gets written into one of my upcoming novels as a character. Please consider helping Josh out. This is going to be a great book. I’ve read #0 and #1and they’re wonderful. Josh is one of my favorite aritists and we need to help get him funded! 

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The Calm Before The Storm

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It’s been an interesting month. Finally, attacks have seemed to calm down. I think this is for a few reasons:

  1. Most of the exciting events of the summer are over including Worldcon/my IndieGoGos/ My rapid release of books
  2. The Election is sapping the energy of the opposition
  3. There’s very little cultural news lately to report upon

But that’s just with me personally. Attacks have stepped up today on Bounding Into Comics, a comic book news company that’s been fairly reporting different events, actually covering books by me and others when places like Bleeding Cool intentionally ignore us, it’s no wonder they’re getting hit by the low-tier industry professionals who are trying to shut down speech.

All in all though, I see the attacks lessening all around. It’s a calm before the storm from what I’ve seen. We’re at that lull now where they have seen the attacks just made our platform bigger, they see we’re not going away any time soon, and they’re not sure what to do about it.

Don’t think that we can rest on our laurels. We still have a lot of work to do in changing culture, ending blacklisting, stopping the hate that comes with being a conservative artist. We have the beginnings of alternatives set up in books and comics, but we need to do more. We need to have regular, sustainable releases. We need to have music, movies, video games to go along with what we’re doing. These will come, it’s going to take time. It’s going to take a lot of work and resources. We have to keep going and keep pushing forward together.

We have the ability, and if we stay strong we will win.

Speaking of staying strong and winning… check out my most recent book, The Fight For Rislandia. Zaira stands strong against all odds. She’s the kind of hero we need.

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They’re Worried About Civil War

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I saw rumblings in the last 24 hours in left science fiction author circles worried about a coming civil war. They should be worried. They keep pushing toward that.

It’s been amazing just watching the last two years, how they actively pushed me out social media, then the circles where I hung out with them… then they actively pushed me out of public events where I’d even be around them. And I know it’s happened a lot similarly to people who read this blog.

The laws of SJWs are true, they always do keep doubling down. Always do keep pushing harder, no matter the results. I keep wondering at what point these old friends and writing circles will come back and just start talking to me… but they can’t. They can’t see anything other than just HATE ORANGE MAN, because they don’t interact with anyone else at this point who even has a moderate sense of what’s going on in the world.

And yet we keep winning. We won the presidency, won the supreme court, are winning in crowdfunding with comics, winning on amazon with bestsellers… there’s no downside over here. Yet none of them see it!

They’re worried about cviil war. And they should be. If they come out fighting like they think they’re going to do (because they’re stuck in movie land), they’re going to have a bad time against this fully armed and operational battlestation.

I suppose the next step is just to work harder and get bigger again so they will have to see it. Let’s see if I can come out with more books next year than I can this year!  And please don’t forget to vote in the midterms.

In the meantime, make sure to pick up The Fight For Rislandia if you haven’t already, or review it. Got a full trilogy out this year and it’s awesome!

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State Of The Blog

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You may have noticed I’ve been blogging a lot shorter lately, not really doing as in-depth of posts and doing a little more promotion. There’s a reason for that. I’ve got severe tendonitis in my wrists and it’s starting to cause other problems — mostly because of how much I write plus play piano plus do other work on my computer. I’m trying to cut down the amount of typing I do as a result. It’s been a really painful couple of weeks and it’s setting me back on a lot of levels.

I’m not sure how best to continue. I’ll maybe adjust the format a little where I’m copying articles and leaving a little snarky commentary, or finding some videos i like…or may be even just making videos and posting the channel link here for a bit. I won’t stop writing entirely, but this is my least-money-making writing activity, so this is what needs to slow down before anything else does.

Hopefully this flare up dies down and I find a way to work a little more easily again. Open to suggestions (of course I stretch and ice and all that already, but it doesn’t seem to help much).

For now, make sure to back my Patreon. My content relies on support of people like you coming and checking things out– and I’ve always been fiction first. My short stories, comics, and books are all going live on there before they hit the public, some of it exclusive. So check it out. 

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Alt-Hero Q Returns

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After IndieGoGo pulled their disgusting move by deleting the account and refunding all the backing well after the campaign was completed, Alt-Hero Q returns today on a new platform. I backed this and hope everyone else will as well — we have to send a message to these big tech companies that they can’t do this, that it’s not acceptable, and that we will not be silenced.

Link is here:

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Today’s Lunch Stream Featuring Mike Baron!

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I’ve been friends with Mike for awhile now, and am very excited to have him on the stream. The coolest part is every time I look him up, I see he’s done MORE stuff that i loved as a kid. Punisher, Star Wars adaptations of the Timothy Zahn novels, Archer & Armstrong from Valiant Comics, of course his legendary creation Nexus with Steve Rude. Just a lot of awesome stuff.

Of course… then he had the problem that he came out of the closet as a conservative in the industry. So you suddenly don’t see him on these books. He’ll talk about the experience and what he’s doing now here:

Make sure to like, subscribe, share so we can get this yotuube channel cranking!


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